Tuesdays Are My New Favorite Day

Aside from the fact that it is so freaking far from Friday.

After last week’s attempt at figuring out my new Tuesday evening gym routine, I think I’ve got it down. I left work at 3:30 and made a pitstop to Walmart to buy a visor ($3!!) because I burn to a crisp. Never tan, always burnt. I got to my gym around 3:45, changed, and made my way to a lounge chair. The pool at the gym just opened two months ago and…….I approve.

pool 2

I need to get in shape so I can buy a bathing suit and go down those slides.

It’s a “family pool” so there are lots of kids around but I don’t mind. I dutifully put on my 70 SPF sunscreen and settled in  reading
“Such a Pretty Fat: One Narcissist’s Quest to Discover If Life Makes Her Ass Look Big, or Why Pie Is Not The Answer.”  I thought I would be doing you a disservice if I didn’t post the full title. I’m only 18% in so I’m not sure if I love the actual book yet, but I knew by page two that I love Jen Lancaster, the author. I’ve never giggled aloud so many times while reading a book and did I mention I’m only 18% in? Jen is absolutely hilarious. Anyone who writes “I’m not lazy. I’m simply judicious about excess movement” is meant to be my friend. Seriously.

Anyway. I noticed they had $5 sangrias and I stood there for a good three minutes engaged in a heated debate with myself about whether or not I should get one. Sangria was practically invented for 90 degree days at the pool. I thought that with a little liquid courage, I would most likely be adventurous and more self-assured so I’d  stack tons of weight onto my bar at BodyPump and convince myself #yolo and that it made for a more productive workout. Hey maybe my newfound strength would impress hot body pump guy. Then, I would probably throw my back out because I was not in fact ready for all that adventurous weight on my bar, crumple to the floor in a writhing drunken heap, and the hot body pump guy would sweep me off into his arms and carry me off to the party room to tend to me because nobody is ever in the party room…..and yeah. Probably no sangria.

I was so relaxed that in any other situation it would have been difficult to peel myself off my chair and turn my Kindle off but I was so excited for Zumba. After about an hour and a half, I headed back inside to check in for Zumba at 6 and BodyPump at 7. It’s really weird to see the gym so active at this time. I’m normally there twelve hours earlier. People were just sitting around chatting in the lounge or watching TV whereas normally everyone is off to work in a rush and doesn’t have time to hang out and chat. The kids playroom, which is usually locked and dark at 5 a.m, is alive and vibrant with tons of kids running around.  I was standing in the hall waiting for yoga to end so I could get to Zumba, and a girl taps me on the shoulder and says “Have you gone to this class before?” She explained this was her first fitness class ever and she was really nervous. Ha! Lucky her, she unknowingly  was talking to the one who would be the most sympathetic person to her plight. I gave my passionate spiel and was very comforting, but I  think I pissed off a few people who were standing around when I declared “If you’re good at Zumba, you’re in the minority”. Thinking about it now, that sounds meaner than I intended it to.   I guess I went overboard on the trying to comfort her thing. I was trying to say nobody in the class is a professional dancer (that I can tell).

way harsh

I can’t say enough how much I love the Zumba instructor, Brian. He has the perfect personality for a Zumba class. You can tell he is having so much fun and is really sassy. He gets up off the stage every so often and will start dancing with a random member of the class for a few seconds. We all know I get intimidated at the drop of a hat or by a glance, but it’s fun. He said to this one older woman, “Drop it low, hot stuff!” and she did and it was hilarious. A new personal trainer dropped in to the class for a little to try it out and Brian pulled him up on stage with him. It was pretty comical to see this 6’4 guy with bulging muscles fumble around with the choreography to J. Lo’s “Papi”.

The class is always packed. Attendees started asking the gym managers if Brian could add another class, so they did! It’s Saturdays though so I’m not sure how often (if ever) I’ll get there. But yeah, Brian’s Zumba is apparently legendary, another classgoer told me.

After Zumba, it was time for BodyPump. The Tuesday night instructors switch off and on every week between a woman named Lori (last week) and Ashley (this week). I didn’t like Lori because she kept rushing us, urging us that “ya gotta move more quickly!!” when we were adjusting the weights on our bars after tracks, since she had to leave right after class ended to go somewhere for her son and I do not like to be rushed in situations like that. It makes me feel panicky. Ashley is mid 20’s and seems new, but I like her a lot more than Lori.

I think this is interesting…there were 18 in last week’s class, and this week there was 10. NONE of which was Hot Body Pump Guy. 😦 I’m intrigued to see if the attendance is a trend, if more people prefer Lori, who is older and who is clearly a veteran, as opposed to Ashley who’s new and you can tell still figuring out her teaching style and such. Of course, it could just be coincidence. In other BodyPump news, I was able to plank for the entire time which has happened all of nada in my lifetime.


Anyway I’m really pumped about my new Tuesday routines. The only thing I’m still unsure about is BodyCombat. The gym near my house offers BodyCombat at 5:45 on Tuesday mornings.  I really, really want to try it and that’s the only option I can make it to. I just don’t know if three fitness classes in one day is too much? Remember I was all impressed with myself when I did three fitness classes that one time? Haha. I’m leaning toward the thought that it will be fine as it’s not 3 fitness classes in a row (there’s literally a 12 hour break ha), but I don’t know. It will get me at work a good 30 minutes later than usual which I’m not happy about but from work’s perspective, is a non-issue. I also will  need to figure out how I am going to handle dinner each week.

So, I had a great time last night at my two classes and am a bit amused that I now look forward to Tuesdays, of all days. I just hope  it never rains.


1.  favorite group fitness teacher ever?

2. ever worked out with a nice alcoholic buzz? it’s probably all kinds of bad and not safe but…i’m sure it’s happened before.

3. who makes your have fitness clothes? i am looking to buy (surprise surprise) capris for the new longish reebok tank i just splurged on.


14 thoughts on “Tuesdays Are My New Favorite Day

  1. As a full time group exercise instructor, I really enjoy reading abouy the classes/leader from your perspective. I have fav instructors, as well. They make the workout seem like a party and leave you wanting more. I aim to do the same. I recommend Under Armour capris.

  2. Wow what gym do you belong to?! that pool looks awesome!! i would be all over that slide with the rest of the 8 year olds 🙂 and i keep saying this but that doesnt make it any less true- i need to try zumba!! and yes ive done the tipsy workout thing, but to be honest my favorite productive tipsy activity is cleaning/laundry. like when you have a couple at happy hour after work and you go home and you realize you need to do chores- i dont hardly mind after a beer or two 🙂

  3. Man, I need to find a gym like that! Sangria and an outdoor pool?! I’d be there a lot me regularly!!

    Lately, I’ve been buying some good stuff at Old Navy (surprisingly!). Cheap, decent quality, and pretty good style….hard to say no! I got a pair of nice running, compression capri’s for $15!

  4. I have clearly been going to the wrong gyms. Sangria? A pool WITH A SLIDE? Seriously been missing out 😉
    I love that your gym offers classes at 5.45am, so lucky. The earliest my gym does is 6.30am which is cutting it very close to either not doing my hair or not eating breakfast (is that even a decision? Breakfast clearly wins every time).

  5. Okay, so I there’s this Friday night hot yoga class that is taught by a woman who legitimately KICKS MY BUTT. I’m always happy I did it when the workout is over, but during the class it is brutal. Not only am I sweating profusely in the heated room, but then trying to hold these ridiculously hard poses and then “flow” into the next…the woman kills me. Props to you for doing Zumba! I do wii zumba in the comfort of my basement haha

  6. I think summer workout classes are hard to tell popularity because people are out of their routine (especially people with kids).
    I buy most of my workouts clothes at old navy, I love their regular capris (but not their compression capris those are awful!!).

  7. First of all, you’re effing hilarious. I love reading things like this: I thought that with a little liquid courage, I would most likely be adventurous and more self-assured so I’d stack tons of weight onto my bar at BodyPump and convince myself #yolo…hahaha!! Also, the line after it. I wanna see this body pump guy! Take a stalker photo soon, please! Good job gettin’ it with two classes back to back 🙂 I love that you’re exactly 18% into this book, haha. Also, I love the entire JLove cd and I’m not ashamed to say that. And I miss Clueless 😦 My boyfriend and I had a drink before the gym the other day. Wasn’t too bad. But anymore could have been disastrous. YAY for your new tuesday routine!

  8. The other half of MegBek here – I totally ran a 5K with a killer buzz and it was so much fun, albeit not super conducive to my time goals… Haha I love you girly! This post is awesome! Three classes would be too much for me some days, but others, I’d be all about it… Maybe do it every other week?

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