A Little More Conversation, A Little More Action

As I’ve mentioned before, I have many issues about talking about my weight. I just can’t talk about it with family or friends because I think it’s so embarrassing. I wasn’t planning on telling my family about my resolve to get my act together, health and fitness, wise. I just wanted to show up somewhere and be all ‘Oh?’ But I slipped and now they know.

In post linked above, I talked about how I didn’t want to go home because they were all so excited to see “the new me!” And I was scared of their expectations. And you know what, I did go home, they thought I looked “good” but could look “better.” No shit, Sherlocks, I think was my gentle reply. My mom still grabbed one of my stomach rolls (while I was sitting down, for God’s sake. Not a fair playing field) and said ‘Not there yet!’ which hurt but I didn’t let totally annoy me whereas normally I’d stew about it all day. I’m finally grasping that I don’t need to apologize or feel bad about things taking time because I’m A) doing it the right, healthy way which just happens to be a slow way and B) still have many of those days where I oversleep and don’t go to the gym or eat a cupcake (or two) when my co-worker brings them in. Although yes, I do have to remind myself of that quite frequently.

Now after hearing about my endeavor, my whole family has jumped aboard the ‘get fit’ train. Through the years, we’ve all packed on the pounds and none of us were making great decisions with food. Except for my dog Maggie. She remains flawless. My mom admitted she was so impressed by my getting up at 4 am (as she knows how hard it is for me to part from my bed) and trying to learn to eat healthy that she was inspired to finally get her own health back on track. Plus, and I think this is the biggest part, she realized she is one year away from the age her dad (my grandfather) was when he walked out to get the mail on a hot August day and had a fatal heart attack.

My parents are aiming to lose 40-50 pounds each. Before I was born, my dad was an avid amateur cyclist who participated in races and loved toying around with bikes. All the neighborhood kids would bring their bikes to him and “Melvin” –when my parents moved in, he jokingly told the kids to call him Melvin, which they of course gleefully ran with ha– would fix their bikes up and help their parents teach them how to ride. When my parents had us kiddos, he stopped biking and his free time went to us. He’s looking to get back into that, after two and a half decades off. He’s also now gotten into stand-up paddle-boarding down at our shore house in Ocean City, NJ which is supposedly one of the best workouts out there.

My mom has never been an avid exerciser and over the years  she’s developed bad eating habits like the rest of us. She is now seeing a dietitian once a week who put her on a seriously restrictive diet and she’s already down 20 pounds in three weeks (!!!). I give her so much props because I just could not do it. My sister is looking to lose 10 pounds, gain muscle and finally learn proper eating habits for the rest of her college days. My brother is looking to gain back muscle and lose his beer gut from college.

Where I am going with this is that even though I had no intention of telling my family about my quest to get fit and shape up my eating habits, it happened and I actually couldn’t be happier about it because it sparked THEM to do something about it. We just completed our first family 5k on Sunday! Much as they can piss me off, I’m ecstatic that it looks like my parents will be around longer to piss me off occasionally and enjoy those grandchildren I might eventually have. I’m slowly getting over my weird little insecurities, although it’s hard and uncomfortable, and so we’re having family discussions and comparing notes on new healthy foods we’re trying. It’s a team effort now and we’ll all get to the finish line at different times but…we’ll each get there when we get there.

and yes i know that’s not the song title.



18 thoughts on “A Little More Conversation, A Little More Action

  1. Very cool that you positively influenced your family even when they were being insensitive about your weight loss. This society puts too much pressure on women to lose weight.

  2. That’s great that you motivated your family…but you are doing wonderful and you shouldn’t have to hear “you’re not quite there yet”. JUst keep doing what you’re doing..you look perfect!

  3. A family 5k is awesome! And it’s annoying that the healthy way to get fit generally is the slow way, but the weight usually stays off when you lose it slowly. I’ve done both, crash diets and now actually changing my eating habits and lifestyle and the weight has finally stayed off. But it is taking a while… Great that you and your family are making all these awesome changes.

  4. So great that this inspired your parents to jump on the healthy train – my mom’s done it halfway and my dad could not care less about his health (which is really unfortunate and makes me nervous as he gets older). Love that you did a 5K together, too!

  5. I’ve found that by speaking your goals out loud, it makes you more accountable. It’s awesome that you’ve inspired your whole family to be healthier by telling them about your own aspirations! It’s also nice to have a partner (or partners, in your case) to help you along in your journey. Great job!

  6. Good for you for staring a movement within your family unit. I must agree – being active and sharing your quest for a healthy lifestyle certainly impacts those around you. I know several of my friends have made small but healthy minded changes since I’ve begun to shove my workouts and healthy living down their throats and into their brains. I love this – so happy your mama is working on it with that kind of family history! 🙂 ❤ have a fabulous day!

  7. I’m glad it’s all worked out in the end and that you guys are like a team now, supporting each other in a healthy goal. It always works better when you’re accountable to other people, not just yourself as well. Go your mum and dad (and the rest of your family too) for being so proactive in changing their ways 🙂

  8. I know this has NOTHING to do with the topic of this post, but has your gym launched BodyPump 86 yet??? If so what do you think?!

  9. It’s so awesome that your family is taking action to get healthy like you have. It is not awesome that they made you feel bad about yourself when you let them know about your lifestyle change. I really do feel your pain with that. There’s a lot I don’t tell my family (positive things) because I know their reactions will be negative. And while negativity can be a strong motivator, it’s the wrong kind of motivator and I hate thinking that I’m pushing myself harder bc I now have something to prove to someone who didn’t believe in me to begin with. That sucks. Keep at it. You’re doing a great job.

  10. That’s so cool how much you motivated your family! But don’t worry about their opinions. Family always wants what’s best for you, and sometimes what they think is best for you isn’t necessarily what you think. Keep up your great work!

  11. This post is really inspirational for families to start working together on fitness/healthy eating and not singling one person out. I have to admit I am a bit outraged that your mom pinched one of your rolls. Ouch. In more ways than one. Keep it up though, Caitlyn. You have already made so many positive changes!

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