An Interview With Myself

Because I haven’t yet proven to the internet that I’m a total nutcase.

It’s been two months since your last post. What the hell, man.

I know! In the last post I mentioned a bad sinus infection. Well that sinus infection turned into bronchitis which turned into pneumonia. It was a painful month. I am not a “good” sick person. What I mean is some people just carry on and being sick is an afterthought. I act as if the world is ending, being sick is all I can think about and eat tub after tub of ice cream to get myself through the ordeal. I now have a new obsession with Airborne gummies.

Anything new? (lol)

Lol no. Never. I still love my (new-ish) job. I still have tons to learn. They tell me it takes a year to get accumulated but I still hate feeling like ‘damn I’ve been here almost 4 months and some of these questions I have are so dumb.’ It’s challenging but fun. It’s great working with so many young people. We just had a happy hour that went on for 4 hours.

How goes the weight loss thing?

Good! I’m feeling more dedicated than ever. I’m down a few- yay!


UmI still haven’t gotten myself to a beginner yoga class like I keep saying I will. In my last post, I mentioned I was unsure about my future with my gym, Merritt. A few days after that post, I saw a great Labor Day offer at a gym near work and signed on the dotted line. It’s 1/3 of what I used to pay! Fabulous. It doesn’t offer classes, which I’m fine with at this point as I feed my new barre addiction at Rev. Join me! Tuesday nights with the amazing Janet and then if I’m not hungover..Saturday mornings with the kickass and crazy cool Mary. No more 4 am gym wake-ups. I really can’t believe I ever did that. Now I head to the gym at 5:30 when I am freed from work to get in some cardio. Most nights after I get home from the gym I do a quick Tone It Up workout while watching TV. I’m also trying to drink more water and just be more active. I walk to the farthest bathroom at work, I park far away from entrances, etc.

What are your favorite TIU workouts?

I’m so glad you asked, self.





Kettlebell 2 


Total Body

Total Body 2

Total Body 3

You (we) have mentioned before that developing healthy eating habits and finding healthy options is difficult. Is it getting easier?

Uh, kind of. If I don’t buy bad things, I don’t eat them. Isn’t that the craziest thing you have ever heard? Now you know why you read my blog…for all the breaking news posted here. Ahem. The binging and weekends are still a problem. That’s not news. For some reason, I always am at the grocery store hungry so I often derail myself. I still fall victim to “oh let me eat this trader joe’s cookie butter ice cream and then tomorrow I’ll get back on the straight and narrow” Then tomorrow comes, and oh yeah, I bought Cheez-its at Target because they were on sale and oh well it’s Thursday, and the weekend is so close so might as well just eat the Cheez-its and get the fries at the bar on Friday and we’ll restart on Monday. I see this quote on pinterest all the time and it makes so much sense. Every day is an opportunity to get it “right”, not just every Monday when the week restarts.

flat tire

Healthy snacks..I’m turning more to apple slices, grapes, chobani flips, smoothies (this TIU one is my favorite at the moment. i slurp it down in seconds. i hate the word slurp but it’s what happens. i always add spinach to it just for fun), string cheese, cheese/wheat thins, raisins, larabars. Fun. I CAN’T GIVE UP ON GOLDFISH THOUGH. They’re my everything.

Still hate cooking?

Yup. Still real bad at it, too. Still hesitant to use the stove. It’s all so very pathetic.

 You’ve tweeted about Stitch Fix. How is it?

When I read about Stitch Fix on every blog in America, I was like YES! I don’t have to leave my house and I can be spared emerging from dressing rooms and handing my whole armful of clothes back to the attendant who chirps “You’re not keeping anything?” No, no I’m not, and I’m frantically trying to forget the whole horrible experience. Dressing rooms are horrendous. So with Stitch Fix, you definitely pay more for the convenience, but it’s so nice to just try things on in my room and be stress-free. I don’t feel rushed. I can mull the potential purchase over (for up to 3 days with Stitch Fix) rather than feel as if I have a few minutes. Plus, I have zero style. Zero. Therefore it’s probably good to give over some control to professionals. There has been a few items in each Fix where I was like “$48? There is definitely replicates for $19.99 at Kohls or Target.” But there’s been some major wins. This is where I wish I took more pictures of myself. Also, the Stitch Fix linked in this paragraph is referral link.

What is going to happen to the blog?

Yeah. It was password protected for a little. I’m torn. I really like blogging. When I had just moved here and was friendless, blogging was absolutely instrumental in helping me meet an amazing group of people here. I’ve also met a bunch of other incredibly cool group of people through blogging who inspire me. But! I once pinned something on my Pinterest from a “big” blogger and my friend told me she clicked the pin and read that blogger’s whole entry (she was like “why did she write all that about oatmeal?” ha) I flipped out because I knew I had commented on that blog entry a long time ago and I was nearly sickened to think my friend might have found my blog. I don’t know. As far as I know, she never did because why read the comments? But the prospect of her finding it- and my subsequent reaction – was alarming. Like, why am I blogging if I flip out to that extent at the idea of someone I know in real life reading it? It’s not that I’m ashamed of anything on the blog. It IS how I feel/think, and I’ve said before I’m 9000x braver and more candid on the blog. It’s a personal problem (like, oh, I don’t know, I’m a lunatic), not a blog or blog content problem. After all, local Bmore bloggers read the blog and still agreed to meet me in real life, so it can’t be that bad, right? 😉 So I don’t know. I’m definitely more wary of the Internet and think “maybe I should stop making a fool of myself onto the world wide web as a legacy for everyone to see”. Then I write a post like this. I’m a mess. So all this is to say, I don’t know. If the blog ever disappears, I’ll still be obnoxious elsewhere…like on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and e-mail (cityandthecubicle at gmail dot com).

Thank you so much for your time. I knew how busy you are watching SVU and Criminal Minds marathons, avoiding laundry, and reading romance novels, so I am appreciative of you carving out time to do this.

You’re welcome.


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