MIMM: A Wedding Back Home

This weekend I went back to my alma mater for Molly, my college roommate’s wedding. She’s been engaged for two years so it’s been a long time coming, yet it was so strange when her wedding day actually arrived. Just another reminder of how fast time is going. I lovelovelove my alma mater – Mount St. Mary’s University. It’s a rural campus situated on a mountain and the campus is just incredibly beautiful. Everything just feels right when I’m back there. I don’t go back often, but it’s always pretty weird when I do. It’s strange to be on campus and not be a part of the everyday flow of it. I belong, but I don’t really belong anymore.

At the last minute, Molly invited one of our other roommates [and my best friend] Carolyn. I don’t see Carolyn that often, so I’m always thrilled when I do get to see her. This was the first of my friends to get married, and it was surreal to be sitting in the pews with Molly up there saying vows. My roommate since freshman year was a bride!? Going to be a Mrs? A wife? How are we old enough to be getting married? The ceremony was so nice- I always tear up when the father gives the bride away. I’m pretty confident that when I get married, my dad and I will be needing to sport fashionable rain boots with all the tears we’ll be shedding during that walk down the aisle. In an interesting turn, there was a large rugby tournament going on right outside the chapel. With the chapel windows open during the ceremony, every so often we’d hear large waves of noise and cheering, and of course it happened during moments of silence, ha.

It was so great to see how excited the newlyweds were- they were just beaming that the day was finally here after so much planning. The reception was insanely fun, I also cried at the father-daughter dance. Father/daughter relationships just get me, I guess ha. From the first song after dinner, the dance floor was packed. Molly and her husband love a good party, so they instructed the DJ to play only one slow song. It was a really young crowd ready to hit the floor and the DJ knew exactly which songs to play. I was able to engage in my favorite type of dancing– yelling out lyrics and bopping around. No thank you to grinding.

I was (am) really happy for the newlyweds, but it’s pretty crazy that Molly and I started our college journeys together and now she’s married and I’m no closer to getting married. Weird the different paths people are on. Anyway, it was marvelous to to see wonderful old college friends and celebrate a new beginning. What would be even more marvelous is if my headache went away..#canthang #old

The next day, Carolyn and I went to our favorite spot on campus- The Grotto of Lourdes. It’s located atop the mountain of the Mount’s campus and it is so beautiful and peaceful. Hundreds of thousands of people flock there each year and I was so lucky to have it in my very own backyard for four years. Go visit it and if you see any personnel from the university tell them I sent you and don’t believe whatever they tell you. Wink.

Speaking of weddings, congrats to Bmore blend Kate for getting engaged. I’m kind of obsessed with her ring.

Thanks to Katie for hosting!

What is your favorite song to dance to a wedding? I always like a good Party in the USA, Call Me Maybe, It’s Rainin Men (i wish) or Livin’ on a Prayer.

favorite part of weddings?


8 thoughts on “MIMM: A Wedding Back Home

  1. Favorite part of weddings: THE CAKE. Hands down. I’m still unsure of whether I will get married one day but I always tell people that I’d get married solely so that I get to taste lots of wedding cake and go on a honeymoon. Probably not the best reasons. Ha.
    My cousin got married and June and I loved dancing to Michael Jackson during that one…

  2. aww congrats to Molly on her wedding and congrats to Kate on getting engaged!! that ring is gorgeous!! i love weddings 🙂 they’re so filled with love and happiness. call me maybe is my jam 🙂

  3. Weddings are fun, lots of food (mostly yummy), something to drink (so you can dance), dancing, laughing, etc. Favourite song for a wedding? Easy, “Blame It On The Boogie”! I can’t dance to save my life, to the steps for that calm the people that think that because I grew up in Colombia I must know how to dance. 🙂
    Now… where are the photos? 🙂

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