An Interview With Myself

Because I haven’t yet proven to the internet that I’m a total nutcase.

It’s been two months since your last post. What the hell, man.

I know! In the last post I mentioned a bad sinus infection. Well that sinus infection turned into bronchitis which turned into pneumonia. It was a painful month. I am not a “good” sick person. What I mean is some people just carry on and being sick is an afterthought. I act as if the world is ending, being sick is all I can think about and eat tub after tub of ice cream to get myself through the ordeal. I now have a new obsession with Airborne gummies.

Anything new? (lol)

Lol no. Never. I still love my (new-ish) job. I still have tons to learn. They tell me it takes a year to get accumulated but I still hate feeling like ‘damn I’ve been here almost 4 months and some of these questions I have are so dumb.’ It’s challenging but fun. It’s great working with so many young people. We just had a happy hour that went on for 4 hours.

How goes the weight loss thing?

Good! I’m feeling more dedicated than ever. I’m down a few- yay!


UmI still haven’t gotten myself to a beginner yoga class like I keep saying I will. In my last post, I mentioned I was unsure about my future with my gym, Merritt. A few days after that post, I saw a great Labor Day offer at a gym near work and signed on the dotted line. It’s 1/3 of what I used to pay! Fabulous. It doesn’t offer classes, which I’m fine with at this point as I feed my new barre addiction at Rev. Join me! Tuesday nights with the amazing Janet and then if I’m not hungover..Saturday mornings with the kickass and crazy cool Mary. No more 4 am gym wake-ups. I really can’t believe I ever did that. Now I head to the gym at 5:30 when I am freed from work to get in some cardio. Most nights after I get home from the gym I do a quick Tone It Up workout while watching TV. I’m also trying to drink more water and just be more active. I walk to the farthest bathroom at work, I park far away from entrances, etc.

What are your favorite TIU workouts?

I’m so glad you asked, self.





Kettlebell 2 


Total Body

Total Body 2

Total Body 3

You (we) have mentioned before that developing healthy eating habits and finding healthy options is difficult. Is it getting easier?

Uh, kind of. If I don’t buy bad things, I don’t eat them. Isn’t that the craziest thing you have ever heard? Now you know why you read my blog…for all the breaking news posted here. Ahem. The binging and weekends are still a problem. That’s not news. For some reason, I always am at the grocery store hungry so I often derail myself. I still fall victim to “oh let me eat this trader joe’s cookie butter ice cream and then tomorrow I’ll get back on the straight and narrow” Then tomorrow comes, and oh yeah, I bought Cheez-its at Target because they were on sale and oh well it’s Thursday, and the weekend is so close so might as well just eat the Cheez-its and get the fries at the bar on Friday and we’ll restart on Monday. I see this quote on pinterest all the time and it makes so much sense. Every day is an opportunity to get it “right”, not just every Monday when the week restarts.

flat tire

Healthy snacks..I’m turning more to apple slices, grapes, chobani flips, smoothies (this TIU one is my favorite at the moment. i slurp it down in seconds. i hate the word slurp but it’s what happens. i always add spinach to it just for fun), string cheese, cheese/wheat thins, raisins, larabars. Fun. I CAN’T GIVE UP ON GOLDFISH THOUGH. They’re my everything.

Still hate cooking?

Yup. Still real bad at it, too. Still hesitant to use the stove. It’s all so very pathetic.

 You’ve tweeted about Stitch Fix. How is it?

When I read about Stitch Fix on every blog in America, I was like YES! I don’t have to leave my house and I can be spared emerging from dressing rooms and handing my whole armful of clothes back to the attendant who chirps “You’re not keeping anything?” No, no I’m not, and I’m frantically trying to forget the whole horrible experience. Dressing rooms are horrendous. So with Stitch Fix, you definitely pay more for the convenience, but it’s so nice to just try things on in my room and be stress-free. I don’t feel rushed. I can mull the potential purchase over (for up to 3 days with Stitch Fix) rather than feel as if I have a few minutes. Plus, I have zero style. Zero. Therefore it’s probably good to give over some control to professionals. There has been a few items in each Fix where I was like “$48? There is definitely replicates for $19.99 at Kohls or Target.” But there’s been some major wins. This is where I wish I took more pictures of myself. Also, the Stitch Fix linked in this paragraph is referral link.

What is going to happen to the blog?

Yeah. It was password protected for a little. I’m torn. I really like blogging. When I had just moved here and was friendless, blogging was absolutely instrumental in helping me meet an amazing group of people here. I’ve also met a bunch of other incredibly cool group of people through blogging who inspire me. But! I once pinned something on my Pinterest from a “big” blogger and my friend told me she clicked the pin and read that blogger’s whole entry (she was like “why did she write all that about oatmeal?” ha) I flipped out because I knew I had commented on that blog entry a long time ago and I was nearly sickened to think my friend might have found my blog. I don’t know. As far as I know, she never did because why read the comments? But the prospect of her finding it- and my subsequent reaction – was alarming. Like, why am I blogging if I flip out to that extent at the idea of someone I know in real life reading it? It’s not that I’m ashamed of anything on the blog. It IS how I feel/think, and I’ve said before I’m 9000x braver and more candid on the blog. It’s a personal problem (like, oh, I don’t know, I’m a lunatic), not a blog or blog content problem. After all, local Bmore bloggers read the blog and still agreed to meet me in real life, so it can’t be that bad, right? 😉 So I don’t know. I’m definitely more wary of the Internet and think “maybe I should stop making a fool of myself onto the world wide web as a legacy for everyone to see”. Then I write a post like this. I’m a mess. So all this is to say, I don’t know. If the blog ever disappears, I’ll still be obnoxious elsewhere…like on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and e-mail (cityandthecubicle at gmail dot com).

Thank you so much for your time. I knew how busy you are watching SVU and Criminal Minds marathons, avoiding laundry, and reading romance novels, so I am appreciative of you carving out time to do this.

You’re welcome.

I Have A New Job

I have good news!

If you’re my mom, your thoughts immediately jump to “ooh has a boy decided to date you?” No. Don’t get your hopes up.

It’s official: I have a new job!

I’ve been looking for months and it has been a looong process. I hate the whole song and dance of job interviewing so much.
The finish line to this accepted job offer was mercifully short but in typical Caitlyn fashion, filled with silly. At one point my dad sighed, “I just can’t believe the life you lead. Why does this happen to you?”

I applied on a Saturday afternoon. I received an e-mail Monday afternoon asking me to complete a digital interview. Have you heard of those? It’s the way of the future, I expect. You log onto a website and film your answers to a few interview questions. You have 30 seconds to prepare and 3 minutes to answer. I sat down to film downstairs with my top half in a suit and my bottom half in sweatpants. The first question: “Why is your experience a good fit for the job?” I began to answer “My experience is a good fit for this job because….” Then nothing. A pop-up on the screen announces the connection has been lost.

The digital interview site reconnects me within minutes, and I am aghast to learn I can’t redo answers. Fine. Answer #1 submitted.  Question #2 was about how I deal with change in a professional setting. This time I said maybe four words before…same thing happens. Internet goes out. At this point I yell “WHAT THE F? OH MY GOD. F!” Then realize that my little expletive-filled tantrum was probably recorded, knowing my luck.

I stomp upstairs, still cursing, to my messy bedroom to see if internet is better up there. The last three questions are like “when can you start”, “what is salary requirement?” and naturally, my Internet works perfectly. I try to imagine the WTF expressions on the hiring team members faces as they watch my 10 second answers to the important questions. I submitted it, humbled and angered, convinced I’d never hear from them again. Off I went to the bar and regaled the bartenders with my tale of Internet connection woe. They found it hilarious, bought me too many shots, and I called sick out of work the next day. Class act.

While I was sleeping off my horrid hangover and nausea, I received a voicemail from the hiring team. They wanted me to call and schedule an interview! I was stunned. 45 minutes later, I had an e-mail sitting in my inbox because they wanted me to come in the next day! Holy hell.

I called out of work again the next day, feigning sickness again. My interview was at 11 am, the office building was 20-25 minutes away, and I left at 10 am just to be safe. If you ever invite me somewhere (please do) I will always be early. Know that. Anyhoo, I arrived at the office building at 11:45. Yeah you read that correctly. 11:45. 45 minutes after my interview was supposed to start.

Something serious (still dunno what) happened on the street where the interview was supposed to take place. There were state troopers, firetrucks, ambulances, sheriffs, police, all flying down the road. They blocked the street off, forbidding everyone to enter. I re-routed my GPS 900 times, trying different routes all with the same result. No dice. I called my interviewer at 10:40. She called me back 10 minutes later saying they had been evacuated but were now back in the building. She told me to keep trying because she thought it was safe now, not to worry, and she’ll see me when I get there.

I drove around some more. At one point I talked to a cop and said “I swear, my interview is on THIS STREET. THIS VERY STREET. I’ll show you my e-mail! Please!” no avail. Not that I thought it would work but I was desperate.

I really didn’t know what to do. They called back once more asking for an update, I kept apologizing, they kept refuting my apology, I kept driving around. I debated asking them if we could just meet at Starbucks or a Jiffy Lube because I was not going to use a personal day in vain. They eventually started letting people down the street and then my GPS got extremely confused about all the developments with office buildings and I, of course, drove around the wrong developments for about 15 minutes. I eventually made it there, practically ran into the building (in hindsight, the running was a tad dramatic). We all had a few breezy laughs about the incident. “It’s normally so boring and so quiet here,” they told me. Of course it is. Until HurriCaitlyn rolls into town.
The interview went fine. A few days later, they asked me to complete a project (they warned me about this possibility in interview) to “make sure I could do what I actually said I could do.” I spent a whole weekend working on it, reliving college where I drank copious amounts of diet pepsi wild cherry, and paced while trying to come up with ideas, convinced there was no way I could ever put anything together. “Why did I even apply? I most definitely cannot do what I said I can do. I’m a joke!” I thought. I was panicked. Welcome to Delusionville, population: Caitlyn.

Nonetheless, I soldiered on, propped up by desperation to get out of my current job and my own pride. I sent off my project, convinced it was the WORST EVER. They called three days later and offered me the job. I took the call in my office building basement. I accepted the next day, and made a palsy negotiation attempt. One of our editors walked by in the basement and I, like the ninja that I am, whipped my sunglasses out of my purse so she wouldn’t see it was me. Clark Kent. Makes total sense.

Speaking of negotiations, I read an article from an HR exec about how men always negotiate, and women rarely negotiate. I nearly had a cow about the thought of negotiating. I kept saying “I feel bad! I don’t want to look greedy! I don’t want to! I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of gal, I’ll take whatever! Team player 4ever.”  I tried it anyway. I was all proud, even though it wasn’t much. Then I heard about my brother, straight out of college with no relevant experience for his new job, negotiated with his company and he got a crazy amount out of them. I still think it’s a little crazy they gave a new college grad so much, but geos to show it’s worth a try. Stereotypes. Played right into it. So, go for it, ladies.

I start on Monday. I’m thrilled and excited, yet terrified. My earliest posts on this ol’ blog were me fretting about how I didn’t know how to fit in at my job. Now I get to redo that again. Yay. The new gig is also in a new town. So I lose my Trader Joes walks, my early morning Safeway trips with my favorite cashier, my comfortable gym (the one I go to now is 25 minutes away from my new job and it’s a traffic-heavy route), but I’ll be gaining so much more! I think this solely because I know there is a Wegmans near my new office and I hear that is life-changing.

Ten Years

What is wrong with me? I post “why I’ve been blogging less but oh don’t worry I’ll still be around!!!”…then I run away. I suck.

I thought the internet was lacking in a sentimental post so here I am to save the day and make all the readers in the place with style and grace…cringe. In the spring of 2004, I was in 8th grade. Throughout grade school I played field hockey (fall), basketball (winter), softball (spring). I mostly did it because my friends did it and I had (still have?) FOMO- fear of missing out. Softball was far and away my least favorite, so I finally decided to ~live for me~ and quit so I could enjoy the remaining of my 8th grade days because I assumed life would be SUPER stressful in omg high school. I think I announced my retirement in a dramatic AIM away message. Maybe with Something Corporate lyrics.

Suddenly I had hours free! So much spare time! It was wonderful….and it jumpstarted the problem I’d have for the next decade. Too much spare time, nothing to do, so I started eating. I ballooned. I’d always been tall for my age, but by 8th grade, everyone had grown and I had stopped. At 5’2 (maybe 5’3 if you’re in a generous kind of mood). I graduated as the 11th shortest girl (I commemorated this in my diary so that’s how you know it rocked me to my core) and undeniably a little bit bigger. I remember my mom asking me once “You’re eating again? Are you sure? There’s a pool party coming up.” I was like “What? Yes I am hungry. I’ll be ready for the pool party, GEEZ MOM.” Lo and behold, a few weeks later, I wasn’t ready for that pool party. I didn’t go in the pool. I wore a two piece but never took my cover-up off. When my friends went in the pool, I sat or went to the bathroom to pretend to fix my hair or something.

I quit softball and filled my spare time with mindless snacking. A habit I have yet to break.

It’s hard to accept that it’s been ten years since that spring. I’ve written over and over in lengthy, painful, rambling posts about how I feel my weight and eating habits have held me back. It’s sobering to realize that a whole decade passed where I hated my body, ate more because I hated my body, and yet I didn’t have “it” to change. “It” meaning: the willpower, the mental fortitude, the knowledge of nutrition or how my body worked, the desire to learn all that, etc. I was miserable for so long about how my body looked so I’d eat to cheer myself up after a dismal shopping trip with my mom when I wanted to wear cute, stylish clothes that hugged my body and instead went with flimsy, flowy blouses or to fill a void when I saw my friends in relationships. Whatever. The list and the drama can go on (and probably does in multiple posts on this blog).

I’ve officially been blogging about my grand weight loss attempt for a year. I’ve done really well, then let myself have a reward “just one cheat day” on a Saturday which turned into a Sunday resolve of “ehhh just make it a cheat WEEKEND” that turned into eating poorly on Monday and Tuesday, but I couldn’t re-start healthy eating and living on a Wednesday! That was dumb! So NEXT MONDAY it would begin! Or when I didn’t feel like prepping healthy meals, figuring out what groceries I needed and then actually grocery shopping.

I’ve re-started with the resolve, then stopped, then taken forever to re-start again so many times over the past year. This particular winter has been brutal when I just couldn’t make myself get up to go to the gym and so hibernated in my house binging because it was too cold! The last week has been better, and I realize NOW that I really can’t let myself off the hook too much with “cheat days” because otherwise it just turns into one big, binge-y freefall. Should it have taken me so embarrassingly long? Probably not.

The last year has been one of so much learning, so much stopping, and eventually re-starting. All that matters is the re-start happens and I’m a lot more motivated than ever. Realizing it’s been a DECADE like this helps. Turning 25 in May helps.

It’s been 10 years but it won’t make it to my favorite number 11 🙂

WIAW: Messy In Execution

Happy WIAW, people!

Sorry for lack of posts. I have a bunch of posts sitting in drafts that I very nearly almost published but the gloom and doom was too much even for me. Contrary to what those posts would have you believe, the world has not stopped turning and here we all are.  Hi.



a breakfast that lights up a work day. 

Overnight oats in a mason jar. Cute in theory but messy in execution. That’s my life theme: messy in execution. I’m still so enamored by my overnight oats. So easy and versatile. This batch is Thin Mints Overnight Oats. I was on the phone with my eye doctor in PA, telling him that I lived in Maryland now but I LOVED his practice so so so much that I don’t want to look anywhere else and oh I only have one trip home scheduled in February and I need my yearly appointment, and then the secretary tells me he is booked through end of April. What the hell? You are an eye doctor in suburban Pa not Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Why was I boring you with this? NO not because I hate you,I remember now. Right. So I was on the phone with the eye doctor and I accidentally repeated a step because I was just OMG SO shocked at my eye doctor being A-list suddenly and put the peppermint extract in twice and HOLY strong. It still wasn’t a lot at all but I am a weak woman, friends. It was still really good, filling, chocolate-y and I look forward to repeating.



I’ve been really craving Chipotle. Like every day. One fine day it dawned on me that Chipotle burrito bowls contained ingredients I had in my refrigerator and I could manage to throw together something resembling it. Verdict: not bad!! It’s pretty hard to mess up but I was trying to make sure the ingredients were healthy. In the mix is lettuce, spinach, carrots, almond slivers, roasted mushrooms, cheese, rice, guacamole, and leftover chicken.



Lara Bar in an artistic photo. The point of the bar being arranged with my work notes is to show the juxtaposition between this exciting snack and boring stock numbers of the books we publish. Although I prefer stock numbers to long-ass ISBNS any ol’ day. In case you were wondering. You weren’t. Next.

Post-work snack:


Smoothie bowl. I used to overthink smoothies but I finally realized that they also are hard to mess up. In here is mango, strawberries, blueberries, vanilla greek yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk,  spinach, vanilla protein powder, xanthan gum. Ignore the lone strawberry. I accidentally excluded it from the blender so I just plopped it on top for decoration (and later consumption).



SO. I baked chicken Sunday night and took this photo. I ate Steamfresh vegetables on the side. The rest of the pictures were taken Monday, hence the leftover chicken appearing in my lunch bowl. I felt that I needed to explain. This chicken doesn’t look that great but it’s deceiving you. I so wish I could remember where I found it. But it was some olive oil, dijon, honey. Then plain bread crumbs. I threw almond slivers on top. My co-worker tried it and proclaimed it “amaze balls.” Success. When pre-heating the oven to make this, I accidentally set the fire alarm off. I was flipping out and it took eons to turn off (translation: probably 90 seconds). I don’t understand why it went off, as I was only setting it to 375 degrees and it was the first time it was being turned on in hours. The stove scares me enough, and now the oven is turning against me too. Fine.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

On January Joiners

Today I wanted to ramble about something that’s always bothered me. Peoples reaction to “January Joiners” – also known as the people who start frequenting the gyms after Jan. 1 as they begin work on their new year resolution.

My newsfeeds on Facebook and Twitter are filled with people complaining about lack of treadmills, spots in all the classes and all the “rookies” who now show up in the gyms. I was talking to a friend from college about the gym and she said, “Oh my God, I can’t wait until all these new people give up and stop coming.”

I get it. Believe me I do. I get it’s frustrating that people used to have their pick of ellipticals. It’s annoying that the leg machine used to always be wide open and now there’s a line full of confused people who don’t know how to operate the damn thing. I understand the frustration that the new members might not re-rack the weights, they might talk too loudly or they’ll forget to wipe off the machines. I find that annoying also.

But what I don’t understand is that people are so annoyed to the point where they are actively hoping the people give up. That’s beyond me. These people on my newsfeed once had to walk into the gym for the first time. I don’t feel I have a right to any machine in the gym because I’ve been going for a few months. Sure, the statistics are against them and many will stop coming, but why are we rooting against the January Joiners? I think we should celebrate anyone who made the choice to try and work toward leading a healthier lifestyle.  Maybe since I was so self-conscious the first time I walked into my gym, I’m overly sensitive, but this really pisses me off. Nothing will want to make these people quit faster than people who are snobby and judgmental toward them.

So, January Joiner, I promise I won’t judge you. In fact, I think you might be savvier than I am as the gym membership deals around this time are awesome. My April membership incentive wasn’t nearly half as good as the one you nabbed. I won’t judge because you happened to join a gym in January or think I am superior because I joined a gym in any other month than January. I hope you fall in love with fitness and learn to lead a healthier lifestyle. I hope you try new things – give lifting a chance! – and find what works for you. I hope you work hard and feel so proud and ecstatic at the results. I hope you stick around. I hope to find a friend among you.

I’m someone who is also on the path to leading a healthier lifestyle. It’s a huge mental and physical switch, while I’m nowhere near as far as I thought I would be at this point (due to my own weaknesses), I haven’t given up yet. I hope you don’t give up either. Let’s motivate each other 🙂

MIMM: ‘Tis The Season

Hey! Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend 🙂 It’s not really a happy monday because everyone’s back at work and I’m planning on wearing my loosest, flowiest outfit after a serious indulging weekend but let’s just focus try on the positive/marvelous…

Marvelous is….going to see Keith Urban a week ago. I’m not a really loyal music fan…I’ll like individual songs, but usually dislike the artist. I watch music award shows and hate everyone (can we please let taylor swift leave an award show without lavishing her with awards?! homegirl should never ever ever ever ever win vocalist awards over  carrie underwood, which keeps happening) — Keith is the only artist I’m really steadfastly loyal to. He came to Baltimore in September for NFL kick-off and performed a few songs. I’m so thankful my two co-workers/friends are country music fans and we all went.  After the show we were talking about how good he was and how we would have paid for it. So we bought tickets and drove an hour to George Mason to see him. It was incredible. He is SO GOOD. I really wasn’t totally sure how it would be for a whole set, because in interviews he’s totally shy and nervous, but he was so playful and goofy in concert and kept running into the crowd (never our section, of course) to sing. Plus, to quote my sister who also went to see him the day before we did, “He shreds the shit out of a guitar.” The people in the row behind us were on “pick-watch” to spot if he was actually using a pick or not whenever the cameras would zoom in on his fingers. It’s sad he’s so underrated because it was the best show I’ve ever seen. He played for 2.5 hours! I wonder what it’s like to be so talented?! If I could sing/play like that, I’d never shut up. Oh wait.

Marvelous is….Thanksgiving and family time. My parents were in their element with all three of us home and our Labradoodle Maggie’s tail got a serious work-out with all the wagging. We saw both sides of the family and it was terrific with so many laughs as always. Our estranged uncle even came to dinner which is something we were all so very thankful for. And if you follow me on Instagram, you saw I was Instagram’ming Maggie every .12 seconds sooo.

Marvelous is…the upcoming holidays. I know time is going to fly and pretty soon it’ll be Christmas. I’m home practically every weekend in December for the holiday party circuit. I love the holiday parties (although picking out outfits and getting ready is another story…) and how often I see family. Although I reallllllllly hate picking out gifts…not one of my talents. I want to just give everyone amazon gift cards, ha. It’s also the season of advent calendars! My uncle gives all the kids advent calendars at thanksgiving. I’ve already eaten the chocolates of the 24th and 25th because I obviously will be home in PA and will be unable to eat the chocolates then. 🙂

Marvelous is….Cyber Monday! I hate crowds. I hate feeling rushed or frantic. So Black Friday is so very far from anything I’d ever put myself down in the middle of. Cyber Monday is so my speed.

Marvelous is…this song. I know LeAnn Rimes has gone off the rails in the last few years but this song is a classic and makes me want to pack up and do exactly what she’s talking about.

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1. what deals are you pouncing on for cyber monday? tell me. my credit card is ready.

2. are you a black friday shopper?

3. what is your favorite protein powder? 

4. apple or pumpkin pie? 

MIMM: A Wedding Back Home

This weekend I went back to my alma mater for Molly, my college roommate’s wedding. She’s been engaged for two years so it’s been a long time coming, yet it was so strange when her wedding day actually arrived. Just another reminder of how fast time is going. I lovelovelove my alma mater – Mount St. Mary’s University. It’s a rural campus situated on a mountain and the campus is just incredibly beautiful. Everything just feels right when I’m back there. I don’t go back often, but it’s always pretty weird when I do. It’s strange to be on campus and not be a part of the everyday flow of it. I belong, but I don’t really belong anymore.

At the last minute, Molly invited one of our other roommates [and my best friend] Carolyn. I don’t see Carolyn that often, so I’m always thrilled when I do get to see her. This was the first of my friends to get married, and it was surreal to be sitting in the pews with Molly up there saying vows. My roommate since freshman year was a bride!? Going to be a Mrs? A wife? How are we old enough to be getting married? The ceremony was so nice- I always tear up when the father gives the bride away. I’m pretty confident that when I get married, my dad and I will be needing to sport fashionable rain boots with all the tears we’ll be shedding during that walk down the aisle. In an interesting turn, there was a large rugby tournament going on right outside the chapel. With the chapel windows open during the ceremony, every so often we’d hear large waves of noise and cheering, and of course it happened during moments of silence, ha.

It was so great to see how excited the newlyweds were- they were just beaming that the day was finally here after so much planning. The reception was insanely fun, I also cried at the father-daughter dance. Father/daughter relationships just get me, I guess ha. From the first song after dinner, the dance floor was packed. Molly and her husband love a good party, so they instructed the DJ to play only one slow song. It was a really young crowd ready to hit the floor and the DJ knew exactly which songs to play. I was able to engage in my favorite type of dancing– yelling out lyrics and bopping around. No thank you to grinding.

I was (am) really happy for the newlyweds, but it’s pretty crazy that Molly and I started our college journeys together and now she’s married and I’m no closer to getting married. Weird the different paths people are on. Anyway, it was marvelous to to see wonderful old college friends and celebrate a new beginning. What would be even more marvelous is if my headache went away..#canthang #old

The next day, Carolyn and I went to our favorite spot on campus- The Grotto of Lourdes. It’s located atop the mountain of the Mount’s campus and it is so beautiful and peaceful. Hundreds of thousands of people flock there each year and I was so lucky to have it in my very own backyard for four years. Go visit it and if you see any personnel from the university tell them I sent you and don’t believe whatever they tell you. Wink.

Speaking of weddings, congrats to Bmore blend Kate for getting engaged. I’m kind of obsessed with her ring.

Thanks to Katie for hosting!

What is your favorite song to dance to a wedding? I always like a good Party in the USA, Call Me Maybe, It’s Rainin Men (i wish) or Livin’ on a Prayer.

favorite part of weddings?