It’s Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder!

I love to whine about how healthy eating is hard for me. Wahhh, why don’t I wake up craving kale? Why must I crave poptarts and cheez-its? Wahhh, why does everyone write so many articles extoling green tea and I don’t like tea? Wahh! BUT…there is a solution to the green tea problem that I was unaware of (typical!) until Kiss Me Organics kindly e-mailed and asked if I wanted to try some organic matcha powder. Clap clap. Yes.

BUT…what is it? From their website, “More than simply ground up green tea leaves, matcha is derived from tea leaves grown in the shade so that the leaves achieve a dark green color, which gives matcha its magnificent amino acids.” Cool. The reason matcha is slowly edging out traditional green tea in terms of health benefits is because those who ingest matcha are consuming the entire leaf rather than brewed water. One glass of matcha green tea is equal to 10 glasses of regular green tea as far as antioxidants and nutrients. 


So I read the e-mail and was like ‘yeah! THis is super cool!’ And then I remembered myself. Non-culinary Caitlyn, who needs every little kitchen task spelled out for her and spoken slowly, then repeated. I wouldn’t even know what to do with this. But wait! Keep reading, self! The matcha comes with a recipe book that they e-mail to you. 50+ recipes that include drinks (mojitos, green tea lattes, a few smoother recipes), breakfast foods (waffles, muffins, french toast), breads (biscuits, cornbread), pizza (multiple recipes!), desser (truffles! cookies! soufflé! pie! oreo cheesecake! mousse!), entrees (duck!?!, beef, chicken, curry!). It goes on and on but that’s just a sampling.


I of course immediately made the “Berry Good Morning Smoothie”. It’s the perfect thing to drink while at my cubicle first thing in the morning and struggling to accept that I am at work…again..for another 8 hour day…and must be productive. I swear the smoothie gives me a perk of energy which is nothing short of miraculous and confusing, because what? Who am I? I am always tired. It’s part of my (always charming) personality at this point. I make this ish every morning. I also made the salmon recipe from the recipe book. Salmon is my favorite food and if it weren’t so expensive i’d eat it everyday for lunch and dinner guh-ladly. My roommates saw me playing with the powder and were like “what the heck is that?!” They were totally fascinated and together we made cookies and put some in there. Rave reviews from all.  I still have a bunch of recipes I want to try..I’m looking at you melon matcha gazpacho and the strawberry matcha sorbet.., so luckily the bag is big, life is long, etc.


But wait, Caitlyn! You said you didn’t like green tea! So….how does it taste? Ah, glad you asked. I tried it for the first time in my “wooda cup” and it was not love at first sip. It was a bitter taste. Then I remembered…I was supposed to blend or whisk it well, not just dump it in there. It’s an interesting taste when you first try it but like I said, I have it every day so clearly me and my sensitive taste buds are over it. If I have my act together enough, i also blend some (water + powder) to bring to work but that rarely happens. I can’t ever have my act TOO together because I don’t want to fool people into thinking i’m some kind of responsible, prepared human. They’ll be in for a big letdown.


Try it and let me know what you think! Sorry for the no pics….I’ve been out of the diligent blogger game too long.

disclaimer!: kiss me organics sent me this at no cost. opinions are my own….not that these thoughts are so incredible anyone else would want to claim them. 


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