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This survey has been all over the blogverse. I love reading peoples answers and I love details so I figured I’d do one.

Current Books:

Alternating between healthy / leisurely / inspiring reads. I switch off and on at night. Sometimes I’m only in mood for one or only get to read from one before my eyes are shutting. I know a lot of people can’t switch back and forth between books, but I like to. I usually just use my Kindle but I had a B & N gift card and felt like going back to the good ol’ days of paper. For the record, I was anti-Kindle until I got one for Christmas but I love how convenient it is. No more trekking to libraries or bookstores? I don’t have to leave my house? I get a new book in a minute? Score. I just finished Susanna Kearsley “Firebird” (she is one of my favorite authors) and even though some parts were pretty hokey, I loved it. But now I’m reading…

photo-28 photo-27

I just got this book (below) and CANNOT FREAKING WAIT.


Current Music:

Demi Lovato – “Heart Attack.” Yeah, yeah, Caitlyn, you’re three months late on that. I know, I know. I don’t listen to radio no mo’ because I  can’t stand commercials or the DJs talking, so when I drive to and from the job I have to go to EVERY DAY (so lame) I only listen to my I-pod, which consists of pop songs (with Dr Dre, Eminem or a random country song thrown in because variety is the spice of life)  from the 90s and early 2000s that finds me muttering to absolutely no one about the good ol’ days. I accidentally heard this song and love it. I think the line “play ’em like a Ken doll” is brilliant and I may or may not rewind the song a few times just so I can sing that part over and over (finger snapping may or may not be involved) pretending I’m fierce enough to actually pull off that line in real life. If you heard my warbling attempt at  the chorus and those ridiculous high notes in a ridiculous high register, you’d probably have a heart attack yourself.

I love me some Carrie. Girl can SING. Girl is gorgeous. Girl has the best legs. I love to sing the chorus of this song when I’m feeling irritable. Which is never, of course.

Miley Cyrus new song. It sounds like a Rihanna song and took a while to grow on me. “Party in the USA” is my top 5 played songs on my I-pod. It was number one for awhile but I’m assuming it slipped and don’t know what song now sits pretty at the coveted number one. Probably Call Me Maybe. I think “Party in the USA” is perfection, so I wish she’d make more music like that but whatever.

Current Guilty Pleasure:

Trader Joes Chocolate Orange sticks. They get a C- in my Fooducate app but I lurve them.

Current Nail Polish:

Essie- Mod Square. Fun color that is great for summer.


Also because I want you to know. Essie- Bachelorette Bash is another fun color that I love (how could a color named that NOT be fun?) I bought this after I bought Mod Square, came home and placed it on my nail polish tray and wailed in despair seeing the two of them side by side. I thought they were the same. Such a novice. The bottle is pictured below with my nails that are Mod Square, not Bachelorette Bash. Bachelorette Bash is on my toes but I can’t bring myself to take a picture of my feet for the Internet. You’re welcome.


Current Drink:



Current Food:

Chobani Flip Vanilla Golden Crunch.


Current Favorite Show:

Newlyweds: The First Year on Bravo.  I am Bravo’s bitch. I hate-watch most of their shows (aka all the Housewives) but I really like this show and haven’t gotten sick of it yet. Maybe because it’s only in its first season? Also PRETTY LITTLE LIARS comes back tonight! This show has gotten ridiculous and I hate-watch it as well because I know nothing will add up and the plots are so stupid….yet I tune in every week and talk conspiracy theories alllllll week long. I never claimed I had good taste in music or TV.


Current Wish List:

More money, always. It’s like I don’t even get paid it’s gone so quickly. My allerGEEEEEEEZ to ease up. Also Princess Madeleine’s wedding dress. That I could walk to work everyday.


Current Needs:

Green bell peppers. Toilet paper. Sleep. A blender that’s cheap but can at least chop bananas and/or strawberries unlike the one my roommate has now. Laughing Cow Cinnamon Cream Cheese wedge because I want to make this smoothie.


Current Indulgence:

Fro yo from down the street. Got it yesterday! This is an old pic though.


Current Blessing:

This is corn to the e.  But as I was speed walking back from my weekly lettuce/dressing/fruit Trader Joes trip a woman hooked it out of a store on the street and got in my way. She was old, hunched over and walking with a severe limp and a cane. She was walking v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. I was going against my lunch half hour so I had to largely side step around her to continue speed walking back to my office. I instantly felt like an asshole. Major assumption here but this woman once had young fresh legs that could speed walk. I started thinking what it would be like for me when I am old and slow on the sidewalk and how sad / mournful I’d probably feel when I’d see young people blitz past me knowing I could once do that but now my body couldn’t. Man. So I felt really blessed to have healthy legs that get me places (quickly! easily!) when I need them to.


Current Outfit:

Werk clothes. (my staple black work pants are loose- squeal)


Current Excitement:

Um. Work week to be over. To go to bed. Kate Middleton’s baby (please be a girl, little fetus).  Trying Les Mills Body Combat (I was supposed to go today but forgot– NEXT WEEK! I want to go so badly)! PLL!!



If you got the chance to sing ONE song (vocal abilities notwithstanding), live in front of an audience of adoring fans, with ONE artist (it doesn’t have to be the artist who originally sings your song choice) what song would it be and which lucky singer would you pick as your duet partner?  

Blender recommendations?


22 thoughts on “Caitlyn Currently

  1. I just got Lean In yesterday, and I’m so excited to read it! I also was super anti-Kindle until I got one for Christmas. I still tend to stick with real books because I can get them from the library for free, but I like to stock up my Kindle before a trip. Also love Demi!

    To answer your question, I would want to rap with Eminem. I know all the words to quite a few of his songs, and I like to rap at (more accurate than “to”) my boyfriend whenever they come on.. which is kinda a lot if we’re listening to my iPod hahah.

    I bought this blender 2-3 years ago, and it JUST broke last month. For $15, I’d say that’s pretty awesome. My smoothies always consist of a frozen banana and some kind of berry, so it’ll definitely do what you’re looking for. And you can just unscrew it from the base and drink right out of it (which was honestly my favorite part).

    Now that I’ve written a novel in your comments section, I think I’m going to go do this Currently survey on MY blog. 🙂

    • loved your novel! hahah i loove rapping to eminem. i’ve been known to request “without me” at bars just so i can rap along and impress everyone / embarrass myself. i’ll have to look into that blender, thanks!! i usually do pretty well with hamilton beach appliances haha.

  2. Girl, most important thing I’m taking away from this: Miley has a new song?!?!??!! Last night, when getting my hair done and flipping through magazines, I read she was going to release one and was wondering WHEN!? But thanks for posting that because um, I’m listening to it. I am not a Miley lover OR hater, but I did love Hannah Montana. Not ashamed. And I kinda like this song. It is def taking a few listens to really get with it. I’m so excited! You’ve made my day sista! Anyway, I bought those Laughing Cow wedges to make that smoothie too but have yet to whip out my blender. Slacker. Loving your nail polish too! That’s a fabulous pink. I may do pink when I go get mine done now!!! Have a great day! I can’t help you with the blender, but Taryn’s suggestion looks great! I have an expensive Ninja and love the crap outta it!

    • haha hannah montana ruled. my i-pod is filled with songs from the soundtrack, no shame here either. i even wiki’d the show once and found it was almost called “alexis texas”. fun fact for the day. i like to jam out to this. even though my first listen i turned it off halfway in disgust. haha. when you make that smoothie let me know! bananas and cheesecake are two of my favorite things ever so….i’m pretty excited. once i acquire the proper machinery of course.

  3. Love your nail polish color, it’s so pretty! I painted my nails Saturday and it’s already crazy chipped, ugh. You’ve got so many books that you’re reading at once, wish I could multi task like you. Meanwhile, now I’m thinking I need some froyo after my run today lol.

  4. Your answer to “current blessing” is just great. The other day I was at a festival and complaining to my mom about how my legs hurt (probably from a workout). Almost immediately after we walked by a person who had CP. It made me feel so bad that I would be so selfish and ungrateful for what I have.
    I am SO excited to learn what Kate and Will’s baby will be! You know either way it will be adorable, but still, I really want to know! 🙂

    • i am really bad too! it takes me a while to get it right but i’m determined to get better since i’m poor and realized i can’t go running to the salon all the time, haha.

  5. Ugh I love the new rules of lifting, and now I have to crack open mine again! Also PLL, I feel like I’m too old but I really don’t care, I have a feeling ill be watching shows about high schoolers when I’m 40.

    And I too need a new blender, even though my current one does chop bananas lol. I’m just another blogger who wants a vitamix.

    • I tell myself PLL is okay because the actresses are all so old. Spencer IRL is like 27 & Jenna is 29. But I will be the same way when I’m 40 probably, haha. And YES a Vitamix would be amazing.

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