Baltimore HLB Meet-up Recap

I’ve prattled on and on about how I’ve been in my new city a year and making friends  has really been a struggle because I’m an introvert and yadda yadda yadda. I was skimming my own blog and thought ‘Sheesh I’m annoying’.  Stop going on and on about how hard it is and DO something about it. Easier said than done for sure. Then I read about Alex arranging a Pittsburgh blogger meet-up and I was inspired. I could at least manage to arrange a Baltimore healthy living blogger meet-up. Alex was also foolish gracious enough to open and reply to an e-mail from me with the tame and timid subject line HHHHEEEELLLLPPPPPP!!!!!

A Sunday afternoon was spent gathering blogs from Healthy Living Blogs site and social media then tracking down blogger e-mails. Bloggers with no e-mail addresses on your blog, it takes 4.4 seconds to register a new e-mail account on Gmail. Make a blog e-mail account. It makes everyone’s life easier.

I was a teensy bit nervous sending the e-mail out worrying they would think I was a creepy Internet weirdo (this is actually true, mwahaha) or they’d be like “Uh, who the hell are you?! Please take a seat.” But the replies started pouring in and people were  into the idea. It was awesome, and they were already plotting out more creative ideas for future get-togethers.

andy cohen thumbs up dancing

Last night, around 9 of us met up at local bar The Rowhouse Grille for a happy hour. On my way there, I realized that this would be my first time meeting people who read my blog. I was a little panic stricken for a good minute or two that my stupid ramblings were their first impression ha.

We were expecting around 13 or 14, but there was a massive accident that derailed a handful of bloggers. It was so great to hang out “IRL” with these awesome and charming Charm City bloggers for three hours and step beyond the computer screen. Everyone was friendly and excited to meet each other. Rowhouse was gracious enough to give us our own space with a private bartender and offered us tons of awesome drink specials. It was the perfect way to end a Monday night and everyone left voicing their eagerness  to make it a monthly thing! Woohoo.

baltimore HLBs

Back row from L to R: Kerry, Jess, Megan, Dani, Kait

Front row: Brittany, Kate, a weird passerby, Lauren 

Have you ever participated in a blogger meet-up?


27 thoughts on “Baltimore HLB Meet-up Recap

    • the private bartenders were the best. so handy. i made the first event a happy hour because i knew i would need drinks to be flowing to help me not be so nervous and awkward, haha.

    • do it! it really was such a success and worked out exactly how i dreamed it would. since then, there’s been 35-ish e-mails back and forth between all the bloggers planning and brainstorming meet-ups.

  1. I’ve only recently met another blogger and it’s really quite strange. In a good way. Mainly hearing their actual voice is initially weird because you just don’t know what to expect. But the blogger I met was lovely and it was really nice to actually meet her in person and chat like normal human beings haha.

    • do it! seriously if i can manage to do one, anyone can haha. it is so fun and has really paid off. everyone is now so excited to plan fun outings for the future!

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