WIAW: Messy In Execution

Happy WIAW, people!

Sorry for lack of posts. I have a bunch of posts sitting in drafts that I very nearly almost published but the gloom and doom was too much even for me. Contrary to what those posts would have you believe, the world has not stopped turning and here we all are.  Hi.



a breakfast that lights up a work day. 

Overnight oats in a mason jar. Cute in theory but messy in execution. That’s my life theme: messy in execution. I’m still so enamored by my overnight oats. So easy and versatile. This batch is Thin Mints Overnight Oats. I was on the phone with my eye doctor in PA, telling him that I lived in Maryland now but I LOVED his practice so so so much that I don’t want to look anywhere else and oh I only have one trip home scheduled in February and I need my yearly appointment, and then the secretary tells me he is booked through end of April. What the hell? You are an eye doctor in suburban Pa not Planet Hollywood in Vegas. Why was I boring you with this? NO not because I hate you,I remember now. Right. So I was on the phone with the eye doctor and I accidentally repeated a step because I was just OMG SO shocked at my eye doctor being A-list suddenly and put the peppermint extract in twice and HOLY strong. It still wasn’t a lot at all but I am a weak woman, friends. It was still really good, filling, chocolate-y and I look forward to repeating.



I’ve been really craving Chipotle. Like every day. One fine day it dawned on me that Chipotle burrito bowls contained ingredients I had in my refrigerator and I could manage to throw together something resembling it. Verdict: not bad!! It’s pretty hard to mess up but I was trying to make sure the ingredients were healthy. In the mix is lettuce, spinach, carrots, almond slivers, roasted mushrooms, cheese, rice, guacamole, and leftover chicken.



Lara Bar in an artistic photo. The point of the bar being arranged with my work notes is to show the juxtaposition between this exciting snack and boring stock numbers of the books we publish. Although I prefer stock numbers to long-ass ISBNS any ol’ day. In case you were wondering. You weren’t. Next.

Post-work snack:


Smoothie bowl. I used to overthink smoothies but I finally realized that they also are hard to mess up. In here is mango, strawberries, blueberries, vanilla greek yogurt, unsweetened vanilla almond milk,  spinach, vanilla protein powder, xanthan gum. Ignore the lone strawberry. I accidentally excluded it from the blender so I just plopped it on top for decoration (and later consumption).



SO. I baked chicken Sunday night and took this photo. I ate Steamfresh vegetables on the side. The rest of the pictures were taken Monday, hence the leftover chicken appearing in my lunch bowl. I felt that I needed to explain. This chicken doesn’t look that great but it’s deceiving you. I so wish I could remember where I found it. But it was some olive oil, dijon, honey. Then plain bread crumbs. I threw almond slivers on top. My co-worker tried it and proclaimed it “amaze balls.” Success. When pre-heating the oven to make this, I accidentally set the fire alarm off. I was flipping out and it took eons to turn off (translation: probably 90 seconds). I don’t understand why it went off, as I was only setting it to 375 degrees and it was the first time it was being turned on in hours. The stove scares me enough, and now the oven is turning against me too. Fine.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting!


19 thoughts on “WIAW: Messy In Execution

  1. Haha I love reading your side comments with the food- I get bored just looking at endless pictures of food all day so any kind of random is greatly appreciated 🙂 Side note: I’m back in Baltimore/Towson so LETS HANG OUT KTHANKSBYE!

  2. Missed ya girly. Hope everything is just going SPLENDIDLY. Also, which protein powder do you use? I just ordered the tone it up sample pack because I’m a protein powder skeptic and never want to spend the money on it if I’m unsure I’ll like it. Yeah. My life.

    • i owe you an email! i use designer whey right now. i tried sun warrior warrior blend because i heard it was the healthiest or something and omg. no. so chalky. not good at all. i’ve also gotten the TIU samples and i liked them but they’re pricey so i won’t be buying bags anytime soon..

  3. Haha I just heard on the radio (or news, who really knows) that doctors in cities are booked up like crazy this year! Like all doctors are scheduled out for months on end and no one knows wh! Maybe your eye doc is just one of those guys!! Sorry girl. 😦 That sucks.
    In any case, your messy food all sounds so yummy and super healthy! You’re doing so good girly!! And smoothie bowls FTW – I need to get my roommate on the smoothie making boat ASAP. After all, she’s the domestic one of the two of us whereas I just reap the benefits of having a roomie who likes to cook. 🙂 Come on Rebekah, make me a smoothie already!!!! 🙂

    • whaat crazy!? it is so confusing. i was usually the only person there haha so i was so stunned. annoying. and thanks- i haven’t been doing very well overall this winter but i am trying to get back on track. again. sheesh. yess i hope you get lots of smoothies. sheesh you guys deserve it with all the madness going down in hotlanta. my dad posted about on facebook- thats how you know its a big deal.

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