Five Facts Friday: It’s My Birth Month!

Hiya. Sorry for absence. I usually read all my blogs at work and work is banning everything and watching our computers ridiculously closely, so it’s been very inconvenient, haha. I would loooove to see what they see, but don’t mess with my Internet 😉 Luckily I am still in control of the company Pinterest so they can’t take Pinterest away from me. I have a lot of catching up on blogs to do, oy.


1. I have a new roommate! My roommates boyfriend is moving in and the happy couple will be taking over the master suite, so we’ll have an empty bedroom. Come stay over 🙂

My mom’s reaction: “omg what you’re living with a boy? Is that a sin? Wait. Does he have friends who will want to date you?”

My dad’s reaction: “good. I hope people know a boy lives there. Is he strong? Would he win in a fight against a burglar?”


2. I love me some reality TV. I tend to avoid the E! channel…because Kardashians. But I’m obsessed with “Total Divas.” I knew nada about wrestling, but it’s scripted drama with hot guys in skimpy outfits. Score. I went to Monday Night Raw last week with fellow Total Divas fans and it was a crazy cool experience. But long. It started at 7:30 and we left around 11:30 when the last match was still going on! I’m too old for this. Then supposedly the place to be was the bar across from the arena and I was like “What? I have work tomorrow. It’s 11:30!” SO OLD. We saw one Total Divas cast member for a total one minute, but it was a fun experience to go.


i took this! that is the official wedding photographer on the left and can you guess that his photo turned out better than mine. 

3. So four years ago my best friend’s sister was getting married. I harassed him for details, “what kind of flowers?”, “what is her something borrowed?” Then he asked his parents if he could bring a date, they said yes, and I got to go! It was the most emotional, beautiful wedding ever. The groom was a year into a battle with leukemia, and at the time was in remission. When the bride was choked on tears getting out the “in sickness and in health” line of the vows, the whole church was in tears along with her. Two years ago, her groom’s cancer came back with a vengeance. They are the nicest people in the world, and their journey has been so, so hard, but through it all, they’ve been so strong and handled it so gracefully. A week ago, the doctors told them there was nothing more they could do, and they’ve met with a hospice team. It’s so unbelievably sad. He just turned 33 years old and his gorgeous bride is 29. I’ve walked around all week with such a heavy heart. I met them once, but they’ve been so inspiring. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers ❤


4. My best friend lives in CA now so when he asked if I could pick him up from the airport and drive him 1.5 hours to get home and see his sister and brother-in-law, of course I said yes. Wouldn’t you know, that day was Wednesday. The day of the mega floods on the east coast. The day that got Bmore in the news! My drive to get him home took way longer with rush hour traffic and the rain. Then I said hello to his family, we caught up for a few minutes, and I left at 8:30 PM. It was pitch dark, it was just hammering rain, windshield wipers couldn’t keep up, the highway was under construction with twisty roads, and you couldn’t see at all. The person in front of me knocked over one of those orange construction barrels because they couldn’t see it. I pulled over to make sure they were okay, we talked about how crazy it was, and instead of pulling back out into traffic, I sat there and cried for a few loooong minutes. I was still 45 minutes away from home, and I was so scared, the rain wasn’t letting up, and just wanted it to be over. I really wanted it to be over and I was so terrified. It was the worst drive of my life. I resolved I had to pull myself together because I couldn’t drive in it if I was distracted or weepy. I debated getting a hotel but then I had some steely, stupid resolve that I needed to prove to myself I could do it. This is such a dramatic tale, but sadly this is me. I survived. I got home around 11 and fell into bed and had nightmares. It’s over, I did it, but God I’ll never forget it. Have I ever told you how much I hate driving?


5. I’m still trudging along in the fitness and healthy eating. I got super lazy with the worlds longest winter so I added a few layers for warmth, ha. I realize how important it is that I keep my fridge stocked with produce and healthy options otherwise, wouldn’t you know, I get super lazy and fall back into old habits. I still run like a 14 minute mile but…we’re getting there. Very slowly. I need to get back to strength training (ahem, Body Pump)…one day consistency will be mine.


Happy Friday pals 🙂 I turn 25 in a week and a half- eeek!


5 thoughts on “Five Facts Friday: It’s My Birth Month!

  1. I love your dad’s reaction to a guy moving in. Permanent bug killers (and fighting burglars) are qualities that a roommate must have [not kidding. especially about bugs.]

    My birthday is also this month – Happy Birthday 🙂

  2. Your mum and dad’s reaction to a boy moving in with you is too funny!

    Happy early birthday! I loved my 25th birthday it was one of my favourite celebrations, until I had my 30th that was even more fun so don’t stress it will be good 🙂

  3. Ugh winter “layers” are rough. That story about the wedding and cancer is so sad. Oh my gosh. Also I am terrified of driving in the rain.I got in a car accident in the rain a few years ago so it’s scarred me for life! Kudos to you for pushing through and glad you made it home safely!

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