MIMM: Baseball and Lions

Marvelous is…..the nicest of nice comments on my last pity party post. You all are so, so wonderful and I’m obsessed with you. Each comment was amazing. This one, though, from this awesome lady brought me to tears and I think everyone should read it.

If I could, I would sit you down with a cup of coffee (probably a non-fat pumpkin spice latte, because it’s just that time of year and it is, well … comforting) and tell you something that has taken me years to understand. The number on the scale does not define you. The less than perfect image in the mirror does not define you. An awkward statement made by a well-intentioned (however supremely misguided) mother … does NOT define you. Only you, the inside of you, the soul and spirit of YOU, makes you a worthy human being. Just the attempt you are making at a healthy life is more than 95% of the rest of the world is doing. It is the getting back at it, not letting a set back defeat you, that makes you who you are. The never staying down for good, no matter how hard that last punch was, attitude that makes you YOU. You are beautiful, bright, funny, witty, and from the few pictures you have put in your blog, certainly NOT FAT. So what if the fitness model wasn’t staring back at you from the mirror of your dressing room? The person who was staring back is an incredibly gifted girl who is letting a bogus image of perfection undermine her sense of self-worth. So what if the dress you chose was not your favorite? Rock it! I know you will. I am willing to bet that it looks fabulous on you and everyone else is going to think you are stunning. As for the blog, it is moments like this, where you share the inside of you, that makes it worthwhile. None of us are perfect and it helps to know that we are not alone on our imperfect journey’s.

Get back up, square your shoulders, put a big ol’ smile on your face and go out there and knock ‘em dead.



Marvelous is….my girl Mindy Kaling. I watched The Mindy Project season 1 disc 1. Sooo clearly I’m not very far, but holy of holies, I am in love. It’s right up my alley, humor wise, which is no surprise considering I loved Mindy’s book. About seven minutes into the pilot, she delivered one of my favorite lines I’ve ever heard spoken. I’lllll explain but it won’t be 1/100 as funny but I’m going to bother with it anyway. Mindy is arrested and as she is leaving, she turns to the officer and says “Before I leave, would it be possible to get a tour of the Special Victims Unit?” DONE. I was howling like my name was Remus Lupin. It was everything. If I were ever to find myself ‘downtown’, I’d be thinking the same thing. Rebekah, I know you know.



Marvelous is…going to the Orioles game with a few of my favorite college friends. It was only my second O’s game this season which is sad considering how close I live to the stadium. Our university alumni office hosted an alumni night so we received discount tickets and there was a nice pre-game social. It was great to meet other, older, more distinguished alum (my favorite was the lady who bought beers and couldn’t finish them so we gladly took them) and just hang out. The O’s won against the Red Sox, which doesn’t matter because the O’s are out of play-offs and I think the Red Sox are in, but moral victories feel just as good. Not marvelous was that I picked the losing condiment in the jumbotron race. Damn mustard’s mental game fell to pieces rounding third.


Marvelous was….the autism 5K the next day which my company sponsored. What was not marvelous was getting volunteered in front of my whole department and VP to be part of the two-person unloading crew because “Caitlyn!! you’re an early riser!!”. I didn’t see a graceful way of saying no, blah. Setting an alarm for 5:20 on a Sunday morning was depressing, especially after getting home from the O’s game at 1 a.m. If you forgot, I work for a publisher and we publish autism books so we gave them away, and it was so nice to meet parents, teachers and brothers and sisters, who love our books or saw one of our books we were giving away that “oh wow, we need this. We’re struggling with this right now.” Heart=warmed. Marvelous also was getting to meet my boss’ hot husband. Clearly I need to learn more from her.


Marvelous was…free admission to the Maryland Zoo afterward. I don’t know if it’s because I’m older and haven’t been to a zoo in a while, but it was kind of depressing. The polar bears and cheetahs in their limited space made me really sad. Did you know lions ate their cubs? I did not. The volunteer saw my stunned expression and had to gently say, “It’s part of nature. It’s how their world works.” Whatever it is still sad, lady. Even though it was sad, I want to go back and be sad and see the penguins that are coming.  I was commenting to my co-worker Alex that the low fences made me nervous because a little kid or amused pre-teen could just chuck a water bottle or something at them and some mom near me got all offended and huffed and puffed and stalked away like I was personally accusing her child of hating animals and wanting to harm all of them. Sheesh. When I said the comment I didn’t even see her kid so whatever. Can’t take me anywhere because I am forever unintentionally picking fights. 🙂


Marvelous is…the epic nap I took upon getting home. I slept from 1 to 4:30 and it was delicious.



Thanks to Katie for hosting!

1. Do zoos make you sad or is that just me?

2. Favorite animal to see at the zoo?

3. Do you promise to watch The Mindy Project?














17 thoughts on “MIMM: Baseball and Lions

  1. I’m totally kicking myself for not doing that race this morning. Like actually. But it’s so cool that you publish books for Autism! I didn’t know that about your job beyond the fact that you worked for a publishing company! I’m glad you had such a great weekend and you’re right- that comment IS fantastic and 100% true. Keep your head up girl 🙂

    • i wish you had too!!! especially since for the first wave of runners coming in, which would have def been you, i was delegated to cheering. yeah it’s pretty awesome to know our work is meaningful. thanks gorgeous, you TOO! 🙂

  2. You made my cry right back. 🙂

    So, before I send myself off to bed …

    1) Zoos do make me sad. I struggle against the desire to set them all free. Usually it is just the image of all those animals running loose through the inner city is enough to keep my criminal tendencies in check.
    2) I have a fondness for the big cats, so I tend to spend as much time watching them as my son and hubby will allow. Their eyes are mesmerizing.
    3) No promises, but I have enjoyed Mindy on the few occasions I have caught her. 🙂

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  4. That comment is perfection and all so true! A nice reminder for everyone.
    I hate zoos. They make me so sad. At my old job, my boss used to work for a zoo and so he would go on and on about how great the zoo is, and it took every ounce of restraint to not come back at him with a choice comment. Haha.

  5. Mindy Kaling is awesome. I have yet to read her book but I loved the first season of her show!

    5:20 wake up = not fun. I get up at 6:00 most mornings which I know if super early for a college student, but 5:20 on a regular basis would be no bueno. I do not operate well on no sleep. I’m just super unproductive, falling asleep everywhere (and I do mean EVERYWHERE. Lol).

  6. What an incredible and loving comment. I don’t think I would’ve been able to hold the tears back had I received one like that. Hunnie, she is completely right though on everything she mentioned ❤

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