WIAW #5: The One With All The Breakfast

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s “omg looky look who managed to get her act together for What I Ate Wednesday?” Hi. I have written a few WIAW drafts and trashed them because they were pretty much the same thing as my previous WIAW’s and even my so-freaking-low-lil-jon-is-beaming-proud standards have a limit. So what this means is….. I can finally proudly present a WIAW with slightly different eats. It’s been awhile. Last time I did a WIAW, Jenn’s little miss Mia hadn’t made her earthly debut yet! Anyway. Let’s get to it.

Breaking el fast:

Let’s talk Buzzfeed for a second. Are you as enthralled as I am? I want them to get a reality TV show (we all know how much I love my reality tv) just so I can get a glimpse into the wonder but they’re probably too cool for it. Like, what are the interview questions to work there like? “What is your favorite gif?” or “Tell me – in memes from your childhood – 13 reasons you should work here”, “Describe a difficult situation working in a group via Friends episode titles.” ANYWAY… This egg n spinach sandwich is originally from here but I found it when Buzzfeed posted about it. I love to eat eggs but I am afraid of my stove [this is slightly an exaggeration] and severely lacking in any culinary skills. SO…imagine my unparalleled delight when I was hit by the truth bomb that you can microwave eggs/egg whites. I really didn’t know this. I knew it was meant for me when the author in the original recipe post was talking about making this in her office kitchen because guess where I make this everyday? Ding ding ding- we have a winner.

photo (7)

So easy a Caitlyn can do it.

The original also calls for avocado and tomato but I don’t like avocado [!!] and I can tolerate tomato if someone hands me a sandwich with tomato on it but won’t go willingly buying it sooo I make it without it. I also go without the salt and sometimes I even go crazy and dabble on a little hot sauce. I love to kick off my morning with this.



Quaker Oats Oatmeal Squares with banana and almond milk.



Pals, I reallllllly struggle with work lunches. I’ve never been a great luncher and always used to take crackers for lunch in school because I don’t like sandwiches or lunchmeat. In college, I’d eat chicken fingers and fries or a burger and fries (honestly both are two of my favorite meals). When I was on an ill-fated health kick….salads loaded down with ranch dressing and cheese were it and I was SO PROUD of myself for it. Then I joined the working world and vowed to learn how to lead a healthy life. So I was left scratching my head, trying to figure out a healthy option that I could manage to do. I used to bring the exact same salad for lunch every day, but after 7-8 months, I got really sick of it and have been floundering in the lunch department ever since.

I finally had a revelation that I’d just carry over the breakfast fun to lunch as well. I love to jump on a bandwagon after everyone else has already been riding it for for a good while, so I finally got around to trying overnight oats. I found this chunky monkey overnight oats recipe from Steph and deduced that it must be tried. I have pictures but I sent them to my sister to gloat all about my new recipe and she said it looks like vomit. I don’t want you to vom-atron and because this is so delicious I don’t want my horrendous photography and ugly bowl to turn you off it so I’m using Steph’s picture. Mine did kind of look like this but just not Pinterest-worthy.


The difference between my i-phone pictures in this post and the high quality of Steph’s is pretty humbling.



Apple slices and PB. Not much else to say but I love this and had forgotten how refreshing and good it is. Again sorry about my atrocious picture but I am not too creative and didn’t know how to arrange my subjects. I don’t want you to fret about this, so I will disclose that there was way more than one apple slice consumed.

photo (6)


Here I am trying to get my veggies in (I’m bad at it) with carrots, broccoli and rotini.




Luna bar. Not pictured some Wheat Thins.



Go check out Jenn and the rest of the WIAW gang. You are now dismissed from this atrocious and boring WIAW.


29 thoughts on “WIAW #5: The One With All The Breakfast

  1. First I’m going to say I laughed for a lot of this post. Perfect for this ungodly hour. But what I did take out of it is that we both hate lunch (you do better than me) and we’re destined to be bffs since we share a love for buzzfeed. This is my way of saying we need to make legit plans to hang out. Possibly next Tuesday since you basically are right across the street from my apartment? Ok cool.

  2. I want to try that egg sandwich! I’d skip the avocado and tomato too, but the rest sounds pretty delicious. I will say though.. I love lunch! That’s usually the time of day I’m hungriest, so I try to make the most of it. I work from home, so I can be more creative with my lunches than a lot of other people can, but when I worked in an office, I made english muffin pizzas in the office toaster oven and ate a lot of leftovers. There are a lot of foods that I prefer when they’re reheated, so I kinda love leftovers haha.

    • i’m usually hungriest at lunch too so it’s been quite the dilemma. i don’t think i knew you worked from home!? maybe i did. that’s pretty cool. what’s sad is i’m not sure my lunches would be better if i worked from home haha. and yes try the egg sandwich! it’s pretty delish.

  3. Damn it I just left the best comment ever and then my internet crapped out (what the heck, office?!). Like, I don’t think I can recreate the awesomeness that it was but I’ll try.
    First, your writing is wonderful and I love everything about it.
    Second, I’m thrilled you clarified for me and all your readers that you did not only consume just the one apple slice. Otherwise, I would have assumed you had just eaten the one and I would have been worried you weren’t consuming enough calories and I would have sent you a blasphemous email. 🙂
    Third, microwaving eggs is brilliant! As a fellow stove scary cat, I am a huge advocate for this method of cooking eggs and other things. 🙂 Enjoy your day PAL!

    • ugh why, internet. but this comment is also pretty awesome, as per usual. and by more than one apple slice, i mean half the bag. not sorry. i am however sorry that someone at work threw out my PB, which i had only devoured 1/4 of. that pb ain’t cheap, man. it took everything i had to not send out a nasty all users e-mail complete with bratty gifs, but i remembered i have a salary review coming up 🙂 haha. glad you are also a stove scaredy cat. makes me feel better! haha. have a great weekend lovely. tell the senator i say hi.

  4. YES! Finally someone else who doesn’t like sandwiches. Growing up I used to bring dry cereal and pb crackers for my lunches. My friends thought it was hi-larious that I didn’t like sandwiches and made fun of me non-stop because of it. Though looking back I realized that those “friends” weren’t really friends considering how mean they were…and not just regarding my sandwich hate.
    Haha sorry for the tangent but that just made me excited to read! I do breakfast for lunch usually, too. Lots of yogurt, fruit, and protein smoothies.

  5. mmkay soo i just ate lunch and now im suddenly in the mood for that luna bar. and that egg sandwich. ughugh why am i so ravenous lately?! ( actually, the real question is why am i asking like its a weird occurrence? )

    • haha oh girl i hear you. i need to stop getting on instagram and blogs after eating because then i’m hungry again and am in the mood for ALL of the things, thinking ‘ugh that meal was good but why didn’t i think of so-and-so?’. my poor meal. it doesn’t deserve that.

  6. i’ve been microwaving eggs for years! it’s the quickest and healthiest way to cook your eggs! add a slice of cheese and you have your very own and HEALTHY egg mcmuffin bfast sandwich 🙂 the sucky part is scraping the egg remnants from the bowl 😦

  7. I need to try this whole microwaving an egg thing! I love making mug cakes (which have eggs in it), but that’s as far as I get on that front. After this challenge I’m going to make a paleo biscuit and put a microwaved egg on it! Have a wonderful weekend!

    • it’s kinda rocking my world. however pathetic that may sound, but i freely admit my life is that boring. i’ve never gotten around to mug cakes- which is odd considering i have like 15 variations on my pinterest boards. you have a great weekend too, pretty lady!

  8. You don’t like avocado!?!? I guess, I don’t like peanut butter, so we’re even. Interesting, your stove puts you in danger too. I think I just need to talk to mine more often.
    Happy eating! 🙂

  9. Yeah, I used to struggle a lot with packing my lunch, too. Sometimes I would take leftovers from the previous night’s dinner or sometimes just a breakfast burrito to keep it simple. When I was Dieting(!) I used to agonize over my packed lunch and the entire ordeal took 45+ minutes, which was a big turnoff. Having one super long breakfast is a much better idea!

    I’m super nosey and always love WIAWs 🙂

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