Caitlyn Combat

I honestly don’t even know what to say (cue the ‘so why say anything at all?’). Last night was my first Les Mills body combat class and “butt kicking” even seems too tame to describe it.

For some reason, my gym didn’t see fit to advertise the classes that well, so there were only other three people there. I was excited for the class because I have wanted to try BodyCombat for a while, and because this was the first class my favorite gym location was offering so I knew everyone else would be new to it, for the most part, as well. Not so. The other three people had all taken classes off and on for the past year. Sigh. Here we go again, I thought. I think I should just accept I’ll always be the worst person in the classe.

We were halfway through track 1 and I was already huffing and puffing. I had to stop looking at myself in the mirror because I would start to giggle at how funny I looked, just flinging weak punches at the air. I also received yet another generous reminder that I am horribly uncoordinated. Chris, the instructor, probably thought I had been bedridden for the last two decades and that it was my first day ever in the outside world. I was so behind on the choreography. Even if my life had depended on it, I could not have figured out the counts. At one point, when we were punching like crazy, my two fists knocked into each other which I thought was hilarious yet undeniably pathetic. Great showing of teamwork there, by my brain and my hands.

I also learned that I am a visual learner. The instructor facing us is always helpful for the most part, but at some points when we were doing 1/4 turns then jumps then 1/2 turns the other way then a combo of high kicks and low kicks, I wish he would have had his back to us so I could see what the heck my feet and arms were supposed to be doing and which way and which angle because my brain could not figure out how to make my body do it.

Chris kept yelling at us to think of our enemies and who we hate and want to punch. I couldn’t think of anyone. My best guesses were Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. At a water break, one of the girls remarked to her friend that she was thinking of the leaders in Syria. I was all “….ohhhh…” I guess that’s a good one to think of, too. Haha. Jeez.

At the end, Chris announced that we just burned between 750-800 calories (!) and the class was the equivalent of 1,000+ crunches. I was all but slumped over thinking I would have preferred the crunches because at least then I would have just been able to be splayed out on the floor the whole time. But now that I’m of sane mind [well, as sane as my mind can be], I know I had fun. Chris said it would take us 4 or 5 classes to get the hang of choreography. I’m just glad that the first class is over with because I can only get better after that disastrous performance.

After class was over, I went to my car and just sat there, trying to process what the hell had just happened. I was so spent, I was thinking I probably shouldn’t operate machinery. And I’m super sore today. But…I can’t wait to go back.


31 thoughts on “Caitlyn Combat

  1. I love kickboxing! It is seriously the best workout. I agree though, even though I’m good with choreography, BodyCombat is harder to follow than probably any other class I’ve taken. You’ll get the hang of it though, it’s worth the burn (and the endorphins) 🙂

    • this was my first real attempt at it and HOLY COW. haha. it was so hard! it wiped the floor with me. it’s totally worth it and i can’t wait until i get somewhat of a handle on the choreo and such.

    • that’s what got me through it- knowing that it was my first class and i can’t possibly get any worse. it’s just not possible haha. agreed- such a good feeling and i’m learning to love it.

  2. This actually does sound like an awesome class and an even more awesome workout! I love the body pump type of classes (especially kickboxing, which sounds like body combat). Whenever I go to zumba, I always like the instructors that have their backs to me so I can mirror them. I also don’t look at myself in the mirror, instead following the instructor so I think that’s what I look like too. I couldn’t look further from the way I think I do usually…

  3. Haha…Taylor Swift, I could see that. I love LesMills classes! Body Combat is a good one but not my favorite because like you said, you really have to get into it mentally which I struggled with.
    Body Attack is a blast! If your gym has that, you should definitely try it!

    • aw thanks! i am the opposite. i prefer to go by myself because then i don’t feel as self-conscious if i see my friend, who also is a first-timer, doing better at it! hahaha.

  4. Hi Caitlyn, I am a bodycombat instructor and came across your page! Don’t worry about your coordination and choreography, a fellow instructor didn’t even know how to count to the music let alone put moves to it and now he is one of the national trainers. Keep at it! x

  5. That’s awesome. I know exactly the level of coordination you speak of. It’s like mine, except my body comes with no rhythm. High-fiving yourself with fists… yep… entirely possible. Keep it up! The initial shock will wear off and the skill will kick in (hopefully not literally). 🙂

  6. That is pretty much me and Zumba’s love story. I don’t get how I am suppose to switch my hips while doing a full circle maneuver. Gah, I always wanted to try BodyCombat though! They have it at my gym and maybe I should stop being so lazy one of these days and go.

  7. Sounds intense! I give you lots of props for trying it out. I’ve never done any Les Mills classes but I don’t think my gym offers them. I’m always SO intimidated when I try something new at the gym but I’m making an effort to break out of my comfort zone…in all areas of my life. Starting with using the dang weight machines at the gym instead of merely cardio!

    • ohh yes i hear you on that. i hate doing anything new at the gym because i might as well wear a sign on my forehead announcing ‘i’m new and i’m clueless. hi!’ that’s why i was so excited when body combat started. i was like yesssss we all start at the same place and no one will know what to do! haha not so! and i’m still scared of the weights level at my gym. so much grunting, so many men and i have no idea what to do or what half of the stuff is for. haha but go girl!

  8. I love love love Body Combat. I used to be intimidated the first few times I attended that class. I was sooo bad at following the instructor. LOL! But after a while, you’ll get use to it! It’s a good fitness class. Always feels satisfying after. 🙂

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