Why I’ve Been Blogging Less

Right. hello.

Life has been busier than usual round these parts but you are probably still busier. I try not to post about how OMG STRESSED AND BUSY AND CRAZAAAYY life is ever (it’s usually not) because I remember from Queen Mindy Kaling’s book where she says “A note about me: I do not think stress is a legitimate topic of conversation, in public anyway. No one ever wants to hear how stressed out anyone else is, because most of the time EVERYONE IS STRESSED OUT. Going on and on in detail about how stressed how I am isn’t conversation. It’ll never lead anywhere. No one is going to say, “Wow, Mindy, you really have it ESPECIALLY bad. I have heard some stories of stress but this just TAKES THE CAKE.”

I read that and was like hell ya! This applies to me. So now I try not to whine about how tired (okay I fail at that one a lot), busy, stressed, whatev I am because….that quote. I love it. So I try to shut up.

This is obviously not me shutting up. And if you ever want tips on how to kill a blog, seek out yours truly. I’m the worst. BUT I can’t deny that it is kind of a success.

….I never presume anyone notices or further, cares, but it makes me cringe and feel bad when I see the blog name in the search terms section of blog stats. Oh and yes some version “I’m fat and hate myself” always makes an appearance in the search terms.  What a legacy I’m carving out.  So here I am about to fumble through an explanation that will probably make sense to a party of one Caitlyn but I feel compelled to try.

I’m trying to get out behind my computer more. I loooooove the Internet and can easily spend hours lost skimming in forums. Example, a few months ago I found Make-up Alley. I spent at least four straight days just browsing and reading reviews and then throwing things on my Amazon wishlist. A make-up artist I will probably never be but I like to imagine that I could someday be the girl who easily blends eyeshadows together to make eyes pop because that would be fun or be the girl who knows how to apply concealer juuuuust right, instead of just smearing it on my face and hoping for generously bad lighting all day like I do now. Hence why the zillion eyeshadow palettes, concealer jars, contouring brushes, are still sitting on my wishlists. Snort.

In the spring I had all these grand dreams for growing the blog but then I soured on them and realized I honestly didn’t care about growing it because I like it as it is and I hate change. In the fall I realized it was stupid how much time I spent cooped up in my room on the internet. I moved to a city like I always wanted to…and I would (still do) spend all my spare time in my room. No one is on their death bed and thinks “Sheesh if only I wasted more time on the internet.” Thus I am trying to cut down on my Internet time. Where I am at now is…I don’t know what to do with myself (this does not apply to recent, busier time). If you know of any “pathetic life” awards feel free to nominate me. I don’t really have any hobbies beside reading (which I am doing even more of) and reality tv. Over the winter months when I also could pinpoint the weather for being in my house all the time like a shut-in, I on-line browsed (and sometimes purchased) all the time. I’ve developed a new love for candles through all my yankee candle browsing.

I’m trying to cook/bake more because…adulthood.. but I really hate it. Really, really, really hate it. It makes me so anxious and I don’t know why. The other day I was baking bars and my hands were trembling the whole time and when the bars were finally cut and put away, I just felt such relief. ‘Twas bizarre.  I do more work-out DVDs. I still don’t clean my room.

So one of the things that has fallen by the wayside is blogging. I don’t put any pressure on myself to churn out “content” (like I used to in the spring) or creating graphics for pinterest (although I admire and happily pin yours and others). Maybe another reason is because I do all that at work?

This isn’t a goodbye or anything. I’m not quitting and I’ll still blog but I just wanted to try and explain the lack of consistent posts and blog reading/commenting. Soo I’m still here, always ready to rant and ramble, anddddd doesn’t mean I love ya any less 😉




The Way I Think

Hey. Thanks so so much for all your comments on my last post. Sometimes I wonder why I blog, then I read other peoples blogs, comments on other peoples blogs, comments on my own blog, and…I remember exactly why. To hear I’m not alone. I love social media and I also hate it because seeing everyone’s statuses squealing about getting promotions or getting the coolest job ever, Instagram pictures that feature the hashtag “#engaged” and whatever, gets me reallll down in the dumps. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy for everyone and when I comment ‘congrats! happy for you!’ I mean it (most times), but sheesh, I hate that their happiness/success makes me feel like shit about myself. I feel angry and saddened that (it appears) everyone is moving forward yet I am like a hamster on the wheel that never gets anywhere, forever chilling on the very bottom. Being grateful every day is not something that comes easily to me. Neither does self-acceptance (believe me we know, think longtime readers of this blog).

I was thinking today about how I always dwell on all the things that I’m not and all the things I don’t have, instead of all the things that I am and all the things that I do have. What brought this revelation on was when I was at the mechanic/neighbors picking up our plentiful packages [oh the holiday season], and one of the mechanics said to me, “I thought you should know that when your package came today, as so-and-so signed for it, he said ‘Oh good, that means Caitlyn will come by today.’ We all look forward to your appearances because you make us laugh.” I was so stunned/touched by this, I think I stuttered a thank you, resorted to my standby self-deprecating humor bout how that’s the first time I ever heard somebody say they were looking forward to seeing me, we all laughed, I walked away smiling and hadn’t stopped smiling since. Whenever I’m at the neighbors, I am just trying to not be my always awkward self, and I never thought what they might see or take out of the brief exchange because I always just assume my jokes are stupid, that they’re counting the seconds until that awkward neighbor leaves. I always see the worst. I think I’m awkward, I’m always going to be awkward, but that’s not what other people necessarily see. These neighbors don’t know how I see myself.

I pout too often about how I don’t like my weight right now, but I ignore the positive changes I have made.  I was staring at my grocery cart in the check-out line the other day and I couldn’t believe that it was my cart, full of stuff picked out by ME. Two years ago I probably wouldn’t have been able to tell you what egg whites were. Or why too much sodium was a problem. Or what almond milk was. Or what Greek yogurt was. and why it was different. Two years ago when I went to the grocery store, I completely ignored the perimeter of the grocery store. I never bought produce. Ever. I bought cookies, crackers, bagel bites, ice-cream, cheez-its, pop-tarts. All I drank was soda, alcohol and the occasional water with Crystal Light. I’m pretty confident that I never, ever, ever hit my suggested veggie intake. Now I fill my cart with egg whites, fat-free Greek yogurt, cranberries, spinach, bananas, strawberries, almonds, carrots. I think and care about things like my veggie intake everyday and make smoothies or small salads to accommodate if I realize it’s low. I pause to dwell on if I am drinking enough water – and sometimes, I even drink more water than recommended. I limit myself to one soda or one Crystal Light a week, and sometimes I go without them.

I get borderline depressed when I look at my bank account and remember how poor I am. But if I frame the situation another way,  I  feel proud that while my bank account doesn’t end with as many zero’s as I’d like it to, I’m living on my own in a new city, paying bills, and am still managing to save something.  When I moved to this city, I lived here for 4.5 months without any income. I’m proud that I managed to make it work and am still here making it work and learning about living on my own. I personally have a lot to learn about how to be an adult and live on my own.

Not only do I tend to have a distaste for where I am in my life and dwell on all the things that I’m presently not, I am guilty of pigeon-holing myself and accepting what I  let myself think I can never be. Make sense? Probably not. I know I hold myself back and don’t take chances because “well, obviously, that’s not for me, that’s for people cooler/more successful/more talented than me. I won’t be able to do that.” It’s sobering to realize I severely underestimate myself and cut myself off from fun things. Shouldn’t I be my own advocate? My biggest  cheerleader? It’s sad to realize I’m always my worst critic – and yes, I know I’m not alone in that. I’m training for a 12 miler in August (!!!!!) which I NEVER thought I’d do. Those kinds of things were obviously for runners only and I can never be a runner because .. hello..look at me, my name is Caitlyn, it’s not in my DNA, I suck at everything forever and ever amen. I’m still not 100% convinced I’ll be able to pull it off but I try to banish those thoughts and just focus on going a teensy bit further than I did yesterday.  I always thought it’d be so cool to be a half-marathoner but never pursued it because of who I thought I was and who I just accept that I am. Lazy, afraid, doomed, terrible at everything,hopeless. Yes, I’m lazy, but I can overcome that. Yes, I walked a nearly-20 minute mile in 7th grade and hated it every second, but why oh why still think about that 10 years later? It was a stupid grade school fitness test, it should have nothing to do with today, and the Caitlyn back then was most definitely not the Caitlyn of now. Thank God.

Really I get so angsty about how I’m not where I want to be, but I don’t stop to think about where I am, compared to where I  have been. Sure it’s not as fast and the results aren’t as sudden as I’d want them to be, but they are there. The littlest of results. Things – good things – will happen if I keep chugging along. Even if it feels like I’m getting nowhere. Good things are there. I just have to pay more attention and readjust what view I’m looking at.

When The Earth, The Sun, The Stars All Align.

Conferences: I was in DC for the second round of conferences for work and I didn’t really hate it. Well, I hate the conferences part and having to keep up my cheery “goddamn it I’m a professional!!1!1” facade for 10.5 consecutive hours, teetering around on my heels longing to sit down. A woman slipped a book proposal and a sample chapter under my breakfast plate which I did not notice until someone else pointed it out to me. That made me feel very important and I crowed about it to all my friends…. I might have framed it as she was stalking me because she was so excited to see me, knew the important role I held in my company and she wanted me specifically to be the gatekeeper of her long-awaited dream but really she just wanted someone from our publisher to possess it and didn’t care who it was. Clearly. I can’t even influence ordering a new department printer when ours is broken.

Hotels: I really like hotels, guys. The staff has to be nice to you. They take care of unnecessary tasks like cleaning or lugging boxes around. I think room service is the best thing ever invented, especially for introverts like myself who just want to be alone and inhale food without stopping for breath and worrying about public decency and manners all while catching up on internet reading and TV watching whilst wearing sweatpants. It is so fun. I sleep like a rock in hotels. My latest hotel had a king sized bed and my insomnia stood.no.chance. It was amazing.

Healthy Eating On The Road: Is hard. I know. Do you need a second to recover from the bombshell I just dropped on you? Surrounded by continental breakfasts featuring a cinnamon bun table, a croissant table, muffin table, donut table….dear God, is this what heaven is like? If so I swear I’ll clean up my act. I went nuts the first day– give me all of the cheese danishes– but then I realized I needed to fit into a dress for a reception the next night and I literally had no other option packed beside squeezing myself into that dress so I had to reign it in. Donuts are no match for a girl who needs to fit into a dress. Then after I wore the dress, it was so tempting to order chicken fingers from room service every night- after all, nobody would know! But……. I would know. And I’d love it in the moment and hate myself later. I made it to the gym once and when I left, some guy took a break from his weight lifting grunting (such a stereotype. c’mon dude) “I’ll see you later sweetheart” and uh, no you won’t. If you do you will only see my backside as I sprint the other direction.

Fitness: Blah. I came home to our hot water being out. Hoorah, but it’s the best motivation ever to propel my sleepy self out of bed at 4 a.m so I can go to the gym and shower.

Class Clown: A girl I went to high school with was working at the hotel I was recently at. We had a nice um-hi-quickly-summing-up-the-last-5-years conversation. We had a few classes together over the  high school years and she said, “I never forgot Creative Writing class and your poem during poetry unit.” I had no idea what occurred during poetry unit, and she reminded me “You stood up in front of the class and read the chorus of Hilary Duff’s song Come Clean. [Teacher] was so impressed by your imagery about the rain….” I have no recollection (I think I blacked out most of high school) but I  can readily believe I did this. I told her I  hoped I didn’t get a grade for my plagiarism of a Disney tween queen’s songwriters and she assured me no it was just free-write. What is wrong with me?

Lean In: I bought it ages ago, read half, then under-my-bed borrowed the book for a few months, I recently reclaimed, and finished it. It was a great read with some powerful anecdotes and recommendations, but one thing I can’t stop mulling over is the Heidi/Howard study Sheryl Sandberg mentioned. A professor at Columbia Business School handed out the resume of a guy named Howard to one half of the class.  The other half of the class got the resume of a woman named Heidi. The students who received Howard’s resume thought Howard was likable, competent and they would absolutely want him to join their company. The students who received Heidi’s resume thought she was selfish, unlikeable and they would not hire her. The catch? The resumes were exactly the same. The professor just changed the name and pronouns. Howard was made up for the sake of the study. Isn’t that fascinating?

Happy One Year: …to me. And zee blog. Truth be told, I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it this long. I started my blog because I had moved to a new city two months prior and I was lonely and friendless. When I started the blog, I could have never imagined what it would become and what it would mean to me. I would have never imagined that I’d ever go to a blogger meet-up — let alone host one! It’s surprising how important blogging has become, although I acknowledge I’ve been the laziest, worst blogger ever for the past two months. It still astonishes me that people read here. The blogs I read are really inspiring to me because sometimes [a lot] I slack off on working out because “omgz i’m so exhaustedddddd sitting in a chair for 8.5 hours drains me like nuffin’ else i wanna die” and then, I kid you not, I think about the blogs I read and how much people cram into a day and how they still manage to cram in a good sweaty work-out and then eat healthy meals….and then I’m all..”oh…well I’m pathetic. I’m not special. I need to get my ass up.” I also have learned so so much through the blogs I read. I’m pretty dumb/ignorant about all things health and wellness and the healthy living blogs I read teach me a lot. For free! I’m so grateful for this community and how nice people are and how much you share. I really count a lot of you as friends and I spill a lot on here and yet you still come back (!!!!!) and I’m the most thankful person. I write about something totally rambly and people are like “I know! I’m that way too! I do that too!” and I love knowing I’m not alone (because sometimes, it really feels like you are!) or leave the most insightful comments and give the best advice and it’s just the coolest thing ever. come on over and i’ll make us all cocktails with…


yep. i know. I KNOW!!!!!!! Remember how my parents have been kicking butt at weight loss?! Wellll…..I’ve been chattering their ear off for the last year about the power of the almighty Vitamix. Now that they’re working at maintaining their newfound healthy lifestyles, they decided to get a Vitamix to help them out. And I collected a splendid finders fee–>my own Vitamix. Yep. They bought me one too (for Christmas/birthday) and I am paying them back for a little bit of it. I still can’t believe it. I walk past my kitchen counter, it catches my eye, I stand there and blink rapidly in confusion until it dawns on me that i am a Vitamix owner and OMG all is right with the world forever and ever amen!! If you ever hear me complain about how hard it is to get veggies in waaaahhh wahh wahhh, punch me in the face.

this was a ginormous post. sorry. i’ve bottled a lot up, eh? probably should have broken this up into two but…here we are anyway.

The End.

Five Facts Friday: Umm..

*slithers back in* Hi. I disappeared and am the worst. Truth be told, the content well hath run drier than the Sahara but I love this too much so here I am with a useless post wahooo.

1)      I am also allotting partial disappearance blame to October-December. It is our conference season and while mine has been pretty mild thus far, with just day trips around Maryland, I’m still blaming it. Next week I head off to Williamsburg, VA. I am not excited because it’s a huge conference that I’m doing by myself  (ummm so what if I’ve been here a year that does not mean I am ready for responsibilities like that) and I know I’m going to mess up all the taxes, shipping rates and subsequently, all the orders. This, of course, will lead to Customer Service spitting on the ground whenever they hear my name. It’s really not that hard but I can be pretty dumb with percentages and I like to make big productions out of everything. Anyway…..I hope the weather is nice and the hotel is an easy location where I can sightsee. But really, I know how lame I am and that I will probably just hang out in my hotel room. I know you care deeply about whether I get the chance to see Williamsburg.

2)      I was told I needed to use my comp days by a certain date and then one day I woke up and was all ‘shit I need to use them by next week!’ So I took off last Wednesday (our two hour weekly department meeting day hehe) and to the shock of absolutely nobody, it was the best. I didn’t get to sleep in because all my roommates texted me around 6:45, alarmed that my car was still there, and wanting to check that I hadn’t overslept. That’s incredibly nice and caring, but of course after that I couldn’t go back to sleep. At first I was a little annoyed that I didn’t get to sleep in late but then I was all ‘yessssssss more time to do nothing!’ I just hung out in my house all day and made one trip on foot to CVS for a magazine and a diet dr. pepper. I think if everyone could just take one day off a week it would be ideal. I was happy as a clam for the rest of the week and didn’t even feel the urge to complain about anything (a miracle) because I had been lucky enough to have a day off. Then, my boss dropped the truth bomb that she had it wrong and the comp days could carry over for a little bit. Of course they could. Oh well.


me bfore you3)

I just read THIS. And I want you to read it. Then I want you to e-mail me and let’s talk about it (I am not demanding at all for such a bad blogger) because I am dying to discuss with somebody.  I loved it so so so much and I know it’s a book I’ll be reading again many times. It was a gorgeous book and it made me think and JUST READ IT ❤ FYI: I didn’t read any reviews so I had no idea what the plot was (nearly all of the reviews from publishers and customers I have seen contain what I consider to be a spoiler but I am sensitive about these kinds of things). Soo consider that, I guess.


I stopped going to my Zumba, BodyPump and BodyCombat classes that happen at my fave gym location (near work). When you get off work around 3:30, classes that start at 6 pm are just too much. I couldn’t leave work, go home and then go back, since I would get caught in all the  rush hour traffic that is departing from downtown. So I nearly always went to Target and Marshalls to pass the time and would spend way too much money. I now possess 7 black cardigans (guess what you’re getting for christmas, little sister!!) and an endless supply of Chlorox wipes. I think the Caitlyn of yesteryear was annoyingly optimistic that Caitlyn of the future would be so kind and adult-like as to get on top of the cleaning and stay on top it. Hope springs eternal, self.


I went home to PA last weekend because according to my parents, it has been three months since I last saw them. Oops.  Maggie, our Labradoodle, is going to be 10 on November 23rd and I can’t believe it. I was in 8th grade when we got her!! Goodness. She’s starting to slow down a teensy bit, meaning she can only play 8 games of ball a day as opposed to 10. Nonetheless, she still has more energy than every dog we ever see. People say “She’s almost ten? You mean…ten months?” And we’re all, uh no ten years. She is still recovering from Halloween, which is her least favorite holiday (4th of July & all those fireworks are a close 2nd). My parents have yet to figure out how to successfully handle her on that holiday because she goes nuts in the yard and practically takes out our back door trying desperately to get inside. But if she’s inside running around, all the kids at the door who she sees as potential ball throwers make her all excited but, coupled with their costumes….she has 20 meltdowns an hour. My parents, by the way, are kicking butt at weight loss. My mom is down 45 pounds and my dad a little bit over 25 and I’m so, so happy and proud.

Happy Friday!

1. have you ever been to williamsburg? once upon a time my mom wanted me to go to william & mary (college in williamsburg) but then i grew up and was not nearly smart/dedicated enough. bahaha.

2. if you could take one day off a week from work/school, what would it be? i know most would probably pick monday or friday, but i really liked having a day off in the middle of the week.

MIMM: Baseball and Lions

Marvelous is…..the nicest of nice comments on my last pity party post. You all are so, so wonderful and I’m obsessed with you. Each comment was amazing. This one, though, from this awesome lady brought me to tears and I think everyone should read it.

If I could, I would sit you down with a cup of coffee (probably a non-fat pumpkin spice latte, because it’s just that time of year and it is, well … comforting) and tell you something that has taken me years to understand. The number on the scale does not define you. The less than perfect image in the mirror does not define you. An awkward statement made by a well-intentioned (however supremely misguided) mother … does NOT define you. Only you, the inside of you, the soul and spirit of YOU, makes you a worthy human being. Just the attempt you are making at a healthy life is more than 95% of the rest of the world is doing. It is the getting back at it, not letting a set back defeat you, that makes you who you are. The never staying down for good, no matter how hard that last punch was, attitude that makes you YOU. You are beautiful, bright, funny, witty, and from the few pictures you have put in your blog, certainly NOT FAT. So what if the fitness model wasn’t staring back at you from the mirror of your dressing room? The person who was staring back is an incredibly gifted girl who is letting a bogus image of perfection undermine her sense of self-worth. So what if the dress you chose was not your favorite? Rock it! I know you will. I am willing to bet that it looks fabulous on you and everyone else is going to think you are stunning. As for the blog, it is moments like this, where you share the inside of you, that makes it worthwhile. None of us are perfect and it helps to know that we are not alone on our imperfect journey’s.

Get back up, square your shoulders, put a big ol’ smile on your face and go out there and knock ‘em dead.



Marvelous is….my girl Mindy Kaling. I watched The Mindy Project season 1 disc 1. Sooo clearly I’m not very far, but holy of holies, I am in love. It’s right up my alley, humor wise, which is no surprise considering I loved Mindy’s book. About seven minutes into the pilot, she delivered one of my favorite lines I’ve ever heard spoken. I’lllll explain but it won’t be 1/100 as funny but I’m going to bother with it anyway. Mindy is arrested and as she is leaving, she turns to the officer and says “Before I leave, would it be possible to get a tour of the Special Victims Unit?” DONE. I was howling like my name was Remus Lupin. It was everything. If I were ever to find myself ‘downtown’, I’d be thinking the same thing. Rebekah, I know you know.



Marvelous is…going to the Orioles game with a few of my favorite college friends. It was only my second O’s game this season which is sad considering how close I live to the stadium. Our university alumni office hosted an alumni night so we received discount tickets and there was a nice pre-game social. It was great to meet other, older, more distinguished alum (my favorite was the lady who bought beers and couldn’t finish them so we gladly took them) and just hang out. The O’s won against the Red Sox, which doesn’t matter because the O’s are out of play-offs and I think the Red Sox are in, but moral victories feel just as good. Not marvelous was that I picked the losing condiment in the jumbotron race. Damn mustard’s mental game fell to pieces rounding third.


Marvelous was….the autism 5K the next day which my company sponsored. What was not marvelous was getting volunteered in front of my whole department and VP to be part of the two-person unloading crew because “Caitlyn!! you’re an early riser!!”. I didn’t see a graceful way of saying no, blah. Setting an alarm for 5:20 on a Sunday morning was depressing, especially after getting home from the O’s game at 1 a.m. If you forgot, I work for a publisher and we publish autism books so we gave them away, and it was so nice to meet parents, teachers and brothers and sisters, who love our books or saw one of our books we were giving away that “oh wow, we need this. We’re struggling with this right now.” Heart=warmed. Marvelous also was getting to meet my boss’ hot husband. Clearly I need to learn more from her.


Marvelous was…free admission to the Maryland Zoo afterward. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older and haven’t been to a zoo in a while, but it was kind of depressing. The polar bears and cheetahs in their limited space made me really sad. Did you know lions ate their cubs? I did not. The volunteer saw my stunned expression and had to gently say, “It’s part of nature. It’s how their world works.” Whatever it is still sad, lady. Even though it was sad, I want to go back and be sad and see the penguins that are coming.  I was commenting to my co-worker Alex that the low fences made me nervous because a little kid or amused pre-teen could just chuck a water bottle or something at them and some mom near me got all offended and huffed and puffed and stalked away like I was personally accusing her child of hating animals and wanting to harm all of them. Sheesh. When I said the comment I didn’t even see her kid so whatever. Can’t take me anywhere because I am forever unintentionally picking fights. 🙂


Marvelous is…the epic nap I took upon getting home. I slept from 1 to 4:30 and it was delicious.



Thanks to Katie for hosting!

1. Do zoos make you sad or is that just me?

2. Favorite animal to see at the zoo?

3. Do you promise to watch The Mindy Project?













Little Miss Sunshine

Sarah is oh so kind and nominated me for the sunshine award.  Hurr are my answers to Sarah’s questions.


The Rules:

1.  Include award logo in a post or on your blog.
2.  Link to the person who nominated you.
3.  Answer 10 questions about yourself 
4.  Nominate 10 bloggers to receive the award.

1.     What was/is your favorite subject in school and why?

English. Always English. Mainly because reading is like, my favorite thing to do ever, and I’m so in awe of people who can write so elegantly and make it seem so effortless. And because that side of my brain that’s supposed to do the science and math is in a 24 year coma.

2.     Who is your role model?

Gahhh. Ellen Degeneres is one. I think she exemplifies a great lesson that if you’re nice and treat people respectfully, people don’t forget that. I feel like she gets a lot of exclusive news/gossip tidbits from celebrities because they feel so comfortable with her and because she’s so genuinely kind. Now, she’s comfortable with herself publicly, stays true to herself and makes no apologies [only jokes]. Others are J.K Rowling [FLAWLESS QUEEN I BOW DOWN], Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling [when awkward, funny girls are successful, we all win], and Michelle Obama [nothing to do with politics—she’s just amazing].

3.     What is your favorite animal?

DOG! There is nothing like a dog’s unconditional loyalty, boundless love and that they’re always so, so over the moon excited to see you. I think the world would be a better place if everyone had dogs, but some people just aren’t worthy of them. If I had my way and were a millionaire, I’d buy a mansion [or build one, it depends] with like 10 acres and rescue like 10 dogs. They just make me happy. I up and quit rooting for the Eagles [I’m from PA, didcha know] because we signed Michael Vick and looking at his face makes me queasy. I also really like dolphins, pandas, koala bears, and penguins.

4.     What toppings do you put on your ice cream/froyo?

Haha, such a Sarah question 🙂 For the sake of accuracy, I mosey’ed on down to the fro-yo shop down the street and got some. I don’t want to mislead anyone on this important topic. Fro-yo: Oreos, strawberries , m & ms, rainbow jimmies. If it’s ice-cream, ALL OF THE FUDGE SAUCE.

5.     What’s your current favorite song? 

Selena Gomez- Slow Down (listen to it! So good).

6)    Describe your perfect day.

I’d wake up at 8:45 after getting a restful 10.5 hours of sleep the prior night. My hair would be perfectly coiffed like Kate Middleton. I am wearing this:


I would go get a pedicure, manicure and my eyebrows waxed and the salon would not be crowded. I would then go to brunch and get an omelet with a mimosa. The restaurant would not be crowded. The omelet would have a lot of ketchup on the side. I would then walk to my house and read a book in the air-conditioned treehouse in my backyard.


I’m only there for an hour before I go back out into the sunshine of my yard.



I would have Diet Pepsi Wild Cherry ice cold. After a while, my friends would come over and we’d hang out in my perfect backyard. We’d drink Malibu bay breezes, mojitos and strawberry daiquiris. The pitchers would be endless. It would be sunny with a nice breeze. I would not get sunburn, I would get tan. We’d have nachos loaded down with cheese. We play with dogs.

Abbey Burger Bistro (my favorite burger place ever, it’s in Baltimore, come visit me and we’ll go) would deliver our perfect burger and fries.

The love of my life shows up. He is charming and courteous to my friends. We all go to Bora Bora on a 25 minute flight and stay in a spacious over-the-water bungalow. I go snorkeling and am not scared. Justin Timberlake, Beyonce and Darius Rucker show up and perform a private concert for us on the beach. Britney Spears shows up in her 2003 form and does a duet with Justin. During this show, we have more mojitos, Malibu bay breezes and strawberry daiquiris. There is lots of dessert served. It all has 0 calories.

I go home and fall asleep.

7. What’s your favorite thing about blogging (I love hearing this question!)?

I know that everybody says this, but I think that’s because everybody is always struck by it. The people. I started blogging because I had just moved to a new city and was lonely and desperate for connection somewhere. The people I’ve met via blogging are unbelievably awesome and inspiring. It’s so, so nice to post one of my stupid posts and have people understand and be like ‘oh hey I’ve been there!’ So reassuring, so helpful, so wise, and I’m so grateful. 🙂 be my friends foreeeeever guise.

8. How many hours of sleep do you usually get a night?

6.5-7 ish. Wish it was more but lately I’ve been kicking butt at weekend naps and the occasional weeknight nap like last night, where I sleep like the dead for 3-5 hours. I guess my sleep is evening out then.

9. Describe your most embarrassing moment growing up.

Ha. I have posted this before. I tried to think of another but I can’t because this is just…the one. I’ll repost hurr since it’s been a while and I don’t want you to go throughout your day without this awfulness. Let’s all relive it again.

Setting: My summer job at a bakery when I was 19. I was a cake writing guru (thank you, Catholic school, for my perfect cursive).

Super cute boy at counter: Hi, could you please write on my cake?

Super eager Caitlyn: Sure. What would you like it to say?

Super cute boy: Can I have your number?

Super EXCITED Caitlyn: Sure.

Super excited romantic Caitlyn, thinking this is finally my big epic love story starting off with an adorable “meet cute” writes my phone number on the cake in blue icing.

 Super EXCITED Caitlyn with a heart going 9000 beats a second hands cake back to Future Husband / Super cute boy: Here you go.

Caitlyn stands there.

 Future Husband / Super cute boy: Thanks.

Future Husband / Super cute boy leaves. (????????) NOT IN THE SCRIPT.

 Future Husband / Super cute boy takes a few steps away (Caitlyn notcreepily watching), glances down at cake, stops walking, pivots to walk back to bakery (Caitlyn, still standing there watching him, rejoices).

 Future Husband / Super cute boy: Um, I’m sorry, there’s been a confusion. I need you to write ‘Can I have your number’ on the cake. It’s an inside joke for my friend.

Caitlyn (smile falls): Oh.  Okay. Sorry.

Future Husband / Super cute boyhands back cake, Caitlyn scrapes off her phone number with BURNING red cheeks, writes “Can I have your number?” on cake, all but throws cake at boy and runs and hides in the back.

cringing. forever. cringing.

snow white scared

10. What’s your favorite sport to watch?

Swimming and hockey. I only watch swimming in the Olympics but my roommates in college were on the swim team and I’d always love to go to their meets. I just love a close race although I really don’t know how to cheer. I just yell GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO which is stupid because, it’s not like they’re going to stop and they need to hear me remind them not to or PUUUUUUUSHHH which I’ve heard a few coaches yell and makes me think of a labor & delivery room and then I get all panick-y and no.

Answer one of the questions in the comments! Or consider yourself nominated by moi.

Baltimore HLB Meet-up Recap

I’ve prattled on and on about how I’ve been in my new city a year and making friends  has really been a struggle because I’m an introvert and yadda yadda yadda. I was skimming my own blog and thought ‘Sheesh I’m annoying’.  Stop going on and on about how hard it is and DO something about it. Easier said than done for sure. Then I read about Alex arranging a Pittsburgh blogger meet-up and I was inspired. I could at least manage to arrange a Baltimore healthy living blogger meet-up. Alex was also foolish gracious enough to open and reply to an e-mail from me with the tame and timid subject line HHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!

A Sunday afternoon was spent gathering blogs from Healthy Living Blogs site and social media then tracking down blogger e-mails. Bloggers with no e-mail addresses on your blog, it takes 4.4 seconds to register a new e-mail account on Gmail. Make a blog e-mail account. It makes everyone’s life easier.

I was a teensy bit nervous sending the e-mail out worrying they would think I was a creepy Internet weirdo (this is actually true, mwahaha) or they’d be like “Uh, who the hell are you?! Please take a seat.” But the replies started pouring in and people were  into the idea. It was awesome, and they were already plotting out more creative ideas for future get-togethers.

andy cohen thumbs up dancing

Last night, around 9 of us met up at local bar The Rowhouse Grille for a happy hour. On my way there, I realized that this would be my first time meeting people who read my blog. I was a little panic stricken for a good minute or two that my stupid ramblings were their first impression ha.

We were expecting around 13 or 14, but there was a massive accident that derailed a handful of bloggers. It was so great to hang out “IRL” with these awesome and charming Charm City bloggers for three hours and step beyond the computer screen. Everyone was friendly and excited to meet each other. Rowhouse was gracious enough to give us our own space with a private bartender and offered us tons of awesome drink specials. It was the perfect way to end a Monday night and everyone left voicing their eagerness  to make it a monthly thing! Woohoo.

baltimore HLBs

Back row from L to R: Kerry, Jess, Megan, Dani, Kait

Front row: Brittany, Kate, a weird passerby, Lauren 

Have you ever participated in a blogger meet-up?