Toned Up Premiere Party

Happy, happy Friday!

As you probably know, I’m a Bravo devotee so I was hugely excited about the new Tone It Up show “Toned Up.”

I officially joined Tone It Up a few weeks ago. I’ve done a few of their workouts before and really liked them, but the nutrition plan was pricey. I’ve been mulling over joining (via purchasing the nutrition plan) for a while because I  realize that nutrition is one of my big problems – mainly because I’m so uneducated about every aspect of it, and because I’m such a rookie in the kitchen with zero experience/culinary flair. TIU had a Cyber Monday deal involving the plan that was too good. I entered, deleted, re-entered my credit card info, deleted for most day of Monday, still hesitant to take the plunge, and then forgot about it. When they extended the deal to Tuesday, I was all ‘It’s a sign!’ Plus, I knew TIU has a huge crew here  in Baltimore and it would be a great way to meet more people here who could help keep me motivated and help me achieve my fitness goals.  Sooo it’s official! I’ve made a few recipes so far and they’ve been excellent. Except I ignored the “serving size” on one recipe(I’m an idiot) and have been eating mint chocolate chia pudding for three days now. It even served as my drunken post-NYE snack. It’s a better choice then pizza so I’m kicking off 2014 right, ha.

For last night’s Toned Up premiere on Bravo, we had an awesome premiere party at Rowhouse Grille (who also hosted our blogger meet-up in July). While walking to Rowhouse, I realized how I hadn’t been there since our last blogger meet-up (too long) and when I walked there in July, I was first to arrive with my straightened hair in a sweaty, tangled mess, and I was first to arrive last night with my straightened hair in a soaking, snowy mess. Has it really been 6 months since last time I was there? Crazy. I over-estimated how long my walk would take, so I was about 35 minutes too early, and just sat at the bar awkwardly nursing my Orange Crushes waiting for other patrons to clear out of our space. I wish I could say this wasn’t typical.

I had a great time seeing some familiar faces and meeting many new girls. In typical Baltimore healthy living crew style, a bunch went to yoga before walking over so it was really casual. I am not a yogi – I can’t even touch my toes so my one yoga class in college was a disaster and the teacher proclaimed I was the stiffest person she’s ever seen- buuut maybe I will make it over sometime.

All the girls were so so nice, and everyone was excited to be there. Rowhouse was like “hey this is great let’s make this a weekly thing.” I hope so because it was such a fun and relaxing evening. I am hugely excited to make new work-out friends. The show was adorable and my texts from friends (okay there was like 3) went something like this: “Can we seriously just be them?” Please God.


always with the sorority girl pose.


had to strike a work-out pose. 

Huge thanks to Kate for getting this together (also these pictures are hers) and to  Rowhouse Grille for being so supportive, fun and awesome.

Anddddd I want it on the record that I cannot stand snow that starts AFTER work, falls nicely for hours, and then stops a few hours before work the next day. What is the point? There is none. This snow does not get me any snow days, so I hereby render it useless.


23 thoughts on “Toned Up Premiere Party

  1. that sounds like so much fun!! it’s easier to get on the healthy bandwagon and stay on track when you have something like this to back you. and i am not a chef in the kitchen either! the way i see it, if you can read (recipes), you can cook!

  2. Yay!!! I am so jealous! I forgot the show started last night (and know next to nothing about TIU) but really want to watch it. Also, way to go on getting out!!! Now you need to get your booty to that yoga studio. Seriously. Try 3 classes. After that if you hate it you can be done. But you need to try three classes. Tell the instructor when you’re checking in that you’re new, and not flexible. They will help you. You might like it or, heck, even love it!

    • let me know what you think when you watch it- it’s cute and refreshing! plus they show you some fun workout moves. i really want to like yoga so i am definitely hoping to give it a shot!

    • it was so fun! the show was great- i love seeing two best friends who support each other and built a huge business without ever going behind each others backs or turning on each other in search of more money or power!

  3. I didn’t know this was a show! I want to hang out with all of you Baltimore bloggers when I’m back I’m a few weeks. We need to make. It. Happen.

    • i hadn’t heard of it either until i moved here and met some of the baltimore TIU’ers. the workouts are awesome and really make me sweat! definitely try some of them. what i really like also is they have a huge community on instagram and twitter and everyone is so nice and motivating. it’s awesome to see.

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