Hear Me Roar

Oh, hey.

boy meets world make it stop

I took a quick vacay from blogging because shooooot I was just worn down. I reactivated Facebook so I’m sucked back into that hole of ‘WILL EVERYONE PLEASE STOP GETTING ENGAGED DECEMBER 21 2012 HAS PASSED THE MAYANS WERE WRONG’, there’s Twitter to make sure everyone knows allllllllll of my opinions on my terrible TV shows, Pinterest to live vicariously through, Instagram which I’m tryingtryingtrying to be better at, and blah. Also work is starting to pick up, and I usually hammer out a post before I get started working and chip away at reading blogs in spare moments… and I just got bogged down and overwhelmed and the club can’t even handle me right now.


That last sentence I typed was a lie. I’ve been going out on weekends with Jenna, the girl from work who I used to swear hated me. Will wonders never cease? Reading my old posts and man..even knowing that in books/movies, the girl character that is ice cold and kinda bitchy to the heroine/narrator is either a) really an icy cold bitch and becomes the mortal enemy to our fair heroine or b) not really ice cold and bitchy it was all a misunderstanding  then they team up, I would have sworn B would never happen with us co-verkers, but here we are, stumbling around the streets laughing about too many vodka/sprites. Is my social life actually on the upswing? Stay tuned for this new development because painful detail is my thing.

shine bright

new motivational sign on cubicle.

The new girl, Alex, who shares my cubicle has the exact same humor as me and so we’re laughing, joking around, talking obsessively about Bravo shows (and what a douchebag Ryan Culberson is on Real Housewives of OC because any 20 something MARINE who gets in a sweet and gracious 64 year old’s face ,an invited guest of your mother-in-law, for no reason deserves to be punched in the face over and over and over SIGH makes me so mad and did that make any sense? no), sending Buzzfeed articles back and forth with subject lines that say things like “Sales meeting prep”, all day long. My boss Sharon and I have such a stellar relationship, she is forever telling the company leadership what a great job I’m doing (puh-leez give me a raise), gives me a lot of freedom with important projects and has so much trust in me,  and we also talk about Bravo shows and what a douchebag Ryan Culberson is and she brings me in books which of course makes her one of my favorite people.

tina piza

I think I have mentioned it but I’m competing in the “Biggest Loser” at work where we weigh in weekly. There’s an overall Loser Winner, who loses the most weight throughout the competition. There’s also weekly rankings for the person who loses the most each week. For the first two weeks, yours truly was dead last.  I’m pretty sure every time I personally was in last it was because I gained weight. Then I won the next two weeks. And was middle of the pack rest of the weeks. Won another week. Once again on the bottom last week. One of the other ‘losers’ said to me ‘Wow, Caitlyn, you sure are a compelling competitor. I can never predict what you do every week!’ Haha. That may sound mean, but she’s the nicest lady and it is kind of funny. The other contestants are all consistent-ish and then there’s hurricane Caitlyn. Up 2 pounds, down 3 pounds, up 2 pounds, down .5 a pound. I am so consistent in my inconsistency. It’s a rare talent.  The competition is halfway over and I’m hoping I can string together a good run. Right now I’m in 4th, which is more impressive than it sounds, considering 7 people are competing.

zombies dotn text

Does anyone watch Pretty Little Liars? I’m watching it on my computer as I write this. This show has so jumped the shark. I used to OBSESS about this show and talk conspiracy theories until the cows came home but now can barely muster up any interest anymore and there’s a whole new crop of creeps I do not care about. Also, if anyone wants to join me in my ‘Aria & Ezra a blackhole of suck’ camp where we sit around and don’t care about Ezria and angrily tweet show producers demanding answers (that I have yet to receive) about why “A” has never, ever done anything to Aria while the other 3 girls are repeatedly put through hell, I’m over here to the left.  Oh you stupid show, I wish I could quit you.

homer treadmill

I finally figured out, with the help of my college roommate Rachel, why my DVD player wasn’t working. It is now set up and I just got Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred and another one of hers I can’t remember. I’m terrified/excited/clinging to relief that SHE CAN’T SEE ME.

iti s law

Someday when I have my own company, I am going to implement a policy where we allot employees with “not in the mood” days. Not in the mood days are when your alarm goes off and you just cannot haul yourself out of bed,  when your alarm goes off and it’s raining (aka it should be illegal to have to get OUT of bed), when you just want to stay in bed and watch Law & Order: SVU marathons all day, or when you are not in the mood to leave your house. For me that’s like everyday but all good things in moderation.

Let’s take a road trip and go here. I may or may not have teared up. THIS GUY IS THE GREATEST.

1 .bagel bites or pizza rolls? i like both, but am staunchly team bagel bites fo life.

2. what places do you want to visit? i have a lot. atlanta (meg & rebekah, i’m coming). miami, hawaii (obv), pittsburgh, san fran (i need to see the full house house), nashville, vegas, nawleans. don’t even get me started on international places.

3. fave fitness DVD?

*the post title is homage to katy perry’s new song which i can not and will not take off repeat. super annoying lyric video ahead.


21 thoughts on “Hear Me Roar

  1. i think its normal to need a little break from blogging- life happens! i cut down to like 2 posts a week for a bit, now i’m up to 4. i mean, its my other full time job at this point. glad your real work is going well! and now on to the important stuff- 1. team bagel bites! 2. ahh too many to list. suddenly LA is on the top of my list because my bf is moving out there soon. 3. im going old school- billy blanks tai bo workout. ive never sweat so much from a dvd in my life as i did in the 90s. i really need to find that dvd 🙂

  2. Glad you’re back! It’s been a while!! Blogging can be overwhelming, especially when it feels like you have to keep up with the latest trending subject topics that apprently we are required to talk about on certain days?? HA. Well, that’s how I feel about that haha. Glad you’re still enjoying your job, and it probably helps to have a fun new coworker by your side 🙂

  3. Listen girl, I get that you needed a break, I really do, but damn if Rebekah and I weren’t just talking about how we miss your humorous and ridiculous sarcasm SO MUCH!!! SO YAY for coming back and please don’t leave me again. I keeeed, I keeeed, life is so busy for everyone and I’m truly impressed at blogger’s abilities to keep up. 🙂
    Is that motivational quote from Life Size, that Disney movie with Tyra and LiLo, pre crazy?
    I am thrilled you are making friends and holding such an inconsistent record at work! I love that your company is doing that too. 🙂
    COME TO ATLANTA NOW! OUR DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t joke, we’ll be here for a while, so come come come come come come come.

  4. Pizza rolls for life!! My husband thinks they have weird cheese (?) But I LOVE them. One of those foods I have to avoid buying because I will eat them all, go buy more.. and eat those too.

    ps. LOVE the use of “jumped the shark” I don’t know many people who get that. haha!

    • haha i am the same way with bagel bites. must avoid because i demolish those trays then walk the block and a half to CVS and get more. sighhhh. ha and yes i love saying jumped the shark. the internetz taught me that one 😉

  5. Don’t get me started on social media. It was hard enough just having Facebook…then Twitter…then Pinterest…then Instagram…yeah I signed up to Instagram with great intentions. Not gonna happen soon. Reading and writing blogs, going on Facebook AND tweeting is just about enough for me. Otherwise they’ll be nothing social about me…
    I’m sorry for being so British but I don’t even know what bagel bites or pizza rolls are……so errr pizza? Because I assume it’s like pizza??
    I want to visit Japan!

    • seriously all of these new things keep popping up! i can’t keep up. it’s so overwhelming. i want to go to japan too! so many places i want to visit- that overwhelms me too, haha.

  6. Ok, so Ryan Culberson… I know, I couldn’t BELIEVE how he just like snapped, I was actually scared… BUT, he has done like 4 tours in Afghanistan so I just don’t think you are ever the same after that. Not to say it was OK, but dang, he has probably seen things you and I can’t even imagine…

    Btw, do you know about Slade Smiley’s son??? I was so shocked to read that his son is basically on his deathbed right now and his mother is caring for him 24/7. I guess he has a brain tumor, and he has had it for years now. I was surprised this info never came out before, but my question is – how can Slade AND Gretchen go around town going to dinner, having an elaborate (staged) engagement party, while his son is going through such a horrible illness? It boggles my mind! If you are interested, you can read about it in this article: http://starcasm.net/archives/213965

    Take care 🙂

    • yeah i think they will probably pin it on PTSD. i am grateful for his service but damn. none of that was okay and i am not interested in briana and vicki’s defense of it. slade & gretchen felt all sorry for themselves about grayson this season, but still are halfway across the country from him. it’s so disgusting- they are vile. i hope andy kicks them off. if they get a wedding spin-off, i’ll be furious.

  7. I’m glad you’re back!! Can you come back more often, though? Like every day? Cool. Thanks. Um, yes yes yes yes yes come to Atlanta now. Now. Do it. Do it now. Come on. Do it! Haha. You know how I feel about SVU marathons so if you come down, we can just sit in bed, eat, um, everything, and watch SVU. Glad your social life is good! I don’t have one outside of Meghan and my boyfriend. Kick that competition’s ass!! You can do it!

  8. As part of my job I hold a Biggest Loser challenge every year for our employees. We have about 60 people who participate which is pretty good. I see the same thing in a lot of people fluctuating up and down every week! I say as long as you are trying to make healthier choices, you’re okay! My weight is all over the place. On Monday I will be 5 pounds heavier than Friday…what the!? I blame it on all the liquids I drank all weekend if ya know what I mean…

  9. I used to love doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, I’ve since loaned it to a friend, and have done it so many times its now boring. I bought a more difficult dvd of hers but it was so hard I can barely keep up! (but overall I really like her workouts!)

    • the people i know who do 30ds love it. it’s like the #1 dvd i hear the best (and worst, because it’s painful) things about so i’m looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. i can see how that might happen if you do it too much- Jillian’s “style” would totally get stale.

      • I didn’t think 30 day shred was too painful…She does 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs. and repeat 3 times. Its totally doable! Its a great intro workout, but if you already have your bodypump (i think that was the class you do) you may want to do one of her newer/tougher dvds.

  10. This is too funny. Yeah, diet and no sugar thing out the window when I found the frozen yogurt pretzels. Luckily it’s only the uber religious people around us that are getting married, but still, freaking me out a little bit.

  11. Welcome back 🙂

    I really want to visit London, Holland (my mum is dutch), Egypt, USA (again), Vietnam, but what I’m really craving at the moment is a sunny island beach holiday since it is the middle of winter here in Australia!

    I LOVE Pretty Little Liars I am a few episodes behind though so am hoping to do some catching up on it this weekend.

  12. this is my first time reading your blog and i love, love, love your sense of humor! also, that you have a disregard for capitalizing the first letter in a sentence, like myself lol. so glad you’re blogging again or i might not have spotted ya 🙂

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