MIMM: A fun weekend & introducing my new car

I wanted to move to a new city because I thought it’d be fun, cool, exciting, glamorous, you name it. I read all the books, saw the movies, knew most of it was exaggerated or fictional, but still. I wanted that life.  So I moved in a nice house (that I actually pay too much for and is beyond my budget but whatever) with a more-than-acquaintance-but-not-sure-if-friend-works-here from college into a city that had tons!of!people!my!age. I just assumed that because I was surrounded by people my age, I’d be drowning in friends. I didn’t think how I’d actually make friends, I just knew they’d be there. Blah blah, it hasn’t been so. Already blogged about it here. And here.

This weekend for a day I did the stuff I thought I’d do, oh, practically every weekend. Such an idealist. Two friends from the PR internship  who live in DC came up for the weekend and we met up with another intern who also lives in Baltimore that I need to start remembering to text on Saturdays to go out with instead of watching the Big Bang Theory marathons on TBS marveling to myself about how Jim Parsons as Dr. Sheldon Cooper is undisputedly the greatest casting OF ALL TIME!!!!


We went to this awesome place called Tiki Barge, which is at the end of a marina pier, and has a pool and a bar. It was such an awesome day to boat watch and people watch. I had strawberry daiquiris that were delicious. Something about the water and drinks is just so right. I got too much sun, despite slathering on the sunscreen and wearing a hat all day. Sigh.


Fun fact, I haven’t bought a bathing suit in years because what was the point, but every year I buy a cute cover-up. Maybe this will be the summer I buy a bathing suit. 🙂 Never fear because, like I always painfully do, I will keep you in the loop.

After the pool we went to this awesome restaurant where we got to sit  outside . I ordered these vegetable tacos that came with avocado salsa, and I obliterated them. A mojito on the side, a nice breeze, a pretty sunset….it was perfect.


Next, we went to a bar and watched the Orioles game  then went out and danced. Jes, Claire and Lauren (I think they read here, HI! they’re the only people I know IRL who are armed with the knowledge about this blog) are so fun. We danced, we shouted out the lyrics to allllll the songs, we drank too much. It was.so.much.fun. I am so not a fan of the whole grinding in a bar thing, I like to just bop around to my own beat and sing/yell in my flowery, off-key tone.

Alsoooooo marvelous…..

It’s July. WHAT?! I feel like I was just saying ‘Oh wow, I can’t believe it’s April’ and here we are in July. Unbelievable, not marvelous, but what is marvelous is a short work week. Off Thursday and Friday, alleluia alleluia.

Here’s a horrible video but…..I spy Kate.

SurfSet Fitness did a demo in Baltimore. SurfSet Fitness is of Shark Tank fame. I don’t watch SharkTank (cool concept though) because I cannot handle people getting their dreams crushed. That might be slightly dramatic, but it’s just too awkward and sad for me. I feel so bad for them when no investors bite. But Mark Cuban did bite on this and he invested in SurfSet Fitness. To be honest I’m a bit surprised something like SurfSet took so long. Surfers have some of the most bangin’ bodies around.  From the website, the board is created to mimic the feeling and physical demands of surfing.  It’s a surfboard, strapped to a metal frame and tethered to BOSU balance balls.  Anyway. I was in line to participate but they only had 20 boards and I was 25th in line. Typical. So instead I watched up close and was slightly jealous but maybe a bit relieved. I would have sucked at it. I have no balance and no strength (yet) so doing the push-ups, planks, squats would have been a disaster. Some of those boards were really shaking! However when the participants did paddle and eventually “ride the wave” I was totally jealous. It looked fun. There was another demo two hours later, but I couldn’t stay as I was meeting up with Jes, Claire and Lauren.


I BOUGHT A CAR!  Long story somewhat shortened, the plan for sometime this year was for my sister to get my car , trade in or sell her car and I would  get an all-wheel drive car, since I hate driving and it would just make me feel better with snow and rain (by the way, it’s been like clockwork. Sunshine all day, total and complete downpour on my commute home. hate you, mother nature). My 19 year old sister is nanny-ing four kids under five this summer and she uses her car to take them everywhere. Her car (Otis) is the same car we’ve all learned how to drive on, it’s old, it requires more work than it’s worth, falling apart, you get it. The AC hasn’t worked, and she mentioned to my mom that whenever she lifts the kids out of the car seats at the end of a drive, their faces are all red and sweaty. My parents, being parents, freaked out at this. So we sped up the process and I bought my car Wednesday. A 2013 Subaru Impreza! Name to be determined because yes I name all the cars and my family adopts the names. It’s not unheard of to hear someone in my house saying “Go take Otis” or “Move Sasha”. I’ll miss Sasha, my blue Pontiac vibe. We’ve been through a lot over the years. She’s alway been “my” car. I’m nervous to have to get familiar with a new car, first world problems for sure, but I’ll get over it. The car is in my name, but my parents are helping. Thank God they  remember to care about things like establishing my credit because I don’t know anything and am learning very slowly. I am going home to pick it up this weekend 🙂

Totally marvelous is that hostess Katie gave birth! Congrats and welcome, baby boy G! So glad all are doing well.

1. do you name your car(s)?

2. have you tried surfset? i had never heard of it but i think it’ll take off soon.



44 thoughts on “MIMM: A fun weekend & introducing my new car

  1. Congrats on the car! I have the same problem with texting to make plans. I feel awkward doing it or something, like people won’t want to hang out with me (not true) so I end up marathoning TV shows too. But I kind of like it…

  2. My family names our cars, too. It’s hard letting your first car go (mine was a mint green Saturn named Sammie), but it’s a great feeling to be able to purchase one of your own. Congratulations and have fun picking a name 🙂

  3. What a wonderful weekend! I love days like that – when you’re with good friends + good drinks + good scenery + good food. Putting all of that together makes for quite a memorable (or not, if you over drink) day! I usually over drink in those kinds of situations and am left scratching my head about what decisions I’ve made the day before. In any case, adorbz! 🙂 HURRAH for a new car! When I got a new car a year and a half ago, I was totally freaked out about being acquainted (#firstworldproblems is right!) but I’m finally friends with my new car. Her name is Tiana, like the princess from Princess in the Frog. I watched that episode of Shark Tank! So awesome!!! I don’t like people’s dreams being crushed either, but sometimes, I wonder how they even made it to the show with some rather stupid ideas….. 🙂 I’m nice IRL, I promise. Have a fab day!

    • haha in my case i was left holding my head in pain muttering “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy”? ugh. love your car name, love that movie. and yes some of the ideas are so beyond dumb you know the producers let them on just so america can laugh at them. haha. have a great weekend lady 🙂

  4. I moved to Seattle last year with the same visions as you! I thought I’d make friends SOOOOOOoooO easily… low and behold out of college it like practically impossible. I’m slowly (read: REALLY slowly) getting there, but I guess it’ll happen eventually… maybe… I’m hoping/crying in the corner secretly believing it’ll never happen… WAHHhh.
    ALSO. I”M SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your new car! I haven’t bought a car out here in seattle because parking is SO ridiculously expensive and I’m on a crazy tight budget too.
    P.S. I’m glad we’re becoming blog friends 🙂

    • girl i feel you. i didn’t really think ‘how’ i would make all these friends i just knew i would because, well, obviously there were so many people my age, i’d probably be making BFFs every time i left my house. haha. it’s so hard post-college. ugh. it’ll happen! i’m soooo lucky about parking here. my house has a parking pad. it is nothing short of a miracle, i think someone should be sainted because of it. and i’m glad we’re becoming blog friends too 🙂

  5. Congrats on your new ride! I do name my cars. I’ve had quite a collection: Cassie the Cavalier, Jet, my gorgeous black Firebird convertible *sigh*, Avi, the Saturn, Spencer, Saturn #2 and currently, Pip, my Fiat convertible. My hubby drove a red truck, appropriately named “Clifford”. We’ve not come up with a name for his newest truck. The name has to come to us with time. 🙂 Have not tried Surfset yet, but saw it the other day. Looks like a blast … hard … but a blast. 🙂

  6. You really did have a marvelous weekend! I hope you have more weekends of fun like that in the near future – summer’s a great time to really enjoy a new city! I actually heard about SurfSet on another blog recently. My city doesn’t have anything like it, but I can totally see the appeal. I’ve only tried surfing twice before, and I never stood up, but it was a CRAZY workout haha. Also, yay for a new car!

  7. haha I love what you said about not being able to watch Shark Tank because you hate seeing people’s dreams crushed. I am the same way 🙂 I still watch it though but I get so so sad when people don’t make it through. Same with the Voice, especially because they have the worst sob stories. I literally cry when people don’t get through.

    I just got my first car in 10 years after living in big cities for 10 years. I love my little baby, but I haven’t named it yet.

    I have not tried SurfSet but agree it will take off soon. I’d love to give it a try, because I’ve always wanted to surf, and this feels.so.much.safer.

    • yes that’s why i can’t stand watching the music shows either! i just feel so bad for them. i can’t handle all the sob stories either. and then when the sob story person doesn’t get picked. ughhh.

  8. Surfset looks really fun! i hadn’t heard of it, but I can totally see it being really popular.

    My dad drives a Subaru Impreza and he loves it! It’s super good quality and gets decent mileage. Plus, one of the big Subaru dealers in Pittsburgh donates cars and things to the humane society, so I love that, too 😛

    Those tacos look so good! All of this food looks amazing. What a delicious weekend!

    • ahh yay!!! glad he loves it. especially love that part about the mileage and the dealer donating to the humane society. it was a great, delicious weekend indeed 🙂

    • i talk to my car too! any difficult drives (snow, pouring rain or just a long drive) i always pat my car on the hood and say ‘good job sasha!’ or when i have to brake suddenly i sometimes say ‘sorry sasha!’ hahaha. i think it’s necessary too 🙂

  9. love the new wheels! i never named my car but my friends car- a carolla- we named “the bela karolyi” (in honor of the gymnastics coach that was all “you can do it!” when kerri strug had to do the vault with a broken ankle and amazingly landed it one-footed for the gold) anyways, we called it that because that thing would putt up hills so slowly so we were always yelling “you can do it!” and plus carolla/ karolyi it just makes sense.

    • OBSESSED WITH THAT CAR NAME. hahaha. golden. i remember those olympics – i was obsessed with the magnificent seven or whatever the gymnasts were called. i bought all their books haha.

  10. Hi, just got here from Ari’s blog. What a packed weekend you had. Those looked like nice vego tacos, after all, when I was little I used to consider beans and lentils to be counted as meat. 🙂 I had never seen that surf-thingy you mentioned. I’d suck at it, even if all I’d have to do is stand on it. And, nice car, hope you enjoy it! I had a name for my first car, it was a Hyundai called “Hernán”. My current car used to be my dad’s, a Yaris, no name… maybe I need to think about that.

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