When The Earth, The Sun, The Stars All Align.

Conferences: I was in DC for the second round of conferences for work and I didn’t really hate it. Well, I hate the conferences part and having to keep up my cheery “goddamn it I’m a professional!!1!1” facade for 10.5 consecutive hours, teetering around on my heels longing to sit down. A woman slipped a book proposal and a sample chapter under my breakfast plate which I did not notice until someone else pointed it out to me. That made me feel very important and I crowed about it to all my friends…. I might have framed it as she was stalking me because she was so excited to see me, knew the important role I held in my company and she wanted me specifically to be the gatekeeper of her long-awaited dream but really she just wanted someone from our publisher to possess it and didn’t care who it was. Clearly. I can’t even influence ordering a new department printer when ours is broken.

Hotels: I really like hotels, guys. The staff has to be nice to you. They take care of unnecessary tasks like cleaning or lugging boxes around. I think room service is the best thing ever invented, especially for introverts like myself who just want to be alone and inhale food without stopping for breath and worrying about public decency and manners all while catching up on internet reading and TV watching whilst wearing sweatpants. It is so fun. I sleep like a rock in hotels. My latest hotel had a king sized bed and my insomnia stood.no.chance. It was amazing.

Healthy Eating On The Road: Is hard. I know. Do you need a second to recover from the bombshell I just dropped on you? Surrounded by continental breakfasts featuring a cinnamon bun table, a croissant table, muffin table, donut table….dear God, is this what heaven is like? If so I swear I’ll clean up my act. I went nuts the first day– give me all of the cheese danishes– but then I realized I needed to fit into a dress for a reception the next night and I literally had no other option packed beside squeezing myself into that dress so I had to reign it in. Donuts are no match for a girl who needs to fit into a dress. Then after I wore the dress, it was so tempting to order chicken fingers from room service every night- after all, nobody would know! But……. I would know. And I’d love it in the moment and hate myself later. I made it to the gym once and when I left, some guy took a break from his weight lifting grunting (such a stereotype. c’mon dude) “I’ll see you later sweetheart” and uh, no you won’t. If you do you will only see my backside as I sprint the other direction.

Fitness: Blah. I came home to our hot water being out. Hoorah, but it’s the best motivation ever to propel my sleepy self out of bed at 4 a.m so I can go to the gym and shower.

Class Clown: A girl I went to high school with was working at the hotel I was recently at. We had a nice um-hi-quickly-summing-up-the-last-5-years conversation. We had a few classes together over the  high school years and she said, “I never forgot Creative Writing class and your poem during poetry unit.” I had no idea what occurred during poetry unit, and she reminded me “You stood up in front of the class and read the chorus of Hilary Duff’s song Come Clean. [Teacher] was so impressed by your imagery about the rain….” I have no recollection (I think I blacked out most of high school) but I  can readily believe I did this. I told her I  hoped I didn’t get a grade for my plagiarism of a Disney tween queen’s songwriters and she assured me no it was just free-write. What is wrong with me?

Lean In: I bought it ages ago, read half, then under-my-bed borrowed the book for a few months, I recently reclaimed, and finished it. It was a great read with some powerful anecdotes and recommendations, but one thing I can’t stop mulling over is the Heidi/Howard study Sheryl Sandberg mentioned. A professor at Columbia Business School handed out the resume of a guy named Howard to one half of the class.  The other half of the class got the resume of a woman named Heidi. The students who received Howard’s resume thought Howard was likable, competent and they would absolutely want him to join their company. The students who received Heidi’s resume thought she was selfish, unlikeable and they would not hire her. The catch? The resumes were exactly the same. The professor just changed the name and pronouns. Howard was made up for the sake of the study. Isn’t that fascinating?

Happy One Year: …to me. And zee blog. Truth be told, I can’t believe I’ve stuck with it this long. I started my blog because I had moved to a new city two months prior and I was lonely and friendless. When I started the blog, I could have never imagined what it would become and what it would mean to me. I would have never imagined that I’d ever go to a blogger meet-up — let alone host one! It’s surprising how important blogging has become, although I acknowledge I’ve been the laziest, worst blogger ever for the past two months. It still astonishes me that people read here. The blogs I read are really inspiring to me because sometimes [a lot] I slack off on working out because “omgz i’m so exhaustedddddd sitting in a chair for 8.5 hours drains me like nuffin’ else i wanna die” and then, I kid you not, I think about the blogs I read and how much people cram into a day and how they still manage to cram in a good sweaty work-out and then eat healthy meals….and then I’m all..”oh…well I’m pathetic. I’m not special. I need to get my ass up.” I also have learned so so much through the blogs I read. I’m pretty dumb/ignorant about all things health and wellness and the healthy living blogs I read teach me a lot. For free! I’m so grateful for this community and how nice people are and how much you share. I really count a lot of you as friends and I spill a lot on here and yet you still come back (!!!!!) and I’m the most thankful person. I write about something totally rambly and people are like “I know! I’m that way too! I do that too!” and I love knowing I’m not alone (because sometimes, it really feels like you are!) or leave the most insightful comments and give the best advice and it’s just the coolest thing ever. come on over and i’ll make us all cocktails with…


yep. i know. I KNOW!!!!!!! Remember how my parents have been kicking butt at weight loss?! Wellll…..I’ve been chattering their ear off for the last year about the power of the almighty Vitamix. Now that they’re working at maintaining their newfound healthy lifestyles, they decided to get a Vitamix to help them out. And I collected a splendid finders fee–>my own Vitamix. Yep. They bought me one too (for Christmas/birthday) and I am paying them back for a little bit of it. I still can’t believe it. I walk past my kitchen counter, it catches my eye, I stand there and blink rapidly in confusion until it dawns on me that i am a Vitamix owner and OMG all is right with the world forever and ever amen!! If you ever hear me complain about how hard it is to get veggies in waaaahhh wahh wahhh, punch me in the face.

this was a ginormous post. sorry. i’ve bottled a lot up, eh? probably should have broken this up into two but…here we are anyway.

The End.

18 thoughts on “When The Earth, The Sun, The Stars All Align.

  1. I don’t know much about Vitamix…. it’s a blender? Or a special blender?

    Oooh room service sounds right up my alley. I need to get hosted at a hotel one day. And lol, I hear you about other bloggers putting me to shame. When I get home from work, I just want to crawl into bed – how people work out, eat healthy, blog, and take care of children or whatever… I’ll never know.

    I totally think that lady was stalking you. Obviously. 🙂

  2. WHY DID I NOT KNOW YOU WERE IN DC? I mean, since we can never line up our schedules to hang out while we’re in Baltimore, we should have figured it out for while I’m here! Or we can just actually get on this and make legitimate plans. You, me, Lauren, sound good? Ok, me too. And yes, hotels are my fave. I secretly want a job that requires me to travel some (not like every week, but maybe once a month) so I can fly to cool places and stay in hotels…FO FREE.
    Happy blogiversary 🙂

  3. Gotta love rambles. Posts like that are the best. (I’m biased).
    So many things! I don’t know where to start. I go with Ari, what’s a Vitamix?… apart from a blender? But good that you got it, it will obviously help you!
    Conferences, hotels, eating healthy on the road. I’ll be testing those in a couple of weeks when I go to Adelaide… we’ll see how we go. 🙂
    And the fitness, well, I need to sort out my back first, but doing that is helping with other things.
    See? Bloggers are inspiring indeed.

  4. Yay for 1 year! and a vitamix!! When I worked for a big corporation we would have long meeting, and unfortunately they included quite a bit of drinking in the evenings. I recommend sipping slowly at night, and during the day drink a ton of water!! Also, I usually only have coffee in the morning, but during those meeting days I’ll add hot tea or another cup of coffee for the afternoon.

  5. I love staying in hotels for big comfy beds, room service, and having people clean your room. you DON’T know how jealous I am of that vitamix. WANT ONE SO BADLY. I don’t think Santa is bringing it though. I’m going to start a Vitamix Fund, haha. Congrats on the one year blogiversary!

  6. Omg everything about this just makes me wanna stalk you in real life. And by that, be your friend. You are important at work.. Haha that’s awesome that someone wanted YOU to be the gatekeeper! I’m still in shock when something of that similar caliber happens to me… I’m all, don’t you idiots know I’m a dummy and 25 and helpless? And then I smack my forehead, duh, I know this shit too! Anyway, glad you like hotels… That makes one of us..
    I like all the things you said about them, but what i hate, is the next paragraph… I eat like shit, I get out of a routine and I just miss my day to day life too much. I used to think i wanted to travel with work but since I’ve done a little bit of it lately, I am deciding that i don’t love being away from my routine. Does that sound OCD much? Ha! If I can’t get in my runs and eat at least one green thing everyday, I turn into one seriously cranky psychopath. Don’t come near me when that’s the case.
    YAY for your blogiversary!! I’m so glad you’ve stuck with it because every post you publish is comedic, witty and intelligent. I love reading your shit so don’t ever stop. And yes, we are all free of charge for youuuuuuu haha. Have an awesome weekend!

  7. You make me laugh! Lol

    I love hotels and traveling for work. It’s a nice change up.

    I’ve been wanting to read Lean In for a while. I’ve heard great things!

    Jealous of your vitamix! Enjoy 🙂

  8. Rambles are my favorite kind of posts! I want to tell you now that I am typing this comment with Hilary Duff playing in the background. Yes, it was so long ago but the lyrics just come back like it was yesterday.

    I also love hotels, they are my favorite because I am responsible for almost nothing staying at one, it is so much fun. The only thing that keeps me from unleashing fully is the thought of bed bugs and things (even if it is a nice hotel). They do not put as much TLC as I do when cleaning sheets. 🙂

    Congrats on the Vitamix!! I know exactly how you feel, I just got my first Kitchenaid yesterday and I feel like a giddy school girl. I can not wait until it comes in the mail!

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