The Real World Summons


Ahoy!  My big vacation is all over. I worked Monday and Tuesday last week then went back to Ocean City to celebrate my dad’s birthday with the family. It was a lot of fun to hang out with my family before the school year begins. My sister is only home for a few more weeks until she goes back to college and my brother has been interning at his college in New Jersey (aka: not home) and then begins senior year. We threw a  party at the Fishman, my family’s garage bar, for my dad’s birthday. with 15 people.  It’s such a fun space to have and we’re all really excited for all the fun memories to come.

Now I’m sitting here at work glowering at the walls of my cubicle and am just….not in the mood for this. I’m tempted to change my out-of-office message to “Nope”.  Whenever I take a vacation from work, I always come back and feel like an alien who has no idea on what planet I have just accidentally crashed onto. So yeah this sucks. But I’m also kind of relieved in one aspect. My vacation is over and I can get back into my gym routine. I’m such a creature of habit and I hate when my routine gets disturbed.

I’ve been better about the gym (Tuesdays are still my favorite) but the looming vacation weekends derailed my healthy eating/diet over the last two weeks. I stopped buying produce and such because “what was the point!!! i’m leaving! it’ll go bad!!!” so I fell back into the open arms of terrible eating habits. It’s beyond annoying that I cannot seem to  juggle them both – fitness and healthy eating – for longer than 7.3 seconds before one of them goes crashing to the floor. Sigh. We’ll get there someday, I guess.

While on vacation, though, I balanced neither and did not even attempt it. We  had friends over who bought cake, cookies, all kinds of dips, bread, etc. Even though my family is all aboard the healthy train with me, apparently none of us can say no to friends with cake.

In August, while attempting to right the fit ship and work on my balancing act, I also need to work on spending less. I don’t know why I behaved and spent like I received some uber-generous raise in July because I actuallllllllly did not. I still make as little as ever yet spent in a bigger-than-usual way. But..I saw this idea during one of my marathon Pinterest sessions and am enthused by it. The pin I found dubbed it the “Motivational Money Jar: Pay Yourself to Work Out” and here is how it works:

Each time you hit the gym or exercise put one dollar into your jar (if you can, slip $5 in there when you’ve had a particularly great week). Then, at the end of a month or every few months, cash in on your efforts. Treat yourself to a new top or even a relaxing spa pedicure.

One pinner commented and said they did this with healthy meals and dimes. I’m totally adapting that too to get back on board with my healthy eating, too. As per usual, you might be wondering, “Caitlyn that’s a cool idea and all….but what does that have anything to do with anything? WHY DO YOU NEVER MAKE SENSE?” To the first part of your question, I say it’s to help curtail my spending all of my money on cute outfits and make myself, literally, work for them while getting back in my routine. To the second part, I say sorry. I wish I knew, too.

Anyone ever tried something like the money jar?

Any great vacations planned before the end of summer? Make me jealous.


8 thoughts on “The Real World Summons

  1. Work after vacation is the worst. Hopefully I’ll be going to Ocean City on Thursday, but my husband is home sick right now. So I hope his work will still let him go when he gets better. The only money jar I’ve ever had was a change jar and that never amounts to much. We’ve been keeping a spreadsheet to track our incoming and outgoing money. We almost always lose (as in we spend more that we bring in every month), but it does help you think before you spend. We are slowly improving. Bad habits are hard to break.

    • oh no! hope he is on the mend and you both get the chance to get away tomorrow. yeah, i’ve just started using too. i’m an impulsive spender, so i need to start being more aware of what i’m spending.

  2. Haha yeah friends with cake is just one of those situations that very few people can say no to. I mean, they’re your friends…they have cake… yeah it’s going to happen.
    I have been spending way too much money lately :-S and all on stupid stuff I don’t need…why hello new running top, new running shorts…random expensive meat.
    But you just gotta draw a line in the sand and move on with better intentions and good goals! No point dwelling or regretting! 🙂

  3. Girl, I know how you feel with the work after vacay thing. Ugh, that was me last week. I love the idea of a money jar. I did that years ago with other things, but I haven’t tried it lately. Sucky thing is that I never have cash on me. Hmm. In other news: I want cake now. Thanks. Haha.

  4. Haha, that last line was perfect! I can’t explain why I don’t make sense most of the time either. Supah cute vacay pictures, by the way! So adorable! 🙂
    I hate returning to work from vacation – it’s as if years of work have piled up! So annoying…

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