Five [Lengthy] Facts Friday

thanks for your super nice comments on my last post. no mean e-mails [yay] but a few really nice ones. you guys are the bestest around.


1. I’ve boasted before about the amazing cardio cinema at my gym. The other day “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” was playing. I had heard it was cute, and I knew the cast was packed with actors and actresses that I knew (hellooooo Chace Crawford please call me, my phone number is in all the letters and tweets I have sent you), so I went in and watched. It was adorable! I watched for 50 minutes while doing a treadmill / elliptical split. I had the hardest time pulling myself off the machine – the only time this has ever happened –  because I wanted to see the end so badly. Damn work and the whole “showing up is mandatory” thing.  So I bought it. I’m excited to finally get to the end.


2. I want to give a shout-out for nice neighbors with whom we have an arrangement. Heh. Our packages get dropped off at the mechanic who is two doors down from us so they don’t sit out on our doorstep all day while we’re at work or if the packages get put on our doorstep, one of the staff gets them and leaves us a note. Sometimes if one of the staff sees me drive down the street on my way home from work, they’ll come to our door and give the package to me, to you know, spare me from having to walk the five steps (!!!!! Oh the horror) outside of my house. Apparently my laziness is fairly obvious. For as negative as I am and how frequently I stomp around bemoaning that my glass is not half empty it’s ¾ empty and will never be full again ever ever ever ever, I’m lucky and people are nice [sometimes].


3. On Wednesday I went to my first CXWORX class. I’d caught glimpses of it a few times and saw them doing planks. I knew it would be hard, but manageable. After all, it was only a half hour. I’d blink and it would be over! I could do this. Um. Yeah. I was aching midway through the warm-up and cursing that we still had 26 minutes left! 26!!!! The instructor Heather was a sub, but I really liked her. She had the most calming voice even though the instructions she was dishing out were hurtful. This class was my first ride on the resistance band tube [see what I did thereeeee! No? okay]. At one point, we had to slip them over our sneakers and even though I kept putting mine midway through my foot, they kept snapping off after about five movements.  The woman next to me, trying to be helpful, said maybe I shouldn’t be so jerky. At first I thought she was actually calling me a jerk***. I couldn’t blame her. Those mirrors they insist on having in the fitness studio don’t lie and I had a scowl on the whole time [it’s my ‘angry at myself’ face and my ‘don’t judge I am aware I suck’ face].  I was appalled for maybe seven whole seconds, fuming ‘what the hell?!!? This chick doesn’t know me!’ then I realized she probably meant my movements. So uncoordinated, so new, so clueless, so sorry, so get me outta here I’ll come back when I’m stronger. I liked the class because it was short (yay) and sweaty and now I’m sore, but I’ll like it a lot better when I’m not so pathetic and slipping in piles of my own sweat while I plank.


4. I am trying to become more adventurous at the gym rather than just ducking into the cardio cinema and then relying on Body Pump for my strength training. Outside of the spin studio, we have this lovely area where nobody ever is. I think it’s the personal training area but I have yet to see a single soul there. It has weights and resistance bands and other wonderful things. The other day I wandered over because it was isolated and semi did a Peanut Butter Fingers circuit (I forget which one it actually was). I say semi because I didn’t know half of the moves. I think I might need to bring print-out descriptions next time.


5. I have a $100 Visa gift card and have been wracking my brain on how to spend it. My mom suggested I spend it on groceries over the next few weeks but that’s boring and way too practical.  I decided I want a heart rate monitor / calorie burner teller watch thing because it would be super helpful as I never really know how effective my workouts are. What’s a good-ish one? halp.


BONUS* because it’s Friday and I’m generous.

Remember when I wrote about how my family was trying to get fit toooo? Well, here is my mom down 30 pounds posing with her two favorite children! She’s down 35 pounds now but this is a few weeks old from when I was in Ocean City. She looks soo good and I’m as proud as a peacock. She’s so devoted to this it’s inspiring. This actually isn’t that great of a picture but I’m obsessed with our labradoodle photobomb’er. We all thought Maggie was out on the porch haha. #diligentpetowners

maggie photobomb


funny story about the rubberband on my right wrist. there isn’t a story. one day i looked down and saw i had a rubberband on my wrist and had no idea of how it got there. i thought this was amusing and didn’t take it off for like three weeks.  i am a weirdo.


***I actually am a jerk for posting this.





28 thoughts on “Five [Lengthy] Facts Friday

  1. Congrats to your mom! What a inspiration you must be 🙂 I tend to do the same boring thing at the gym and really need to find some aerobic or workout classes to change it up.

    • d’aw thanks girl! and yeah i realized i couldn’t just go into the cinema everyday for treadmill, elliptical or bike, should probably get the most out of my expensive membership and utilize some machines! now just have to figure out how to work them all haha.

    • hey! i go to merritt clubs– the cardio cinema is at towson. and yes it’s so nice to just go and lose yourself watching a movie or show! i especially love that they keep it dark.

  2. Why can’t all gyms have a cardio cinema! That’s unfair! Whenever I get gift cards/reward cards, I use them to buy an Amazon e-giftcard so I can just use it to purchase whatever I usually get on Amazon! Maybe that might be helpful for you. 🙂

    • ohhhh that’s so smart. i buy so much off amazon! and yes every gym should have a cardio cinema. it is so nice. i don’t watch many movies or tv shows so i feel kind of in the loop haha.

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