MIMM: Color Run, family style.

Happy Monday! First, I have to comment on Cory Monteith’s sudden death. I’m not a Glee fan, but wow, that was the most shocking news. So freaking sad. He was so young. And to die alone in a hotel room 😦 ugh, ugh, ugh.  I hope they push back the season to give the cast and crew ample time to grieve, and just figure out how to respectfully and artfully retool the show a bit.

I’m linking up with Katie and MIMM like I never don’t, to talk about the Color Run again. I did one in Baltimore in May, but Sunday I did it in Philly with my family. My sister thought it would be a fun family activity so we all signed up. My dad and brother didn’t quite grasp the concept of Color Run until I was telling them about my Baltimore one, and my dad says, “Hold on….so I paid them money to throw shit at me?! What the hell is THAT bullshit! Are you kidding?” Haha.

Our team name was the “Fastest Doods in Town”, in honor of our Labradoodle, Maggie, who we’re only a teensy bit obsessed with, and she served as our honorary captain and mascot. While we were racing, winning, sweating and all that jazz, this is what she was doing…


i’m sure she was supporting us subconsciously.

My dad, mom and sister have been training for two months (more on them in a post for later) and I hadn’t really been running faithfully, so we were all pretty nervous. For Baltimore, they held races at 9 am and 2 pm. In Philly, the race started at 7. If there is one thing that my family is good at, it is being early. If you invite us to a party, we will always be there first and about 15-20 minutes before the start time. So we arrived to the race site at 6 a.m. on the dot.

A huge difference between Baltimore and Philly was the organization. Baltimore was pretty much a mess. Philly was not. It even started early. We stood around until about 6:40 looking for the start line until they made an announcement directing people where the start line was. As we walked to the start line, my mom started to cry because she was so nervous. It was her first 5K and she wasn’t sure she would be able to handle it. It was so cute and so sad, haha.Image

so fresh and so clean. 

At Baltimore, the race started at 2 pm, and we finally were underway at 3. It took ages. Thus, I was stunned we were the third wave that went out at 6:55, only 10-15 minutes after waiting! We were chatting with nearby runners while waiting to go, and I’m proclaiming loudly like I’m some Color Run expert because I have completed the race all of one big time, that “Yeah…we’re going to be here a long time. It takes forever. Might as well settle in, ladies and gents!” Then, oh look at this. This line is moving quickly and oh my God, we’re going to get to go in this wave wow, and so I’m taking off running because I just looked like a total idiot.

It was the most humid day. It was awful. We ran in increments to stay with my mom and show solidarity. We were dripping in sweat though, thanks to the humidity. The route was kind of weird, but not as weird as Baltimore’s parking lot route was and nowhere near as cramped. Team Fastest Doods in Town crossed the finish line at 7:45 which was crazy early. A lot more people were showing up by the time we left at 8:40, so I guess the race went on all morning? I don’t know. The whole drive home we’re talking about having pizza and/or pulled pork sandwiches for lunch, then were like ‘Wait… it’s so early.’


i am rocking those blue teeth. 

I just have to say, again, how much I love The Color Run. It is a fun, laid-back race that gets people of all ages out there, being active. Image

spoiler alert: this is probably our christmas card picture. 

have a great day.



32 thoughts on “MIMM: Color Run, family style.

  1. I so want to do the colour run. Last year here it sold out so quick I missed out, it looks like you had lots of fun.

    I was shocked by Corey’s death too. I used to be a Glee fan but kind of went off it. So sad though.

    • i hope you do get to do it someday! it’s so fun and carefree. and yep everyone is there to have fun and take cool pictures afterward, so it really is a perfect beginners race.

  2. Amazing! I love that you ran with your family, that’s so cool. I wish my family would run. How cool as well that you get paint all over you. Looks like a lot of fun and potentially takes away from the pain of, er, running haha. Also great team name and reasoning behind it.

    • it was so much fun. it’s a great event because everybody is pretty much just there to have a good time and take cool pictures. definitely an awesome family memory!

  3. I was so surprised by Cory Monteith’s death too. I watched the first season of Glee and was just amazed by his singing voice. I saw that he died on buzzfeed or something that wasn’t very trustworthy so at first I thought it was a joke. But then I went to the news and it was confirmed. It was strange how much in shock I was. I’m used to reading about older celebrities dying, but to have someone that is in my generation die like that is just so surreal.

    On a positive note… 🙂 that color run looks like so much fun! My dad kind of had similar thoughts when I told him about color runs. I’ve never done one before but I’d like to someday. Both of my parents just gave me looks of disbelief. Haha.

    • yeah you could have knocked me over with a feather when i heard. it is really weird as i’m used to older celebs dying, but when it’s someone so young and unexpected…gosh. just so sad. i hope you do get to do one sometime! it’s a lot of fun. my dad will never do other one but he’s glad he did it 🙂

  4. Could. You. Be. Any. Cuter. ?!?!?!?! no. This is adorable that you did this with your family (and even your dog in spirit, ha!). I love this idea of a family race! Glad this one was much more organized – I feel ya on the Color Run being the most unorganized event ever. I, in fact, will never do it again because of such logistical errors. Hope you have a great Monday too cutie!!!!

  5. I also ran the Philly Color Run on Sunday, but unlike your family my peeps were incredibly late picking me up so we missed most of the fun. We sat in traffic on Rt 76 for almost 3 hours, missed almost every bit of the color run, but were able to do a shortened version that lead us through the Pink, Blue and Orange Gates. 😦 There were three other races in Philly that day, I think it was a bit disorganized traffic wise, and I know a bunch of peeps that just missed the whole thing. So sad. Glad you made it a family day! Next year I’ll be there at 5AM sharp!

  6. Aw, that looks like so much fun! And to do it with your family! How great. I soooo badly want to do a Color Run, but unfortunately, they’re all scheduled in the summer, when my outdoor allergies are just horrible. Hopefully I’ll be able to do one someday!

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