Forgot About Dre

This post has taken two point five weeks to finish and publish. This does not mean to raise your standards.

I love the new job. Love it, love it, love it. We’re crazy busy right now, but it’s all going so well.

 The only downside of the job is how much I hate my commute home. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Leaving at 5:30 I’m right in the middle of all the rush hour traffic. My office is 15 miles from my house, yet it takes over an hour most days. It’s heavy traffic, construction, and Ravens/Orioles traffic on top of it. The stadium traffic all gets off at my exits. Why did I want to move to a city again? Haha. I hate driving so much, and my drive home probably isn’t actually that bad, but it really stresses me out. And now that I get home at 6:30-ish, suddenly everything I’ve ever wanted to attend in life is at 6 PM. Sucks.

 I’m doing better at eating healthy although I’d really like to track and see how many calories I am eating per day. I used to be, at best, mediocre at this but the whole tracking every morsel thing is tiresome (mad props to those who faithfully keep it up) and I kept forgetting to track. Some days I’m just like ughhhh sure I had 3 cups of feta in my salad, I DON’T KNOW. Some days, when I’m on my food prep game, I feel like I just might be eating too many calories considering my activity level is somewhat low. Some days, the calories are definitely too little. I keep meaning to do a WIAW to show it all off but..Wednesday keeps catching me unaware. Weekends are still an issue, like they have always been, but we’ll get there. Some day.

 Fitness. Hmm. I’m on the cusp of a new routine. <— That! That is the sentence I believe jinxed the post. I made that proclamation via keyboard then I got knocked down by a sinus infection that just wouldn’t quit and sidelined me for over a week and made me the enemy of all co-workers who sit near me. So, this new routine is walking. My office is on a 2.3 mile loop. It took me a dumb amount of time to realize this. I’ve always loved to go for long walks (now I sound like an on-line dating ad cliche), so the next day I packed a bag and changed at work at end of the day. Of course, I continually run into co-workers after I change. I still feel extremely embarrassed, like I have been caught stealing the Crown Jewels. One girl asked what I was doing, so I told her i was going for a run. Yeah, I straight up lied. What is wrong with me? It’s pretty dumb to feel so awkward about it but rationality isn’t a strength of mine. 

photo 4

The route.

photo 2

It’s a supremely nice, safe route. I feel really lucky that this is right outside my office. It’s really cool to see all the bikers, runners and walkers out on the loop, so way to go Columbia for helping people stay active. The arrival of pumpkin everything makes me sad because I know I won’t be able to do this walk forever since eventually it’ll be cold. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. The big bonus is that walking the loop twice takes me about 1.5 hours, so when I do get in my car and pull out of the office parking lot, I’ve missed a lot of the traffic. Score! So, weather, preparation (one day I only packed one sneaker. yep), and schedule permitting, I do this at least 3 days a week. While it’s not heart-pounding cardio, I burn over 300 calories according to my Map My Walk app.

photo 3

photo 1


A surprise diversion on the loop. But it’s a fun one. 

I also am trying to get back on the bike. The spin bike. I can’t quite figure out my relationship with spinning. I really like sitting down and spinning away, while playing with the resistance to make the ride harder. I hate the standing up part. I’m SO freaking bad at it. I can manage like 10 seconds total. I know I’m out of shape and so it’s going to be uncomfortable and all that, but sheesh. I really loathe it (the standing up part) more than anything else I can currently think of that’s fitness related. Can I just sit down and spin the whole time? Can that be a class? Normally I’d just toss spinning aside as another Thing That Caitlyn Can’t Do And So Hath Abandoned. So why do I keep wanting to go?  I think it’s all Rev Cycle Studio’s fault. I just love that place. The instructors are all amazing, and so nice. The place has such a good vibe. That makes no sense.  I’m there every Saturday morning for barre with Mary and I just like being at Rev. This is big because as we all know, I hate being anywhere that reminds me how out of shape I am. So if you’re in Bmore and want to join me once a week at a 6 am spin class, lemmmme know. You can kick off your morning with a good, hearty laugh at my performance. 

But! What about the gym you used to go to all the time? Yeah. Hmm. It doesn’t make geographical sense to go to the location I used to go to (my gym is a chain), on weekday mornings because I’ll hit tons of traffic for endless miles. I really don’t like the locations near my house and just feel uncomfortable there. So. My gym and I are kind of at a standstill. That I’m still paying for. 


 Remember that couple I posted about a few months ago? He passed away a few weeks after I posted. His wife wrote an amazing blog entry entitled “Rest In Peace My Sweet Husband” which you can read here. I cry every time. They also blogged their 5 year journey to cancer which is linked at the top of the post. So amazing and so inspiring. Whenever I feel myself being unnecessarily whiny, dramatic, or just acting like a bee-yatch in general, I remember their posts and how Dan lived. At his wedding he hugged me and told me “I’m so happy you’re here today” and meant it. I was a complete stranger! All he knew of me was that I was his now brother-in-law’s best friend who was obsessed with weddings. He visited 52 countries and 44 states in 33 years, and judging by the amazing posts on his Facebook wall, left an immeasurable legacy everywhere he went. It’s weird how much his death has affected me. Sometimes I get both angry and sad that such a GOOD person isn’t here anymore. Like, really? Keep all the jerks around but take him? I can’t pretend to understand now but maybe someday. 


MIMM: On Turning 25 and Getting Back In The Saddle

If you read this on May 12, then it is my birthday!! 25 and cue the quarter life crisis. I’ve had many a ramble on this here Internet space about turning 25 and “OMG MY LIFE ISN’T WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS AHH” and “all my friends have their lives together and I don’t!!!” 22-24 was totally fine, but 25 just seems like a different playing field, overall just different. 25 still freaks me out. I’m halfway through my twenties! Eek! Most of my life I’ve felt the number or stage didn’t reflect where I was. I remember doing a free write in high school creative writing class rambling that I couldn’t believe I was a senior. The seniors before me had been so old! They were so mature!  I didn’t feel I looked like they did, knew what they did, or were as cool/sophisticated (ha) as they were. How was I in their position so quickly? I felt being a high school senior was sprung upon me and I hadn’t met any requirements to prove I was ready yet no one had noticed and just made me play the part of one anyway.

I’m feeling okay about 25 (for now). Meanwhile my parents are freaking out more with every passing day. On Easter my dad leaned in to me at church and whispered, “You’re going to be 25 in less than a month. Are you ever planning on getting married? Will I ever walk you down this [church] aisle?” and every time my mom calls lately she asks if I’m “even trying” to get a boyfriend. Now I just roll my eyes and try to shrug it off at how they value 25. I’m a lot happier than I was on my 24th birthday, so that’s what I am using as my measuring stick. Life is long (hopefully) and now I just stick to what’s meant to happen will happen but am finally accepting I likely have to leave my house more for things to actually happen. 😉

Remember my spin class last year? Horrible memories…me being convinced I would die while standing up and spinning so I took off all of my resistance like a genius. Then I woke up the next day and could barely move. Good times! I still think spinning is a work-out I would like, but I’ve been too intimidated, haha. Rev Cycle Studio opened a mile from my house with Bmore’s top cycle instructors and people have the best things to say about it. I would be like “yeah, yeah, i want to go and try it!” and I honestly meant it but was scared. But luckily Rev dropped a great opportunity right at my feet. A beginners class. Free. Saturday afternoon. Boom. They took away every excuse I could think of. I pulled my usual stunt and booked my bike and picked the dead last row in the corner. I got there and they told me there were 10 people in the class so I could move up a few rows. I still wasn’t sure, but with 10 people in the class it would be uber weird to be by myself in the back corner, haha. A handful of staff and instructors showed up and helped us set up our Schwinn bikes. This was fantastic, since there were so few attendees each staff member could spend time with you explaining everything.

There were ultimately two instructors, Jim and Janet. Janet is a triathlete, and Jim is an accomplished cyclist. At the beginning of the class, Jim explained how to position your body on the bike. Janet primarily lead the class and Jim went around checking on everybody. I remember in the middle of the class thinking “Good God, these two are so kick-ass.” They were so awesome and it was such a great experience for beginners. We did a few climbs and .. guess what .. it was still hard but I managed it much better! I think the Schwinn bike made all the difference. I could see what gear I was at, how far I had gone, calories burned, RPM, etc. Seeing the gear number really helped me for the climbs. Still don’t like the climbs, but I can get through them more easily. I just really like the sitting down part, no surprise there. I still struggled a bit with adjusting my body to the bike. I told Jim (well if we’re being specific, I gasped and panted) that my shoulders hurt and was this normal or was I just being extra wussy? He explained it and helped, but I understand it will still take a few more rides. I walked there and back since it’s only a mile which was great until a thunderstorm rolled in when I was a half a mile from my house with a hoodless jacket. So bad at checking the weather. I sprinted the last few blocks home and my sunglasses fell out of my pocket somewhere which is sad. Anyway…it was marvelous and I am so glad I went! So if you are a Bmore resident who happens to read blogs and haven’t gone yet, go! I’m sure you will be better than I.

I took the day off from work and I’ll probably go back to Rev for a barre class in the morning, then grocery shop, food prep and do laundry. I’m just so crazy. I’ll send you a postcard from the wild side. My mom asked what she could get me for my birthday and I said “protein powder.” Oh how times have changed, haha. I’ll probably go to my favorite bar, get drunk and then ramble about being 25 over a big plate of nachos.

Thanks to Katie for hosting the link-up!


I Spent Cinco De Mayo At The Bar(re)

I dunno what it is but…winter. I don’t want to do anything but hibernate in my house in sweatpants and fuzzy socks and just watch all the TV, eat all the bad food and read all the books. Then nice weather rolls in and I’m suddenly thinking “gahhh why are my pants tight?! Why haven’t I been going to the gym? Why have i instead just languished about? Why am I so lazy? SO MUCH TIME HATH BEEN WASTED. Gotta get MOVING.” I’d probably be starring in fitness videos by now if I lived in California.

It was Sunday, I was procrastinating picking out a work outfit and figuring out my work meals, when fellow Bmore healthy living blogger friend Mary posted that she was teaching her first SB Barre class the next day at a new location of my gym that had just opened…aaaaand it was 10-15 minutes away from work. I decided this was perfect because I’d been wanting to try a barre workout…and the best part…it was the first time the class was being offered at the new gym so it wasn’t like I would be a buffalo in a sea of prima ballerinas. It would probably be everyone else’s first time taking the class, too. Hooray.

But first! Before I went to class, I went to the beautiful shopping center across the street which included a Target. I had  a gift card to use, so I threw all this stuff in my cart, then at check-out, the cashier informs me the gift card is for way less than I had thought. Crap. Yes, crap. That’s what I wound up paying for on my credit card. Gahh. Oh well. Great story, yes?


As described on the website, the Soul Body Barre class is an hour long class that incorporates “principals of Pilates, wisdom of yoga, grace of dance and the body sculpting benefits of traditional interval strength training.” And it was haaaaard. I had my usual “oh crap why did I subject myself to this public display of humiliation? Come on, come all, see the 20 something that can’t figure out how to move her body!” thought train that I have for the first 5-60 minutes of any fitness class I go to. It was pretty hectic for a first class. In the middle of it, a gym manager came in and said there were way too many people. At our gym, you have to register for a class a few hours beforehand (or it fills up), and then check-in 10 minutes before class. If you don’t check-in, the wait listed people will get in. Some registered people forgot to check-in, so a bunch of wait listed people filtered in. The manager sorted it out with who had not checked in and told them they couldn’t be at the barre, but it still was an unfortunate interruption for a few looong minutes. Growing pains for a new class and new location!

Mary pointed out something i’m always lazy about – triceps kickbacks. She reminded us “no swinging”, which is pretty much what I always do and then think “What was I thinking earlier on [in the class]? Exercise is easy, I got this, me so strong.” The barre part was crazy hard. She would tell us what to do, and then demonstrate, and I would think “oh look that’s not that bad”. And then I did…and..burn. Such simple, deceiving movements.  Haha.  I definitely want to keep going to her class. I’m so sore, in a good way! I’ve missed feeling this way.


1. barre- yay or nay?

2. how did you spend cinco de mayo?

3. think about how to bottle up the spring energy and hang on to it for winter consumption. your homework. go. 


Toned Up Premiere Party

Happy, happy Friday!

As you probably know, I’m a Bravo devotee so I was hugely excited about the new Tone It Up show “Toned Up.”

I officially joined Tone It Up a few weeks ago. I’ve done a few of their workouts before and really liked them, but the nutrition plan was pricey. I’ve been mulling over joining (via purchasing the nutrition plan) for a while because I  realize that nutrition is one of my big problems – mainly because I’m so uneducated about every aspect of it, and because I’m such a rookie in the kitchen with zero experience/culinary flair. TIU had a Cyber Monday deal involving the plan that was too good. I entered, deleted, re-entered my credit card info, deleted for most day of Monday, still hesitant to take the plunge, and then forgot about it. When they extended the deal to Tuesday, I was all ‘It’s a sign!’ Plus, I knew TIU has a huge crew here  in Baltimore and it would be a great way to meet more people here who could help keep me motivated and help me achieve my fitness goals.  Sooo it’s official! I’ve made a few recipes so far and they’ve been excellent. Except I ignored the “serving size” on one recipe(I’m an idiot) and have been eating mint chocolate chia pudding for three days now. It even served as my drunken post-NYE snack. It’s a better choice then pizza so I’m kicking off 2014 right, ha.

For last night’s Toned Up premiere on Bravo, we had an awesome premiere party at Rowhouse Grille (who also hosted our blogger meet-up in July). While walking to Rowhouse, I realized how I hadn’t been there since our last blogger meet-up (too long) and when I walked there in July, I was first to arrive with my straightened hair in a sweaty, tangled mess, and I was first to arrive last night with my straightened hair in a soaking, snowy mess. Has it really been 6 months since last time I was there? Crazy. I over-estimated how long my walk would take, so I was about 35 minutes too early, and just sat at the bar awkwardly nursing my Orange Crushes waiting for other patrons to clear out of our space. I wish I could say this wasn’t typical.

I had a great time seeing some familiar faces and meeting many new girls. In typical Baltimore healthy living crew style, a bunch went to yoga before walking over so it was really casual. I am not a yogi – I can’t even touch my toes so my one yoga class in college was a disaster and the teacher proclaimed I was the stiffest person she’s ever seen- buuut maybe I will make it over sometime.

All the girls were so so nice, and everyone was excited to be there. Rowhouse was like “hey this is great let’s make this a weekly thing.” I hope so because it was such a fun and relaxing evening. I am hugely excited to make new work-out friends. The show was adorable and my texts from friends (okay there was like 3) went something like this: “Can we seriously just be them?” Please God.


always with the sorority girl pose.


had to strike a work-out pose. 

Huge thanks to Kate for getting this together (also these pictures are hers) and to  Rowhouse Grille for being so supportive, fun and awesome.

Anddddd I want it on the record that I cannot stand snow that starts AFTER work, falls nicely for hours, and then stops a few hours before work the next day. What is the point? There is none. This snow does not get me any snow days, so I hereby render it useless.

Baltimore HLB Meet-up Recap

I’ve prattled on and on about how I’ve been in my new city a year and making friends  has really been a struggle because I’m an introvert and yadda yadda yadda. I was skimming my own blog and thought ‘Sheesh I’m annoying’.  Stop going on and on about how hard it is and DO something about it. Easier said than done for sure. Then I read about Alex arranging a Pittsburgh blogger meet-up and I was inspired. I could at least manage to arrange a Baltimore healthy living blogger meet-up. Alex was also foolish gracious enough to open and reply to an e-mail from me with the tame and timid subject line HHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!

A Sunday afternoon was spent gathering blogs from Healthy Living Blogs site and social media then tracking down blogger e-mails. Bloggers with no e-mail addresses on your blog, it takes 4.4 seconds to register a new e-mail account on Gmail. Make a blog e-mail account. It makes everyone’s life easier.

I was a teensy bit nervous sending the e-mail out worrying they would think I was a creepy Internet weirdo (this is actually true, mwahaha) or they’d be like “Uh, who the hell are you?! Please take a seat.” But the replies started pouring in and people were  into the idea. It was awesome, and they were already plotting out more creative ideas for future get-togethers.

andy cohen thumbs up dancing

Last night, around 9 of us met up at local bar The Rowhouse Grille for a happy hour. On my way there, I realized that this would be my first time meeting people who read my blog. I was a little panic stricken for a good minute or two that my stupid ramblings were their first impression ha.

We were expecting around 13 or 14, but there was a massive accident that derailed a handful of bloggers. It was so great to hang out “IRL” with these awesome and charming Charm City bloggers for three hours and step beyond the computer screen. Everyone was friendly and excited to meet each other. Rowhouse was gracious enough to give us our own space with a private bartender and offered us tons of awesome drink specials. It was the perfect way to end a Monday night and everyone left voicing their eagerness  to make it a monthly thing! Woohoo.

baltimore HLBs

Back row from L to R: Kerry, Jess, Megan, Dani, Kait

Front row: Brittany, Kate, a weird passerby, Lauren 

Have you ever participated in a blogger meet-up?

MIMM: Baby, You A Song

Marvelous is…….the new cafe that opened on the bottom level of my office building. A long time ago when we heard that a new eatery would be moving in, I began dreaming that it would be Chipotle or Panera Bread. So when I found out it was, in fact, not Chipotle or Panera Bread I was a bit disappointed because…yeah. So although the cafe’s been open for a few weeks, I hadn’t yet gone until last Friday when I was starving and had forgotten to pack breakfast and lunch. So, I waved the white flag in my dumb “you are not Chipotle or Panera Bread!!!!!!!” stand-off and took the elevator ride of surrender. The staff is so friendly, and their  selections are varied and amazing. It is a little on the pricey side, but given how lazy I am, I will happily deal because it is so freaking convenient. It’s just a quick elevator ride away! I’m so happy about this delicious convenience.

Marvelous is……oh I am signed up for another 5K. My boss Sharon and co-worker Gemma asked me to run a 5K with them at end of June. If you had told me last year “Caitlyn, you are going to run 3 5Ks in 3 months in summer of 2013” I would have needed to be sedated stat.

Marvelous is….a new week. Last week sucked. I was in a bad mood for what seemed like all of it and felt very off, uncomfortable (?) and sluggish. It was one of those weeks where I just chugged along  thinking “just finish the week…just finish the week…it’s almost over..” BUT this week is going to be great and I am rearing to go.

Marvelous is….my first Preakness experience. I was wary going into it because my Preakness veteran friends warned it was a very long day and now I’m starting to realize that when it comes to most big outings (especially any involving day drinking), I have like a window of a few good hours in me before I turn sour and just want to go home. I also hate when I am not in close proximity to my house and have to wait around for a ride and/or the group I’m with to come to a consensus to leave, it makes me feel kind of “stuck” but anyway. It was pretty fun and I enjoyed my huge green mug that had bottomless refills of beer.


Marvelous is….seeing Florida Georgia Line at the aforementioned Preakness.  “Cruise” is one of my favorite songs to come out in the last five years. I could do with or without the Nelly remix and any of the lyrics that are not the chorus. Has a song ever been more perfect to listen to on a sunny day with your windows down? There’s probably a few good contenders but belting out the chorus of “Cruise” is so  enjoyable to me. So anyway, it was SO GREAT to be able to see them sing it live and sing it along enthusiastically with them. They ripped through their setlist (which naturally included choruses of “Golddigger”, “Thrift Shop” and “In Da Club”) and then when it was apparent it was the last song and they had not yet sang “Cruise”, the lead singer asked…”So….what do ya guys wanna hear?” The place erupted with screams of “CRRRREEEEEWWZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” and duh, of course they sang it and everyone went ballistic.  It was also nice to see who the heck Florida Georgia Line is comprised of. I had never seen pictures, videos, TV or Youtube performances. When the band came out I went crazy being a welcoming, excited yeller and my friend had to tell me they were ‘the band’ and weren’t actually in ‘Florida Georgia Line.’

Marvelous is…..Macklemore. He was there with Ryan Lewis. He opened with “Thrift Shop” which was surprising to me. I hadn’t been paying attention and heard “Thrift Shop” so I just assumed someone was playing it to get the crowd hyped. Then I turned and oh…there they were on stage. Two songs later, they sang “Can’t Hold Us” so after that, I stopped paying attention because those two are the only Macklemore songs I know. I do love those songs though.

Marvelous is ….live music. I don’t go to many concerts so when I do, I come away awestruck. Live music is so amazing. At any point during a concert, I stand there smiling, just thinking about how great it is. I also feel ridiculously happy for the artists up on the stage because I cannot imagine how freaking incredible it would be to stand where they’re standing and see thousands of people happily bopping along to their song and screaming the lyrics and freaking out. I also wonder HOW ARE THEY NOT CRYING?! I’m not really a crier, but…and this is obviously a huge but..if I were a singer, I’d probably tear up at every concert I gave because I felt so unbelievably overwhelmed, happy and grateful. I saw Carrie Underwood (PSA: she is SO TALENTED. she sounds exactly like she does on her albums and hits every high note effortlessly) in November and cried in the middle of it because I was so happy for her. i’m a weirdo.

Marvelous is…I had a dream I became an avid CrossFit-er. Maybe it’s all the Carrots N Cake I’ve been reading. So, I am adding “try CrossFit a few times” to my list of fitness-y things to do in the next year and a half. Also on my bucket list is running a half marathon. See my 2nd point in this post. A year doesn’t seem like enough time so I’m making it a year and a half. I’m pretty flexible with the deadline but I want to do those two things.

Marvelous is….my fellow early morning gymgoers. They are about 6 middle-aged men and I love them. We stand around from 4:50 a.m. onward until they open the doors to the gym. When the gym is finally opened, all 6 of them automatically move aside like Moses parting the sea so I can enter the gym first and one of them always holds open the door for me. It is SO nice.  One doesn’t have to tell another to do it; they just automatically do it, and have been ever since I joined the gym. Every morning that they do it,I’m struck by how nice it is. Ah, good manners, you never go out of style.


Thanks to Katie for hosting!



1. I feel like I need like a meal planner / exercise diary thing, with blank notebook pages to write the above “fitness-y things to do in the next year and a half” list. ? Do you use one and find it useful?

2. Best concert you’ve ever been to?

3. I need a good racerback sports bra. What is your fave?

Lighting & Logistics

When I made the decision to start running, I knew probably my biggest hurdle would be figuring out when and where to run.

Being that my bank account is still slowly in recovery mode from the shock of moving to a new city with zero income, I figured the $60-70 a month gyms were out. Plus, I’m pretty intimidated by gym crowds and didn’t want gym-goers to witness my measly attempts at learning how to run.

So obviously, I’d have to turn to the streets. I’m still figuring out Baltimore and the streets that are and aren’t safe. I know my own street is super safe, but if I walk a block and a half over, the area starts to get sketchy.  This definitely isn’t my hometown’s safe little suburbs anymore and I’m still getting used to that.

While I wouldn’t call myself a morning person, if I need to get something done, I always do it in the morning. Especially now that I work full-time, all I want to do in the afternoons is put on a baggy sweatshirt, sweatpants, take my contacts out and put my glasses on, lay on my bed and watch TV or read.

So, I had to figure out safe morning routes since I recently decided I like arriving at work at 7:00. And routes that didn’t require difficult driving routes, since we all know I loathe driving.

I have a pitiful sense of direction and a tendency to space out, so I was hoping I could find a track or a trail or something that made sense logistically. I didn’t want to have to drive 10 minutes somewhere, only to have to drive 20 minutes back in the opposite direction to get back to my 25 minute route to work. I’d prefer not to drive period, but alas, I was prepared to make a sacrifice.

I Googled, scoured forums and message boards, reading routes and tried really hard to visualize and comprehend the routes. I had no idea where half the routes were located and was beginning to wonder how the heck this would work out when I remembered there’s a small college literally five minutes down the road from where I work that’s free to the public. Score. So I planned it all out, I’d get up at 5:10, leave my house at 5:30, get to the track by 6 and run, baby, run.

For all my meticulous planning and preparing, I did not plan on how freaking dark it would be. I just assumed goodness and light followed wherever I went.

So when I showed up today for my run, I was more prepared than last time. I had my black hat and black gloves to match my black jacket, black yoga pants, black Spi-belt, black I-pod headphones and black Mizunos. But it was again, so freaking dark. The college’s track is isolated on their campus and they don’t have the lights on.

I immediately visualized how most of my favorite crime shows begin. They typically show the victim going about their usual routine before they get grabbed, attacked, or slaughtered. And if I were watching, say, Law & Order: SVU, and saw a young female running around a track which is quasi-surrounded by forest where nobody would hear her if she screamed, all by herself in total darkness, with her I-pod on, wearing all black, I’d probably facepalm and bemoan “Oh my God, what a moron!!! Of course she’s going to get killed, DUH.”

“So,” I thought, “This isn’t smart. Like, at all.”

As I was standing in the parking lot thinking these thoughts, a Public Safety car drove by and pulled over.

Officer: “Good morning.” (Translation: I’m trying to see if you have the student or staff parking tags and if not, what the heck you’re doing here standing in the parking lot, dressed in all black in the pitch-black 6 a.m. hour)

Me: “Good morning! I’m here to run.”

I point awkwardly to the track 100 yards away, and then realize he probably is well aware of where the track is.

Me: “But now…I realize it’s probably a dumb idea. It’s pretty dark out and there’s no lights.”

Officer (smirks): “Ya think?”

So I left because I realized it was just idiotic. For illustration here’s a picture from the parking lot before the Public Safety officer and I had a jolly chat.


Now, I’m trying to decide where to go from here. Figuring all this out is so annoying. I just want to be a in a routine already. For now, here’s my plan. By 6:40 this morning, it was definitely lighter outside and the sun was starting to peek through. I’m thinking I might just run then and get to work at like 7:20-7:25, as opposed to 7.

At least I won’t have to get up at 5?!