Back At It With Big Ideas, a Vengeance and a Partial Fail

For as well as I was doing at the gym, June was a mess. An absolute mess. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been really struggling with sleeping in the heat lately. I’ve never been a great sleeper, but paired with the heat, it’s horrible. There was a string of three days where I downed a glass of wine before crawling into bed and that knocked me out, but I hated my monster headache the next day. Such a lightweight. Sleep, why you be so elusive. When I was back at my parents for the 4th I had my air conditioner cranked up high and was out within 30-40 minutes. It was bliss. Now it takes me a few hours to fall asleep because I’m so hot, so I’m finally drifting off around 1 am, and when my alarm goes off at 4, there’s just no way. I have to be at the gym at 5 to get to work on time (my “on time” is by 7, so I can leave at 3:30 to comfortably beat most city traffic).

The only day I have consistently gone to the gym, no matter how pitiful my sleep was the night before, is Thursdays for BodyPump. It is incredible to me how much I like it and look forward  to it. Will wonders never cease? I’m slowly adding more weight to the bar, though I’m still way lower than everyone else I’m getting better at not letting myself feel embarrassed about that, and I really love the class and how I feel after it. I walk out of the class, sweaty and aching, but I feel awesome, strong, ready to take on the world (and win) and so confident after seeing and feeling my muscles work. I never really paid ‘strength training’ any mind and convinced myself it was not important. I just assumed I wouldn’t know how or wouldn’t be able to, because I was weak, intimidated, ignorant and too embarrassed to ask to learn. So, to feel my muscles that would have gathered dust if they were able to tremble or my legs begin to ache is such a cool feeling. You know how Cosmo always asks their cover girls “when do you feel prettiest?” I think my answer would be “after BodyPump”.  Just so you know Cosmo, whenever you want me, I am ready.

On weekdays that are not Thursdays, I’ve occasionally dragged myself to the gym near my house a handful of times in the afternoon but the gym was crowded, I was intimidated (my own issue), and so basically I just walked/jogged on the treadmill for 30 minutes before making my hasty exit and vowing “tomorrow I’m getting up early!! I can’t do that again!!!” I know. Excuses, excuses. It’s all on me. I’m not proud of it. So June was pretty much a wash.

Thus I have  been determined to make up for it in July. Not sure what to do about the sleeping issue, but I really need and want to get back on track so I’m going to figure it out. To get back into things, I came up with this brilliant idea that since I feel more comfortable at my gym location near work I’d try to incorporate another BodyPump at that location into my brand new weeks. On Tuesday evenings, they offer Zumba at 6  and BodyPump at 7. My genius idea  was to run to my gym from work, which is 2.2 miles. I’d leave my car in the parking garage at work, run to the gym, take BodyPump, and run back to work and drive home from there. I didn’t want to do that every week but since I have a 5k on Sunday, I decided I’d run there and back just this once.

I got changed into gym clothes at work, went to my car and dropped all my bags off, transferred my ‘must-haves’ into a drawstring bag to carry with me (ID, banana, water) and I was off. Walking. The drawstring bag was a dumb idea because …. duh. It bounced all over the place and was annoying. So I walked/jogged on and off.  Again, I didn’t really plan this epic voyage so the socks I grabbed off my floor were of course the tiniest ankle socks I own, and I started getting blisters. I went to Target, which is thankfully right in the middle of my route, and bought new socks as well as a cute shirt because, obviously. I resumed my nice leisurely walk, cursing myself for being an idiot because it was hot and this plan was stupid and why don’t I think anything through and why did I saddle myself with the drawstring bag?


At least there were pretty flowers on my route.

Longest 2.2 miles ever. I love a good walk but this one was annoying. I was hot, tired, and one of my blisters was bleeding. I eventually got to the gym where I saw what could have been. My gym has a brand new, beautiful outdoor pool. I could have been reading, relaxing and laying out. I think they also serve alcohol. Man. Next time. I got to the gym at 6:25 and took this stupid selfie to commemorate my achievement.


I was so relieved. And sweaty.

I sat in the hall outside the group exercise studio peering into the Zumba class. I used to take Zumba in college and LOVED it. I have no rhythm and no moves in my arsenal whatsoever, but so enjoy shaking it, thus I need choreography to help guide me. I went to a Zumba class a month ago but the instructor was lackluster and the class left something to be desired. I think I can unofficially declare that my search for a Zumba instructor is officially over. I only saw 5 songs, but the instructor Brian, was my kind of Zumba instructor.  He threw a freaking party. The songs were all songs I knew and the choreography was fun. The class, jam-packed, was full of people of all ages who were smiling, laughing, and most importantly, DRENCHED in sweat. For the last song before the cool down, Brian divided the room in half and made the two sides stand and face off, and then he jumped in the center and it was a ‘dance-off’ of sorts, right side versus left side, demonstrating Brian’s choreography. Definitely want to try and go next week. They were having so much fun!

The BodyPump instructor was okay but more importantly, there was a super hot guy in my class. I nearly tumbled off the step thing after triceps trying to crane my neck and see if he had a ring on. No verdict. The cooldown song was Evanescence’ “My Immortal” which I found to be a hilarious throwback. God, remember them? I think that song was my default AIM away message when I felt like being ~deep~. After class ended, I was totally deflated to remember I had to hoof it back to the parking garage.

Not one of my brightest ideas. But this Tuesday evening class business is going to stick. I do want to get to that Zumba class and then do BodyPump after (hot BodyPump guy YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED). Maybe I won’t commute on foot anymore, haha. But I’m excited to get back on track and feel a renewed sense of motivation.  I got home at 9:20, and wouldn’t you know, after being out of the house for 15 hours, fell onto my bed and passed out.



33 thoughts on “Back At It With Big Ideas, a Vengeance and a Partial Fail

  1. Ok, I have experience a similar phenomenon with my workout schedule this summer- its SO hard waking up early, and I’ve been skipping/ rescheduling a few classes here and there and I am shocked at myself! all winter long as i dragged my butt out of bed before dawn i was thinking “just wait til summer- it’ll be easy to hop out of bed bright and early, the sun will be up, it will be warm out so you wont have to put on 8 layers and walk into a blizzard, it’ll be great” HOWEVER, since it stays light later at night now, i cant fall asleep til like 10/11 (in the winter im out by 8:30 half the time, no joke) and waking up is harder. gah!

    • yess exactly. i think my brain and body aren’t registering “bedtime, time to settle in and calm the hell down” when the sun is blazing out. the heat also isn’t helping! man. i never realized until summer how great i sleep in the winter! all snuggled in, am not hot, and its so dark out so early.

  2. Ah, I love that you ended your sentence with obviously when buying a cute new shirt at Target. haha! And also, I must commend you on that walk + workout + walk. Sometimes those kinds of days are super annoying especially when it’s so dang hot outside but seriously girl, I can imagine you burned zillions of calories and duh – plopped right down in bed and passed out! That’s always key for me. The nights I struggle to sleep it’s because I haven’t worked out that day. I don’t know how you even had a routine of getting up early and working out, that shiz is way too hard. For example, I tried today, I did. And I got it done, but it’s not even 10 am and I’m yawning after a massive cup of coffee. Agh. Good for you with Zumba. I hate it. I feel wretched when I do it.
    I BELIEVE IN YOU! You got this stuff in July! Working out after work isn’t so bad, it makes for a peaceful and relaxing evening… 🙂 Though hot outside, runs can be just as fun. YAY for your upcoming 5K! Which one is it? Have a fabulous day!

  3. Hahaha I used to love Evanescence in middle school because I was ~deep~. I actually heard it on the radio the other day. I started laughing.

    I’m glad you found a Zumba instructor! I’m not a fitness class person myself, but I remember taking a yoga class, and I did not like the instructor at all. I don’t know what it was, but it makes things so different when you find someone you really fit with.

    Good luck with the hot guy in BodyPump 😉

    • lol it was funny, i had completely forgotten about them!! it wasn’t until i started going to fitness classes that i realized how key the instructor and their personality is.

    • after i was driving home i was like “damn that was hardcore!” but i was pretty miserable for most of it! lol. i wasn’t sure about zumba because i was like ‘gahh i’m so uncoordinated with no rhythm i’ll look ridiculous and be embarrassed and uncomfortable the whole time’ but everyone looks ridiculous and its so fun (when you have a great instructor!)

  4. I am coming to Zumba with you this fall. Non negotiable. I love it when I know all the songs in class instead of a ton of Latin ones I’ve never heard. And I may even try body pump. I had to laugh at your story of getting there since I can pretty much picture the route without even knowing where you work. Seriously we will hang out in September. I should probably mark it on my calendar now.

    • yes please! although i don’t know if my gym lets non-members in classes? but we’ll do it. this class looked crazy fun. i like when i know the songs, too. i get into it more. haha and yesss while i was writing this i thought of you! we are SO CLOSE. it will happen.

  5. Love that you stopped at Target on your way to the gym and bought new socks. And a new shirt. AWESOME! And I hear ya on the heat. I ran 10 miles yesterday and thought I was going to melt. Who’s brilliant idea was it to sign up for a fall marathon which requires training in the hottest months of the year?! Oops, that was me!

    • i’m worried if i keep up the tuesday routine then what little money i do manage to save, will go out the window at weekly, unnecessary target trips, haha. and oh my gosh. good for you!! that’s awesome.

  6. Your gym serves alcohol, what?!?!?!?!

    I totally always check to see if dudes are wearing rings, even now, out of curiosity. I think it’s a girl thing, though, because it seems like none of my guy friends ever notice.

    DAMN, I am exhausted just reading this. I used to sometimes run/walk to my gym, too (about 2 miles) and, yeah, it was pretty rough. For awhile, I was half-serious about buying a jogging stroller so I could push all of my shit instead of having it flop around on my back.

    • yup! a few of the locations have pools and those ones serve alcohol! i think it’s so hilarious and awesome, haha. i knew i could probably have actually ran the whole thing but i just couldn’t deal with the flopping. so damn annoying. lollllllll at you almost buying a jogging stroller.

  7. I like Body Pump too, although I get a little bored weight lifting for that long. My attention span is quite short ;-). If your gym has Body Pump, it may have Body Combat as well. I would definitely recommend it! Keeps your heart pumping and your brain going.

    • i’ve been wanting to go to body combat for SO long! i really think i’d love it. but the only one they offer is naturally on tuesday mornings. i want to do the zumba and BP classes tuesday night, so i don’t know if doing body combat also that morning is the brightest idea or if that’ll be way too much. ughhh.

  8. I HATE SLEEPING IN THE HEAT! It’s miserable! I don’t have AC in my house because I live in Washington and well, no one has AC! I have a fan and sleep in minimal clothing but still ROAST! I also hate when I set out for a walk thinking it’s going to be great, and then hate my life mid walk haha.

    • it is so miserable. i hate hate hate it. and yes i was totally hating my life mid-walk. it is the worst (but also great) because you have no other option but to keep going ha.

  9. That’s awesome that you’re adding more classes into your schedule! I love Body Pump too, and it’s been way too long since I’ve taken it. I can relate because I always feel a little embarrassed about the light weights I use, but you’ve inspired me to try it again- thanks!

  10. HIIiiiIii Caitlyn. SO. from what everyone tells me… it takes 3 weeks to develop a routine. I have a theory that it takes like 3 minutes to break it. UGH. I can go weeks of eating healthy and losing weight then like ONE night at a bar with sugary/girlie drinks and I’m done for. Or like how I was running and now I “don’t have time”. I think for me its harder when I’m home because I’m trying to squeeze so much in at once… luckily I have five weeks on the road coming up so maybe I’ll develop a routine (in between working at stuff for grad school… AHHH).

    • HeYyYy. I totally hear you about routines. they’re key for me because i feel kind of lost without one, but it takes me so long to finally feel comfortable in one but takes me about a second to talk myself out of it because i’m tired or realllllllly want a cheeseburger or something. so annoying. damn you are so busy girl. i hope you figure out something that works!

  11. I totally agree…it’s so hard to sleep when it’s hot!!!! I was up a good part of the night last night because I was hot. So annoying! It’s definitely better sleeping when it’s cooler!
    I’m a Zumba fanatic! I love it, but having a good instructor definitely makes all the difference.

    • ugh! it’s seriously the worst. I do love Zumba because it’s fun and the time flies by, but the instructor and the music play such a key role. When it’s bad, it’s really bad. BUT…when it’s good, i LOVE it and have a blast!

  12. Well at least you got a rocking Zumba class out of it and potentially met your husband 😉 I do like summer but the heat has been exhausting. No lie-ins due to it being too hot, too bright, too much hay fever. But let’s just wait for winter as I’m sure I’ll have a longer list to moan about haha.

  13. I’m with you on not sleeping in the heat, I can’t do it! If it’s hot in our room – our A/C is not powerful enough to reach our room – i will usually sleep on the couch which means a shitty night’s sleep. I love when it’s warm during the day, but chilly and breezy at night.

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