Five Facts Friday, 2

I liked last weeks so much I’m doing it again. This works because a lot of times I have stupid things to share but don’t because blah that’s not worth a whole post and how do I tie it into the other stupid thing I feel compelled to put on the Internet because they don’t “go together” at all? I take things too seriously and I like this format. Plus, my love for alliteration makes sure I keep this somewhat short and weed out the really stupid anecdotes. So away we go.


1.  I still haven’t decided whether I like “fitness fund” or “muscle money” better which makes it really sad that the month is [practically] over.  I made myself $25. Yeah! I meant to take a picture of my wonderful jar full of dolla dolla bills y’all but I forgot and it’s at home and now I’m at work and I know you’re sad that I’m starting your weekend off by denying you such a joy. I don’t go to the gym on weekends usually because I like to go the one near my work, and not the one near my house, BUT my DVD player now works and last month I bought myself fitness DVDs that I’ve been doing on weekends so that’s why my number is so high. I liked this jar thing, except it took me  awhile to get going as I kept forgetting to put $1 in as I never have any cash on me so I had to keep writing “IOU” notes to myself. I think I am going to reward myself for all my hard work and go get a manicure or something. My nails are atrocious. I was drunk one night and saw how chipped they were and so I “filled them in” myself and it looks like a two year old did it. I’m embarrassing.


2. I’ve been talking about going to BodyCombat forever but I haven’t done it because the only time it was offered was inconvenient and got me to work too late. BUT…the location I go to is now offering it Wednesday nights! I am so, so, so excited. It goes to show that if you take absolutely no action and complain about it enough inside your head, things will happen. I think that’s the mantra they advocate in The Secret or something. It’s offered at night, which throws a wrench in my schedule because when you get off work at 3:30…and the class isn’t until 6…there’s not much to do. Refresher, as I live downtown, and work 25 minutes outside of the city and the gym location I like to go to is near work because it’s so much less crowded and the people are nicer. It makes no sense to go home, then drive back and get stuck in rush hour with all the commuters leaving the city. And the pool has closed so there goes that option. So I’m going to have to figure out my Tuesdays too because no way in hell am I giving up my fun Zumba and the adorable teacher.  I’m probably going to go to all of the wonderful shopping in the area [yay! uh oh?] or just make Sarah hang out with me. O hai gurl.


3. The Baltimore Grand Prix is this weekend and I can’t hear the sound of all the newspapers and all the interviews from city officials spouting off about how wonderful it is for Charm City’s PR and how lucky we are to be “chosen” and be in the spotlight over the reality of how effing inconvenient it is. They closed alllllll of downtown and it makes getting in or out of the city mission effing impossible. I loathe it with the passion of a thousand trillion suns. I hear Patrick Dempsey (McDreamy) is participating or something so the only way this is acceptable is if he finds me in my house and offers to give me a bunch of money he doesn’t want anymore. Otherwise, if anyone needs me I will be locked in my house this weekend with a pillow over my head [in an ideal world i would be asleep beneath it but], whispering “come and get me when it’s over!” Dramatic party of one? maybe,  but it really is the worst ever ever ever ever.


4. You know I love to read. It’s like my full-time job.  I made the mistake of reading Gone Girl [by Gillian Flynn] last year on a 5 hour car ride to New Hampshire to visit family friends, which in hindsight, was a terrible error. Because I was miserable all weekend, you know, being social and stuff with people we haven’t seen in years, when all I wanted to do was be left alone on my air mattress so I could readreadread and figure out what the hell was going on and how it would all end. I know people are “eh” about Gone Girl but I loved it because the plot [to my eyes] was so original and fresh, and I really had NO clue how it was going to end. Nada. SO…where is this going…I’ve been looking for a book similar to that and haven’t found any but my boss Sharon introduced me to Jeffery Deaver and the Lincoln Rhyme series. I am obsessed. I’ve torn through 7 of them, and they are lengthy. This is a blaring signal that I need a life. My two favorites are “The Vanished Man” and “The Cold Moon”. Buy them. It’s not the kind of series where you need to read them all or even read them in order. You think you know what is going to happen, then you’re wrong and you think this is going to happen, then you’re wrong, then you think oh! I’ve got it! THIS is totally going to happen, then you’re wrong, then you think okay the book is almost over this is totally how it’s going to happen and you’re fifty shades of wrong.  Then the end comes and you’re still surprised. So….get them.


5. Al, the maintenance man who works in our office building is the cheeriest, nicest guy ever. When I started at this job, he asked me my name and I said, of course, “Caitlyn” and he nodded, and said okay. He then started addressing me as “Hey Hayden!” At first I assumed I had heard him incorrectly because I spent my teenage years blaring my i-pod on the loudest possible headphone settings and my hearing ain’t so gewd. Then by time I realized no, he really is saying Hayden, I didn’t know how to politely correct him because though I am awkward, I do try to at least be polite.  So for months, he’s called me Hayden whenever he sees me. I figured it wasn’t a huge deal if some man I see every other day or so calls me by the wrong name.  Then on Wednesday I’m waiting for the elevator with my company president, and of course, who walks up but Al. “Hey, Boss man! Hey Hayden!” He sings out. I turn scarlet red and suddenly develop an intense interest in counting the dots on the ceiling tiles. The president turns to me and says “Hayden??? Really, CAITLYN? You are something else.” He chuckles for a long time. I sheepishly turn to the maintenance guy and I’m like “I’m so sorry I didn’t know how to correct you!!!” Al thought it was hilarious that I let him call me the wrong name for so long. I was mortified. I feel really bad. I wasn’t trying to be deceitful or anything (although I do like giving out fake names at bars). Blah. I haven’t seen the company president since but I am really hoping this doesn’t turn into some kind of inside joke where he  calls me Hayden. Le sigh.


Tuesdays Are My New Favorite Day

Aside from the fact that it is so freaking far from Friday.

After last week’s attempt at figuring out my new Tuesday evening gym routine, I think I’ve got it down. I left work at 3:30 and made a pitstop to Walmart to buy a visor ($3!!) because I burn to a crisp. Never tan, always burnt. I got to my gym around 3:45, changed, and made my way to a lounge chair. The pool at the gym just opened two months ago and…….I approve.

pool 2

I need to get in shape so I can buy a bathing suit and go down those slides.

It’s a “family pool” so there are lots of kids around but I don’t mind. I dutifully put on my 70 SPF sunscreen and settled in  reading
“Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist’s Quest to Discover If Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, or Why Pie Is Not The Answer.”  I thought I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t post the full title. I’m only 18% in so I’m not sure if I love the actual book yet, but I knew by page two that I love Jen Lancaster, the author. I’ve never giggled aloud so many times while reading a book and did I mention I’m only 18% in? Jen is absolutely hilarious. Anyone who writes “I’m not lazy. I’m simply judicious about excess movement” is meant to be my friend. Seriously.

Anyway. I noticed they had $5 sangrias and I stood there for a good three minutes engaged in a heated debate with myself about whether or not I should get one. Sangria was practically invented for 90 degree days at the pool. I thought that with a little liquid courage, I would most likely be adventurous and more self-assured so I’d  stack tons of weight onto my bar at BodyPump and convince myself #yolo and that it made for a more productive workout. Hey maybe my newfound strength would impress hot body pump guy. Then, I would probably throw my back out because I was not in fact ready for all that adventurous weight on my bar, crumple to the floor in a writhing drunken heap, and the hot body pump guy would sweep me off into his arms and carry me off to the party room to tend to me because nobody is ever in the party room…..and yeah. Probably no sangria.

I was so relaxed that in any other situation it would have been difficult to peel myself off my chair and turn my Kindle off but I was so excited for Zumba. After about an hour and a half, I headed back inside to check in for Zumba at 6 and BodyPump at 7. It’s really weird to see the gym so active at this time. I’m normally there twelve hours earlier. People were just sitting around chatting in the lounge or watching TV whereas normally everyone is off to work in a rush and doesn’t have time to hang out and chat. The kids playroom, which is usually locked and dark at 5 a.m, is alive and vibrant with tons of kids running around.  I was standing in the hall waiting for yoga to end so I could get to Zumba, and a girl taps me on the shoulder and says “Have you gone to this class before?” She explained this was her first fitness class ever and she was really nervous. Ha! Lucky her, she unknowingly  was talking to the one who would be the most sympathetic person to her plight. I gave my passionate spiel and was very comforting, but I  think I pissed off a few people who were standing around when I declared “If you’re good at Zumba, you’re in the minority”. Thinking about it now, that sounds meaner than I intended it to.   I guess I went overboard on the trying to comfort her thing. I was trying to say nobody in the class is a professional dancer (that I can tell).

way harsh

I can’t say enough how much I love the Zumba instructor, Brian. He has the perfect personality for a Zumba class. You can tell he is having so much fun and is really sassy. He gets up off the stage every so often and will start dancing with a random member of the class for a few seconds. We all know I get intimidated at the drop of a hat or by a glance, but it’s fun. He said to this one older woman, “Drop it low, hot stuff!” and she did and it was hilarious. A new personal trainer dropped in to the class for a little to try it out and Brian pulled him up on stage with him. It was pretty comical to see this 6’4 guy with bulging muscles fumble around with the choreography to J. Lo’s “Papi”.

The class is always packed. Attendees started asking the gym managers if Brian could add another class, so they did! It’s Saturdays though so I’m not sure how often (if ever) I’ll get there. But yeah, Brian’s Zumba is apparently legendary, another classgoer told me.

After Zumba, it was time for BodyPump. The Tuesday night instructors switch off and on every week between a woman named Lori (last week) and Ashley (this week). I didn’t like Lori because she kept rushing us, urging us that “ya gotta move more quickly!!” when we were adjusting the weights on our bars after tracks, since she had to leave right after class ended to go somewhere for her son and I do not like to be rushed in situations like that. It makes me feel panicky. Ashley is mid 20’s and seems new, but I like her a lot more than Lori.

I think this is interesting…there were 18 in last week’s class, and this week there was 10. NONE of which was Hot Body Pump Guy. 😦 I’m intrigued to see if the attendance is a trend, if more people prefer Lori, who is older and who is clearly a veteran, as opposed to Ashley who’s new and you can tell still figuring out her teaching style and such. Of course, it could just be coincidence. In other BodyPump news, I was able to plank for the entire time which has happened all of nada in my lifetime.


Anyway I’m really pumped about my new Tuesday routines. The only thing I’m still unsure about is BodyCombat. The gym near my house offers BodyCombat at 5:45 on Tuesday mornings.  I really, really want to try it and that’s the only option I can make it to. I just don’t know if three fitness classes in one day is too much? Remember I was all impressed with myself when I did three fitness classes that one time? Haha. I’m leaning toward the thought that it will be fine as it’s not 3 fitness classes in a row (there’s literally a 12 hour break ha), but I don’t know. It will get me at work a good 30 minutes later than usual which I’m not happy about but from work’s perspective, is a non-issue. I also will  need to figure out how I am going to handle dinner each week.

So, I had a great time last night at my two classes and am a bit amused that I now look forward to Tuesdays, of all days. I just hope  it never rains.


1.  favorite group fitness teacher ever?

2. ever worked out with a nice alcoholic buzz? it’s probably all kinds of bad and not safe but…i’m sure it’s happened before.

3. who makes your have fitness clothes? i am looking to buy (surprise surprise) capris for the new longish reebok tank i just splurged on.

Your Fave Fitness Reads?

baby reading

So as you may or may not know, I love to read. Love it, love, love it.

And as you most definitely know, I am attempting to get in shape and start leading a healthier lifestyle. Woohoo. And I have a lot to learn since pretty much the only thing I do know is that I don’t know anything.

I thought I’d combine the two and turn to some books to help. I’ve been prowling around Amazon, Goodreads, and good old Google, to see what some books are that I should look into, and then I realized: duh. must as well ask the awesome blogverse.

What are some of your favorite books or authors on health, fitness, exercise? Jillian Michaels’ name keeps popping up in my research (obviously). Oprah tells me about Geneen Roth. I don’t know anything about intuitive eating (or even really what it is) so should I be reading about that? My birthday’s coming up so I’ll be getting all kinds of B & N and Amazon giftcards from the dutiful relatives I have trained all these years. 🙂

i want to read and learn so surrender all your favorites. if you have them.

spongebob waiting

Here We Go, 2013! Resolutions.


I’ve never been one for resolutions mainly because I either forget them or lack the willpower & dedication to actually go through with them. But 2013 is going to be my year. I turn 24 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So gross) in the spring and I need/want things to get going. So to keep me honest and also so I don’t forget, here are my resolutions.



-Get a raise once I’m eligible for it in November. I NEED a raise. My pay is pathetic. It’s the price of doing what you love, I guess.

Engage .  I want to make “work friends” in 2013. I also want to become as knowledgeable as I can about the work we do and not be so afraid to speak up in our department meetings. I have good ideas & I want to share them.



-Learn how to cook, dammit.

-Lose 20 pounds.

-Develop better eating habits. I am a compulsive snacker & don’t like to eat in front of people. When I’m alone in my room, I eat A LOT even though as I’m putting food to mouth, I’m aware that I really am not hungry.

-Figure out a way to get fit. I want to make this work, but in all my research I’ve done so far, the gyms in my area are either A) sketchy and not in a safe area or B) out of my budget. I’m not sure I’d feel safe running alone with my I-pod either. I might just have to resort to Youtube videos, buy some weights and make it work on my own.



-Figure out a budget.

-Only buy cheap books for the Kindle unless I have a gift card. Since June, I have spent way too much money buying books for my Kindle. College did a good job of keeping this at bay since I’d have classes and internships all day, then homework, studying, meetings all at night. Now, I come home from work and read all night. During the weekends, I spend all day reading and since I’m a fast reader, I blitz through 3-5 books a week. A full year of coming home and reading all night has an extremely good chance of getting out of control so I need to rein this in.

-Start paying for my cell phone. My mom & dad, knowing how dire my financial situation was, have been oh so generous but now I need to start doing grown-up things like this.

-Get my car registered in my new state & switch my license. This is pricey.



-Be more social. A few times since moving here, I’ve turned down going somewhere because I either: didn’t feel like it, was in the middle of my book, or thought going out would be a pointless expense that I could do without. I need to find the middle ground here.

-Stop relying on other people to make the plans. I’ve never, ever been a good planner. I always feel so responsible and worry that people think my plan/idea sucks, is stupid, or won’t be fun so I let others make the plans and just drift along.


(More) Personal:

-NOT BE SO DAMN MESSY. I need to figure out a cleaning schedule because my room and bathroom always look like a tornado hit. As dumb as it sounds, I need to learn how to clean. I just Chlorox Wipe everything usually. I want to be efficient at it.

-Become more organized at home and at work.

-Work on not being so freaking paranoid about driving and learn how to put air in my tires. One of my biggest fears of driving is getting a flat tire / blowing out my tire & flipping my car. This is somewhat ridiculous as my car shows me the “low tire pressure” icon-thing so if I learn how to put air in my tire, that alleviates that problem.

-Send snail mail more, like “happy birthday”, “thinking of you” or like “happy valentines day!” type cards. Today we’re so digital. How nice it would be to get a handwritten card?

-Start going back to church. My Catholic faith was so important to me growing up. I considered being a nun in 5th grade. In college, it slipped away. Now, I don’t go to church anymore (I still don’t know all of the new Missal translation, I know maybe 20% of it). This is due to laziness and not knowing where a good church is. I want to walk there, as again, I hate driving and parking lots. I ask God for a lot – and often don’t thank Him. I curse at God a lot. I don’t trust God enough and bemoan how awful my life journey is going, and if this is God’s plan, he better start paying more attention. I think going back to church will make me happier and more at peace.

-Not carry around so much resentment and so much bitterness. I KNOW it’s not healthy & weighs me down. I need to let things go and not get so bothered.

-Fall in love for the first time. With a normal, nice boy. I know this really isn’t up to me, it’s more “fate”, but I’d like it a lot if this could happen 😉

Holy cow, 2013 is going to be nuts. I have a lot to work on, but I’m determined to make 2013 my year. I love reading other peoples resolutions so if you wrote a post about it, comment with a link!


Wishing you all the best in 2013,

Caitlyn 🙂