MIMM: Ocean City weekend

Oh Monday, how quickly you find me. As always, thanks to Katie for hosting.

This weekend was so marvelous that I can’t promise this won’t be ungodly long. Two of my roommates from college, Carolyn and Rachael, came up to my family’s beach house in Ocean City, NJ. We all took off on Friday so we could get maximum beach time and time with each other. My college roommate dynamics are pretty weird. Here’s an unnecessary backstory but I’m sure the roommates will be mentioned a time or two in the future, so I’ll write it out now. I roomed with a girl, M, freshman year. Across the hall from us were three girls, Rachael, Carolyn and H. We all quickly became inseparable. Sophomore year, we all kept the same roommate arrangements and lived on the same hall again. Junior year and senior year, all five of us lived in an apartment. H and M got boyfriends and changed. M came to me one day and said, “Hey. When did you first start listening to ‘Call Me Maybe?’ Because I started listening to it a month ago, and you just started.’ I will never claim to be a paragon of deep, philosophical thinking, and will always admit I can be pretty vain, but when somebody started listening to a song is something I will never care about. In what world is that kind of thing important? Get a hobby. Anyway. M and H were at their boyfriends all the time, so Rachael, Carolyn and I became super close. We saw M at alumni weekend in February and she couldn’t be bothered to return our hellos. She is now engaged and getting married in September. H is a bridesmaid. I am invited. Rachael and Carolyn are not. We cannot figure out why *I* made the list, and they did not. I couldn’t go to her bridal shower this weekend because…Rachael and Carolyn were coming for the weekend we had planned for months. Awkward.

So, Rachael and Carolyn are two of my favorite people ever and best friends. The three of us just have so much fun together as we all highly enjoy bopping around in bars singing (uh, yelling) into our beer bottles. Friday night, we went out in Atlantic City to Harrah’s Pool After Dark. It’s a beautiful space and the DJ was great. We left around 3 a.m., and were delighted upon discovering that Harrah’s has all these late-night snack options like pizza, ice-cream, Philly pretzels, and subs. We got fries, pretzels and ice-cream. Haha. More late night drunk snacking options should include ice-cream. We were dancing so much it seems we worked up an appetite, oh and I’m sure all the alcohol consumed had a little something to do with it. We sat there feasting, saying ‘Ohhhhh this is so bad. Oh this is so bad. We’ll hate that we did this tomorrow. Pass the ketchup.’ I have adopted a new habit of giving out fake names whenever I go out. I think I am having an identity crisis. In AC, I was Paige. Normally it just stops at the name but Friday, I was on a roll. I told this poor guy I did social media for the FBI and spent all my days Instagram’ming the mug shots of our most wanted list. I just know I’m going to meet my husband at a bar and at our wedding the best man will get up for his toast and say ‘Well, we all knew when we met Caitlyn that she was special…for one, she told us her name was Hilary.’

This weekend was also the grand opening of our new bar in our garage. My dad once had a dream that we had a bar in our garage, so it took a few years, but we turned it into reality. It was a great spot to hang out and pre-game.


um this is a terrible picture but it’s the only picture of the bar. Priorities.

Saturday night we had my parents’ friends over at the bar for the grand opening. We pre-gamed and then drove to DEauville Inn to have a few drinks at the beach bar. We got there just as the sun was setting.


We stopped in at another bar that my dad used to love called Twistie’s, where we finally got around to dinner. At 10 pm. My parents and their friends headed home after, and we were stuck looking for a cab to continue our night. We wound up calling my little sister who happily obliged. We went to Sea Isle City to the infamous Ocean Drive bar and met up with a friend from college.

OD is a huge bar with endless streams of people pouring in, and no one leaving. They always have great bands to enjoy and last nights was one of my favorites. They were terrific, and had a great setlist with a good variety like Under the Bridge, Since U Been Gone, Can’t Hold Us, Roll to Me, Sweet Nothings, Say Aah, and Lights.

It was just as difficult getting a cab from Sea Isle to Ocean City but since it was 3:00 in the morning, my sister wasn’t really an option. We finally got one at 4, and were home at 4:45. We did enjoy a drunk girl stumbling from cab to cab, and upon finding out that they couldn’t take her as they were already reserved, she would yell “IS IT BECAUSE I’M NOT A SIZE ZERO??? I’m a size SEVEN. Is that so offensive?” It was pretty hilarious.

The next day we were exhausted. I drove home with my dad to PA (where my car was) and the whole way was fighting off a hangover so severe I was praying I wouldn’t get sick. I came home to PA and instead of jumping in my car to head back to Baltimore as was planned, I took a three hour nap and just decided I would get up early on Monday and head back.

It was a pretty freaking marvelous weekend. It was a lot of fun with friends I wish I saw more, but we’re scattered all over the place and it’s difficult.

Also marvelous is the aftermath of the Baltimore Healthy Living Bloggers meet-up last Monday. By Friday morning, the 23 bloggers had exchanged 40 e-mails and were brainstorming possible future get-togethers. We are newly dubbed the Bmore Blends (blends= blogger + friends). These ladies are so awesome. I am SO happy about getting to know them better and getting to hang out with them more. I got two e-mails asking about how to plan a blogger meet-up and everyone reading this should absolutely do it. Having a happy hour was, in my opinion, the perfect first get-together. It was laid-back and casual, plus alcohol helped ease everyones nerves.

I work today and tomorrow, then I’m back to Ocean City on Wednesday to celebrate my dad’s birthday and have a really long weekend. It doesn’t make too much sense, but my vacation days are so limited I couldn’t take Monday and Tuesday as well. That’s pretty marvelous as well.

Not marvelous but last Tuesday our Labradoodle Maggie got a bump (a “growth”) removed. The vet didn’t think it was anything suspicious, but we opted to have it removed and biopsied anyway. She hadn’t been herself all month, so we’re all really worried. Tomorrow we get the biopsy results. Here’s hoping it’s nothing. If something happens to that dog, I’m going to need to be committed.

Have a great day, lovelies.

EDITED: Biopsy results in…..Maggie is okay!!!!! It was a benign growth. HUGE sigh of relief. Thanks for all the thoughts, friends πŸ™‚

carlton dance


16 thoughts on “MIMM: Ocean City weekend

  1. Sounds like an absolutely lovely weekend!

    Where in OCNJ do you guys have a house?

    I’m heading to OCNJ alllllll next week for my yearly family vacay and I believe our house is somewhere before 1st Street, so near the beginning of the boardwalk. If you’re around, I’d love to meet up and say hi!

  2. Aww hope your dog’s OK!
    Ice cream could be the best post-night on food. Amazing. Definitely beats what I used to have – a greasy kebab or a box of chips (fries as you guys call them). I think ice cream would have been awesome. I say would have because my days of going out and partying to all hours just doesn’t happen anymore…and I’m quite grateful! Though I’m only 25 I seriously don’t have that sorta stamina anymore haha.

    • thanks girl! found out today she is!! yay- sooo relieved. haha at 24 i’m definitely slowing down! i can’t handle as much of it as i used to. and when i’m out, i think ‘sheeshh when did everyone here get SO YOUNG!?!’ i feel so old now! hahah.

  3. Oh gosh, that story of yours is typical girl drama. I can’t STAND that stuff! It’s so difficult to be in the middle of all of it, too…I hope somehow there’s a way to work it all out.
    Either way, I’m glad you had a good time with your friends!
    Your doggie is in my thoughts. My first dog, Abby, had a number of bumps removed over about three years, and it wasn’t until she got older that they came back with bad results. Hopefully Maggie’s aren’t anything to worry about, either!

    • it is so stupid and all so passive aggressive. can’t deal with it. we found out today maggies weren’t anything! so relieved. but it’s so scary. she’s turning 10 in november. still acts like a puppy but this was the first instance where we were all ‘omg she’s getting up there in years. what if this really is something serious?” ah. thanks for the thoughts πŸ™‚

  4. Weekends at the Jersey Shore are ALWAYS marvelous! I’ve only been to the Pool bar once, but I loved it.. and I really just can’t get ever get enough of Atlantic City haha. Glad you had such a great weekend!

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