My Day in the Lab (with Burpees)

I made my return to BodyPump yesterday morning after my first class. I really love Thursdays because of BodyPump. The class is at 6 a.m., which means I get to sleep in an extra hour!! Woohoo. I wake up at 5, instead of 4, which of course is amazing. But like all good things bestowed upon me, I ruined it yesterday morning and overslept by 12 critical minutes which left me scrambling. I arrived with two minutes to spare but whenever I’m running behind, I turn into (even more of) a disheveled mess. After all of two classes, I’ve deemed that I do really like BodyPump. I now understand why it’s as popular as it is. I love feeling my arm muscles tremble and knowing that they’re finally getting the attention they deserve after being largely ignored for 24 years. I like how the class isn’t boring, how I know all of the songs they play, and how we work sooo many muscle groups. It also seems the class flies by. In 99% of things I do I have a very limited attention span and become “over it” pretty quickly, so I’m always pleasantly surprised when Sherri (she still rocks, by the way) announces we’re going to warm down and stretch.

Merritt, my gym, sent out an e-mail last week to members announcing that they were doing a demo of Xercise Lab classes to decide if they wanted to add it to the group fitness schedule. They were only hosting the demos at three locations, and I was excited to see that the location I go to was one of them! The class was the same day as BodyPump so I gave serious thought for all of 12 seconds as to if I should skip one. I declared I could handle two-a-days. I didn’t want to skip BodyPump so early into my “career” but Xercise Lab: Burn Lab class sounded intriguing.

Merritt has two locations a few minutes from my house, but the one I go to is right down the street from work (which is 20-25 minutes from my house), and is much easier and more convenient. I think its the nicest one too 🙂 The class was at 5:30 p.m., and since I leave work around 3:40 each day, I just hung out at the gym for an hour, reading and doing light cardio because ya know, I am a delicate flower that tires easily and I wanted to be in as best of form as I could muster up for my butt kicking.

Burn Lab is 45 minute, high intensity cardio workout. It kicked my butt all over town. I was drenched in sweat, beet red, the whole pretty enchilada. It was INTENSE. It was fast. No rest for the weary… you have to grab water in between songs, they don’t give you breaks. There was a lot of boxing which I surprisingly loved. We did a lot of jump lunges. In the link above, there’s a video that’s a pretty good summary of it. I can only imagine how many calories I burned.
I read a lot of blogs and always hear about burpees and how they’re designed by Satan and all that. I never looked up a video or anything, didn’t know what they were, I just knew they had to be bad. So when Breann, the Burn Lab trainer, announced the next song included Burpees, I involuntarily groaned. They were awful. I don’t know how everyone else seems to just spring back up, but I seemed to require an extra step or two to haul myself back up. I can only imagine what I looked like doing them, ha.
The nice lady working out next to me said the class was a lot like Insanity, which I have never done or even looked at, because I am not that insane. Another girl said it reminded her a little of Les Mills Body Combat, which she loved. We have to give the gym our feedback and I mulled it over the whole ride home. Burn Lab is a class I’d love to do once a week. Seriously, after the class ended I was a dripping mess. It was hard. It was intense. It was fast. It is the perfect class for a day after Thanksgiving or Christmas where you eat waaaaaay too much.
After the class they held a Build Lab demo. I wasn’t going to stay, but my new gym friend Frances (sp? some friend I am) was staying and I felt bad because not many people seemed to stay. Also it was raining and I hate driving in the rain so I was giving the sky some time to sort itself out (it didn’t). Build Lab is also 45 minutes and is described as weight training without weights. I should have left right then. We did a lot of planks. A lot of push-ups. Some burpees. NONE OF WHICH I AM GOOD AT. It took me half the class to realize I should probably get a mat to ease the pain of all the push-ups and planks. BodyPump is about all I can handle. I was a pitiful, embarrassing sight but the trainer who taught this class, Sasha, was tough. We also did a lot of lunges and jumping, that which I can handle. Frances – a 53 year old who was 50 pounds heavier until she started working out 1.5 years ago, so great — said the class would pair perfectly with spinning.
Sasha, in a picture that is not at all creepy.
Frances liked Build Lab better, I liked Burn Lab (duh). Of course afterward I asked the two trainers, Breann and Sasha, obnoxious questions because I can’t help myself. Xercise Labs is only a year old (!) but they are in a lot of gyms all over the US, Russia and Switzerland. Breann and Sasha said they fly all over and have been doing a lot of demos lately. Breann and Sasha were super energetic, annoyingly gorgeous and seemed to be having so much fun. I think it would be incredibly important with these classes to make sure the trainers are really good because the classes are hard and intense (have I mentioned that part yet?). Breann (and she works for the company so…who knows) said in her 13+ years she’s never seen people get such great results as they do when they go to 5 Labs a week. I think it was 3 Burn Lab / 2 Build Lab, but it might be other way around. She also noted that people have told her they’ve dropped minutes off their running pace because of the Lab classes.

People seemed enthused so I think we’ll probably take them on….and hopefully I can start going to Burn Lab semi-regularly, and when I get stronger, give Build Lab another whirl and seek redemption for myself.
Maybe I am a little bit insane as I did THREE-A-DAYS technically yesterday. Three fitness classes in one day!! Who am I?!!!?! I came home at 8:00 and slept like the dead. So. Breann gave me 5 of her business cards, I have no idea why. This isn’t a sponsored post and I’m not a PR plant or anything but if you’re interested in the labs and want ’em for your gym or just want more info, I have their contact info, just send me an e-mail and I’ll give it to ya for you to forward to your gym or whatever the heck you want to do.
1. What’s the most you’ve ever worked out in one day?
2. burpees: the worst? yes or yes?
3. have you tried any new fitness classes lately?

22 thoughts on “My Day in the Lab (with Burpees)

  1. 1. 2 hours, but i guess every time i run a half it’s more than that.
    2. they’re the worst but they’re so good for you.
    3. no, i hate fitness classes lol. i’m actually writing a post about why I hate them

  2. I love the sound of those classes. I am going to keep an eye out for ’em … and if I don’t see it soon, I have a friend who is a trainer at one of our smaller chains. She might know the right strings to pull!
    1) Used to do 2-a-days 3 out of 5 workout days a week. Back when I was younger, stronger, less broken, younger, thinner, have I mentioned younger? 😉 I loved how it made me feel mentally. Sometimes, now, I break up my workouts and I call them 2-a-days (you know, cardio in the morning, then sometime in the afternoon go grab the weights or hit the bag) just to psych myself up that I am still somewhat badass, albeit old. And broken. hehe
    2) As my son said the other day, “there will be no burpees in heaven.”
    3) I have not tried anything new recently. Not enough time in between training for the KB competition. However, I love them and miss that. My faves are the spinning and the boxing classes. A new yoga studio opened up just down the street and I may check into that, for the light days, to assist with the KB training. And because I absolutely need to add another gym into my payroll (that would make 3, lol).
    Great blog … glad you enjoyed the class. 🙂 I’m gonna see if there are dvd’s out anywhere so I can at least try it at home whilst I wait for one of my gyms to jump on the bandwagon! 🙂

  3. I went to BuildLab and loved it!! I didn’t have time to stick around and talk to the instructors so I am glad you did- lots of good info in this post! I am hoping Merritt moves forward with the labs I think they would be a great addition to the Les Mills programs! Speaking of which….have you tried Body Combat yet!?!

    • no!! and i was thinking as i was writing this post that i reallllly should go because i liked the boxing part of Burn Lab so much. hopefully i’ll get my act together and see you tuesday!

  4. This winter I took 3 classes in one day, 5:30 am, 5:30 pm and 7:00 pm. It was part of a challenge to get 5 classes in every week for 6 weeks. And one week that was the only way I could do it. I think when you know you’re doing another class you modify one of the classes, and go all out in the second. especially when its a trial deal, I would make a special point to get to those classes.

    • that’s a cool challenge. even though i knew it’d be a long day, i didn’t mind because i wanted to try the demo classes! i think i went all out in the burn lab class- because i hadn’t yet made up my mind about staying afterward for build lab. although i think i would have probably performed just as poorly in build lab no matter what. haha.

  5. whoa! three a days- girl you are insane (maybe you should look into that insanity class after all- you might love it! 🙂 ) i once did two 90 minute hot yoga classes in a day, and i was so impressed with myself. but i spaced those out- one was at 9am the other was at 4. way to be girlie!!

  6. Good grief woman your posts crack me up!! I am so jealous of your ability to get up at 4 am every morn and take your happy butt to the gym. I mean, disheveled or not, you’re freaking there and that’s freaking amazing. Really. Working out twice in one day on top of that? What are you, some sort of crazed superhero or villain? Trying to take over the world over there? Pull it together, I’m already trying that feat. It’s not going well.
    Glad to know you can compare yourself to Mexican food – as I talked about it today and clean eating veggie girl also has an enchilada recipe on her blog today! The theme is obvious here. In all seriousness, I’m focusing here. That class sounds amazing and I wish my lackluster gym had classes like that. I would be there everyday because cardio classes = my love. Burpees, girl, you know they are so hard and I’m so happy you finally got a taste! Do em everyday, they get easier, I swear. Until then, have a fab weekend! Relish in the fact that you had a killer week at the gym! Get some fro yo!

  7. I would totally like her contact info! I did BodyPump once and I don’t know if its my lack of timing or my wussiness shining through but I haven’t been back yet. I wish the instructor helped me more on the first day because I really want to love it

  8. UGH. burpees are the WORST. geeze lady you went crazy. I wish I had a gym to go to… I travel so often (like almost every week of my life) that is doesn’t make sense to pay for a membership. But i’m pretty sure the most I’ve ever worked out in a day is for an hour and a half… pathetic I know.
    I’ve been really into going to classes at my local lululemon store for free yoga classes. Sometimes they have other types of classes too which is kind of cool.
    Also, I’ve been meaning to ask you what your view on the couch-2-5k app after you did your 5K. Do you still use it at the gym you go to? should i invest or no? I like you, have NEVER been into running… like ever. As in I got my only C in middle school because I couldn’t run a 12 minute mile… that’s discouraged me from there on.

    • holy jesus, every week?! i’m so unsettled without my routine i cannot imagine. couch to 5k- i liked it buuuut i didn’t do it everyday because somedays i just couldn’t convince myself to run. but for most part, it really eases you in which i needed and liked. i still use it! and it’s still really hard. hah. and omg i get you on the running in middle school. i used to stay home for it but eventually my mom figured me out.

  9. THREE clases? Whoa girl, you’re awesome! That’s crazy! Good for you though. And good for you for going to BodyPump still, I went back this past week, still loving it – I find that the little breaks between tracks bug me a bit (resetting my bar and that little bit of downtime kinda take me out of the moment) but otherwise it feels like a good workout. The other classes you attend sound intense!

    • i know. crazy! yeah i get that about the resetting of the bar. i kinda like it because it does give me a few seconds to grab water and get myself mentally ready for next part.

  10. Three intense classes in one day does sound pretty insane! I’ve never experienced burpees and I don’t think I will, I have to be careful of my knees and leaping in and out of squats is not going to do that.

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