It’s The Freaking Weekend

…..I love them so much, yet they are one of my roadblocks in getting fit.

So I used to struggle with eating healthily during all days of the week but the work week was really hard. Preparation is not my thing. Thinking ahead? Nope. Never has been my style. I wouldn’t pack enough food and I’d get hunger headaches and slump around the office for hours that felt endless or I would just get Skittles and an Almond Joy bar from the vending machine.

I’m finally, finally, finally getting better at eating healthy doing the week. I plan out all my meals and get ‘er done. But now, the weekends. Suddenly I’m 100 times worse on the weekends than I ever was during the work week.

I know that the problem is too much free time, which makes me laugh because I love the weekends for that very reason.

On weekends I really just…have nothing to do. So I eat. It’s something to do. And what I eat on the weekends, I guarantee, is never healthy. It’s always a “bad” food choice and it’s always a LOT of it. I know binge-eating is one of my problems. I know I’m eating because I’m bored, but I can’t seem to talk myself out of it. I knew it was a bigger problem than I thought it was when I woke up last Saturday morning and thought “Oooh. I can go to CVS and buy some unhealthy snack to eat today. My roommates are still asleep so they won’t see me come back into the house with it.” A low point. I’m planning on sneaking back in with junk food, like I’m smuggling drugs. I didn’t want to be caught and I didn’t want to feel ashamed. Way to be, self. That’s also another alarming facet – that I willingly leave my house to buy bad food. And I don’t talk myself out of it for the 2 blocks that it takes to walk there.

It’s a problem, and I know this. I know it when I’m shoving food down my throat and I feel worse afterward, but then the next weekend rolls around, and lo and behold, there’s bored Caitlyn. I don’t talk myself out of it because I want to do it and I declare that “I’ll burn it off!!! I’ll work-out extra hard!!”

The obvious solution seems to be – well, don’t be bored. Get a hobby moron. Do something. I already read a lot but even I can’t do that for however many waking hours I have.  I need a lot of alone time but maybe too much is too much on the weekends? Last year I used to go to the mall a lot, but this year I am on a girl on a budget. And it’s cold. I thought about going for a run a time or two, but then I’m all “Um well I don’t know where to run so that’s out.” I’ve lived here a year and a half now, and I still don’t know any running or walking routes.

It’s a low point and I’m just…over it. Over constantly putting myself in these positions and giving in and not overcoming. I’m so over figuring one thing out (like healthy eating during the work day) and then another thing comes popping up worse than before. Blah. I know this is all me and I’m forever writing posts like “wah I know it’s my fault but it’s hard and I can’t figure it out and I keep doing it”. I know.  That’s about all I have to whine about today.


12 thoughts on “It’s The Freaking Weekend

  1. Hey lady, the weekends are hard for me too. Maybe you need to eat more! I struggle with meal times on the weekends since I sleep in or am around the apartment or whatever. Try upping your protein! I can show you running routes too 🙂

  2. Weekends are my downfall too. I definitely struggle with the bingeing thing sometimes (sometimes more often than not) and it’s hard. Really hard. Especially because like you said, weekends are boring, which is why I was going insane last weekend. I do much, much better when I’m on a structured schedule. Sneaking food just makes me feel worse, because I’m doing something “wrong.” So you’re DEF not alone and if you feel like hanging out this weekend, I’ll be around Friday/Sunday afternoon! And next weekend I have ZERO plans so I’ll be going stir crazy too. I can’t show you any running routes like Lauren though haha

  3. I think the fact that you are recognizing your weekend habits as an issue and you have the desire to change things around is half the battle. Look at how far you’ve come with your weekdays. Weekends are next! Keep in mind that this whole healthy living is a process and a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. You will get there!

  4. Ha, I think you are so charming with your presentation of your problems, also, very comedic, so I will always come back no matter what. 🙂 I just hope that you figure out a good way to be! If it helps at all, I eat really well M-F also but let it all go on the weekends! We’re talking alcohol, french fries while I’m out, and generally more gluttony overall. BUT, I also am very strict on the weekdays to allow for that kind of behavior. It took me about 2 years to figure out a workable pattern and even now, it’s not a perfect method. I slip constantly (and god, i feel like the entire holiday season was a giant slip), but the routine just manages to find its way back to me. Little devil it is. Anyway, you can figure this out… In the mean time, you can move to Atlanta and spend your weekends with me and my friends. We are always busy and we always love sarcastic and funny girls like YOU. So come come.

  5. I feel ya! I tend to undo anything good I did during the week on the weekends. It really is a problem. Like you said, I find that keeping busy is the best way to keep that from happening. That or making sure there’s not many food choices in my apartment – like this weekend, I’m anticipating being snowed in so when I went to the store yesterday, I bought exactly what I’m letting myself eat this weekend. It’s total trial and error, which sucks, but once you figure it out, it feels awesome. Hope we both get there sooner than later!

  6. I’m with you girl. I go in spurts of different lunch time meals. I like making enough food at dinner to have lunch the next day, but that doesn’t always happen. I do keep lean cuisnies as a back up for lunches. They aren’t the best, but when I try to go to Subway and be healthy…it just doesn’t work. I end up getting the chips, and eating them, and loving them, and wanting more chips. You’ve just need to find what works for you. Does your office have a fridge and a microwave?

  7. I have days that are hard for me. Something that really helped when I was in college and struggled more was going to a nutritionist and learning more about my body and what it needs. It’s the reason I decided to graduate in Health education:)

  8. First and foremost, keep whining! This is your outlet. Weekends are such a challenge. The first step at least is knowing that it’s your biggest obstacle right now. Not to sound cliche, but I honestly think the minute you stop being so disappointed in yourself you’ll feel a weight off your shoulders and a possibility of change. One of the biggest things that helped me with binges was that I stopped yelling at myself and being ashamed and started treating myself like I would if my friend was doing the same thing: with compassion, sympathy, and rational suggestions for change. None of this “paint your nails so you CAN’T eat” crap. I guess I don’t really know what I’m talking about but the tip about treating yourself kindly definitely helped me through some tough times.

  9. You’re in Fed Hill, right? Head down Fort Ave all the way to the fort, then do a lap around it –it’s a really beautiful, scenic paved path. If you head to Rusty Scupper, you can go for miles–literally–around the waterfront, basically all the way to Canton if you wanted to. But just a small out and back along the Inner Harbor is really nice. Lots of good people watching, and you will definitely be among many runners.

  10. You’re in Fed Hill, right? Head down Fort Ave all the way to the fort, then do a lap around it –it’s a really beautiful, scenic paved path. If you head to Rusty Scupper, you can go for miles–literally–around the waterfront, basically all the way to Canton if you wanted to. But just a small out and back along the Inner Harbor is really nice. Lots of good people watching, and you will definitely be among many runners.

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