Forgot About Dre

This post has taken two point five weeks to finish and publish. This does not mean to raise your standards.

I love the new job. Love it, love it, love it. We’re crazy busy right now, but it’s all going so well.

 The only downside of the job is how much I hate my commute home. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Leaving at 5:30 I’m right in the middle of all the rush hour traffic. My office is 15 miles from my house, yet it takes over an hour most days. It’s heavy traffic, construction, and Ravens/Orioles traffic on top of it. The stadium traffic all gets off at my exits. Why did I want to move to a city again? Haha. I hate driving so much, and my drive home probably isn’t actually that bad, but it really stresses me out. And now that I get home at 6:30-ish, suddenly everything I’ve ever wanted to attend in life is at 6 PM. Sucks.

 I’m doing better at eating healthy although I’d really like to track and see how many calories I am eating per day. I used to be, at best, mediocre at this but the whole tracking every morsel thing is tiresome (mad props to those who faithfully keep it up) and I kept forgetting to track. Some days I’m just like ughhhh sure I had 3 cups of feta in my salad, I DON’T KNOW. Some days, when I’m on my food prep game, I feel like I just might be eating too many calories considering my activity level is somewhat low. Some days, the calories are definitely too little. I keep meaning to do a WIAW to show it all off but..Wednesday keeps catching me unaware. Weekends are still an issue, like they have always been, but we’ll get there. Some day.

 Fitness. Hmm. I’m on the cusp of a new routine. <— That! That is the sentence I believe jinxed the post. I made that proclamation via keyboard then I got knocked down by a sinus infection that just wouldn’t quit and sidelined me for over a week and made me the enemy of all co-workers who sit near me. So, this new routine is walking. My office is on a 2.3 mile loop. It took me a dumb amount of time to realize this. I’ve always loved to go for long walks (now I sound like an on-line dating ad cliche), so the next day I packed a bag and changed at work at end of the day. Of course, I continually run into co-workers after I change. I still feel extremely embarrassed, like I have been caught stealing the Crown Jewels. One girl asked what I was doing, so I told her i was going for a run. Yeah, I straight up lied. What is wrong with me? It’s pretty dumb to feel so awkward about it but rationality isn’t a strength of mine. 

photo 4

The route.

photo 2

It’s a supremely nice, safe route. I feel really lucky that this is right outside my office. It’s really cool to see all the bikers, runners and walkers out on the loop, so way to go Columbia for helping people stay active. The arrival of pumpkin everything makes me sad because I know I won’t be able to do this walk forever since eventually it’ll be cold. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. The big bonus is that walking the loop twice takes me about 1.5 hours, so when I do get in my car and pull out of the office parking lot, I’ve missed a lot of the traffic. Score! So, weather, preparation (one day I only packed one sneaker. yep), and schedule permitting, I do this at least 3 days a week. While it’s not heart-pounding cardio, I burn over 300 calories according to my Map My Walk app.

photo 3

photo 1


A surprise diversion on the loop. But it’s a fun one. 

I also am trying to get back on the bike. The spin bike. I can’t quite figure out my relationship with spinning. I really like sitting down and spinning away, while playing with the resistance to make the ride harder. I hate the standing up part. I’m SO freaking bad at it. I can manage like 10 seconds total. I know I’m out of shape and so it’s going to be uncomfortable and all that, but sheesh. I really loathe it (the standing up part) more than anything else I can currently think of that’s fitness related. Can I just sit down and spin the whole time? Can that be a class? Normally I’d just toss spinning aside as another Thing That Caitlyn Can’t Do And So Hath Abandoned. So why do I keep wanting to go?  I think it’s all Rev Cycle Studio’s fault. I just love that place. The instructors are all amazing, and so nice. The place has such a good vibe. That makes no sense.  I’m there every Saturday morning for barre with Mary and I just like being at Rev. This is big because as we all know, I hate being anywhere that reminds me how out of shape I am. So if you’re in Bmore and want to join me once a week at a 6 am spin class, lemmmme know. You can kick off your morning with a good, hearty laugh at my performance. 

But! What about the gym you used to go to all the time? Yeah. Hmm. It doesn’t make geographical sense to go to the location I used to go to (my gym is a chain), on weekday mornings because I’ll hit tons of traffic for endless miles. I really don’t like the locations near my house and just feel uncomfortable there. So. My gym and I are kind of at a standstill. That I’m still paying for. 


 Remember that couple I posted about a few months ago? He passed away a few weeks after I posted. His wife wrote an amazing blog entry entitled “Rest In Peace My Sweet Husband” which you can read here. I cry every time. They also blogged their 5 year journey to cancer which is linked at the top of the post. So amazing and so inspiring. Whenever I feel myself being unnecessarily whiny, dramatic, or just acting like a bee-yatch in general, I remember their posts and how Dan lived. At his wedding he hugged me and told me “I’m so happy you’re here today” and meant it. I was a complete stranger! All he knew of me was that I was his now brother-in-law’s best friend who was obsessed with weddings. He visited 52 countries and 44 states in 33 years, and judging by the amazing posts on his Facebook wall, left an immeasurable legacy everywhere he went. It’s weird how much his death has affected me. Sometimes I get both angry and sad that such a GOOD person isn’t here anymore. Like, really? Keep all the jerks around but take him? I can’t pretend to understand now but maybe someday. 




This post better write itself because for the past 15 minutes I’ve been trying to find a comfortable position to sit down and pound out all about my agony. I write about my agony whilst in agony. Oh goody, a Caitlyn-whines-about-exercise post that I have never, ever written before!

I thought I had a moderately high pain tolerance. Not Superwoman levels, but a wee bit higher than average. I walked around Busch Gardens with puddles of blood forming in my sneakers because I didn’t want to slow the class trip down and have to – gasp – be the center of attention. But this. That Busch Gardens field trip was a piece of cake compared to this.

Yesterday I woke up at my normal time and went to an early morning spin class with the instructor I’d heard awesome things about. I went to two spin classes last year at college, and each time left me soaked in sweat and instantly sore. I hated spin while pedaling away, but afterward, I loved it because I loved the feel of a good workout that totally kicked my butt.

The instructor (who is awesome and so, so nice) helped me set up my bike and I was ready. I was ready for a great workout and to be a little sore. I’d been working out a lot more than I had been when I went to spin classes last year, so I was eager to see how I’d fare.

Three minutes into the class beginning, I was reminded why I hated the actual class so much. Ow. The uncomfortable seats that I never get used to or find a “sweet spot” during the whole hour. Then there’s the standing up part of the  class. Holy cow, people.

I was in hell. The standing up part was a struggle like no other. I don’t remember being so terrible at the standing up portion. A few times, I had to sit down 10-15 seconds before the instructor said to because I could not do it. I tried. Oh, I tried. I felt ashamed that I was one of the youngest in the class and couldn’t do the full part. I told myself it was all mental and that I.COULD.DO.THIS. The instructor constantly let us know how many more seconds we had left, so that was helpful.

The next few times we did the standing up part, I didn’t up the resistance like the instructor told us to. Didn’t that make it harder?! I was already dying. Dying is not even an exaggeration. There was no way I would be able to stand up and pedal with more resistance. I could barely do it now. That’s the great thing about spin. The room was dim, and nobody can tell how much you are (or aren’t) increasing the resistance.

I didn’t mind sitting down and pedaling. I gladly upped the resistance while sitting. It was standing that was a nightmare.

After the class, when I got off the bike to do the cool down stretching, I didn’t have my land legs yet and had to grab back onto the bike to steady myself. Leaving the studio, I was instantly in pain. My legs, my thighs, my butt. Going down the stairs to get back to the locker room hurt.  All day, I stiffly walked. Ow. That was pain I remembered from last year.

Then I woke up this morning and My thighs are ON FIRE. Moving them – at all – is excruciating. I can’t go up or down stairs, I can’t bend down, I can’t do anything. I’ve never been in pain like this. I was most definitely not in pain like this after my big two spin classes last year.

Google tells me it’s probably Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).  I’ve been taking my ibuprofen and icing and have taken two hot baths (getting in and out was a carnival, for sure).

Browsing a few forums with the search term HOW THE HELL DOES ANYBODY DO THE STANDING UP PART OF SPIN CLASSES WITHOUT DYING tells me that I was a total and complete idiot for not upping the resistance (like the instructor said to, oh god Caitlyn why)  because that could be why I was struggling so much and might be why I’m in a boatload of pain.

DOMS Googling tells me its just a normal response to more exertion and a more intense workout. For some reason, I want to keep going at spinning and see if I ever get better at standing up.

Any advice, Sultans of Spin? 

Is this a one-time thing because I didn’t up my resistance like a good spin student? Is it a one-time thing because I haven’t done an intense workout like this in a while? Why didn’t I feel pain and soreness like this last year? I wasn’t in as good of shape last year.

So many questions. So much pain.