Liebster Award

A long time ago birthday girl Charlotte nominated me for the Liebster Award. WOOHOO! It took me forever to get my act together and answer her awesome questions. Liebster apparently means “dearest” in german- d’aww! I didn’t fact check that so if it isn’t true, you read out on some other blog, not here. 🙂

Thanks, Charlotte for nominating me!


In the spirit of honoring procedure, here are the rules that I see used most frequently.

The Liebster Award works: 

  1. Acknowledge the nominating blogger(s).
  2. Share 11 random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
  4. List 11 bloggers who have less than 200 followers (as best as you can tell based on the info provided!). They should be bloggers that you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
  5. Post 11 questions for the bloggers that you nominated to answer.
  6. Let all of the bloggers know that they’ve been nominated.  You cannot nominate the blogger that nominated you.
  1.        How many siblings do you have and where do you fall in birth order?

I am the oldest! I have a 21 year old brother and 19 year old sister. A lot of times people think my sister is the older one. She really should be the older one. She’s all up on the fashion, beauty and hair trends. She’s the one with the serious boyfriend of years and years. I also have a dog sister is 9 ½ (Labradoodle!!!!)but still acts like a crazed puppy with boundless energy. She’s everyone’s favorite sibling so no competition here. Who can compete with this sweetheart…


 2.       What is your most embarrassing childhood memory? 

Childhood? Nada clue. But I do have a one for teenage years.  It’s a good one, I swear. This awfulness comes from my summer job at a bakery when I was 19. I was a cake writing guru (thank you, Catholic school, for my perfect cursive).

Super cute boy at counter: Hi, could you please write on my cake?

Super eager Caitlyn: Sure. What would you like it to say?

Super cute boy: Can I have your number?

Super EXCITED Caitlyn: Sure.

Super excited romantic Caitlyn, thinking this is finally my big epic love story starting off with an adorable “meet cute” writes my phone number on the cake in blue icing.

 Super EXCITED Caitlyn with a heart going 9000 beats a second hands cake back to Future Husband / Super cute boy: Here you go.

Caitlyn stands there.

 Future Husband / Super cute boy: Thanks.

Future Husband / Super cute boy leaves. (????????) NOT IN THE SCRIPT.

 Future Husband / Super cute boy takes a few steps away (Caitlyn notcreepily watching), glances down at cake, stops walking, pivots to walk back to bakery (Caitlyn, still standing there watching him, rejoices).

 Future Husband / Super cute boy: Um, I’m sorry, there’s been a confusion. I need you to write ‘Can I have your number’ on the cake. It’s an inside joke for my friend.

Caitlyn (smile falls): Oh.  Okay. Sorry.

Future Husband / Super cute boyhands back cake, Caitlyn scrapes off her phone number with BURNING red cheeks, writes “Can I have your number?” on cake, all but throws cake at boy and runs and hides in the back.

cringing. forever. cringing.

snow white scared

 3.       What is  your favorite junk food snack?

Cheez-its , Goldfish or Double Fudge Pop-tarts.


4.       If you were a super hero, what would your name be?

I’ve always loved the word Enchantress. Fun fact when I was little I used to pretend I was queen of the ocean (because the ocean needed a queen and Ariel stupidly abandoned that throne) and that I controlled the waves. Of course when I’d hear about someone drowning I’d feel really bad because ya know, I could have helped them out. So we’ll say I’m Water Enchantress. Oh yeah.


5.       What is one thing you can not live without?

My I-phone. That thing has my life on it. Kind of scary.


 6.       What was your undergrad major and does it relate to what you’re doing now?

I majored in Communications with an English minor.  I do marketing now so it definitely fits although I never took any marketing classes. Oh yes, so incredibly glad I took classes like personal writing where we all adopted a plant that was in front of the building where the class was. Professor would have us “visit” our plant (aka I’d sit there and stare off into space or make a sarcastic Facebook status about my stupid class) for the first 20 minutes in every class. We then had to ID our plant and because my plant was not a gerbera daisy, rose, or tulip, I had no idea what the hell it was. Mission FREAKING Impossible. I took a picture of it on my then blackberry and drove 30 minutes to a freaking plant nursery for help. Personal writing was not a good class. Why did I go off on this tangent?


 7.       If you were a sitcom character, which one would you be?

Probably Phoebe from Friends. Haha, nobody ever wants to be her but I love her and I think we are a bit similar.


 8.       If you could get any celebrity to play you in the movie of your life, who would you choose?

Kristen Bell or Amy Adams. I look nothing like either of them, but I love them and I think they have enough talent to do my portrayal justice and accurately depict all depths of my personality. Eyeroll.

 9.       Would you rather win an Emmy, an Oscar, a Tony or a Grammy?

Great question! My first thought was Grammy, but I don’t think they’re relevant anymore and I think more than half of the winners of the Grammys lately have been beyond awful  so the Grammy’s aren’t as “prestigious” as I once thought they were. Taylor Swift winning awards for vocals? Rihanna even being nominated for vocals? Come on. THAT IS ABSURD. Even I who am tone-deaf recognize how awful they are. The Grammys are doing okay keeping the Biebs out of it though. I’ll say a Tony for my role in “Wicked”.  I would like to play Elphaba although Glinda would be enjoyable because “Popular” is a fun song. But Defying Gravity > Everything. I freaking love that song. I saw “Wicked” live 5 years ago and when NotIdinaMenzel sang “Defying Gravity” I wept. I  probably was born to play a witch lets face it. Plus, I think the Tonys are probably so much more fun than the Oscars. Neil Patrick Harris as host!? No brainer the Tonys are more fun.

 10.   If you could go on a one month vacation starting tomorrow, where would you go?

BORA BORA. I want to be in those little huts over the turquoise water, stat.


11.   Are you a morning, afternoon and/ or evening exerciser?

Morning. Up at 4 am, baby!

Thanks, Charlotte! I am supposed to nominate people but…I’m not going to because I get nervous about excluding people. I was the girl who threw up the night before I was supposed to be captain in gym class because I didn’t want to hurt peoples feelings by not picking them for my team. I know. If you read this blog, I think you’re great and nominate you.

feel free to answer one of the questions in the comments section! or tell me about a dumb class you took in college.


34 thoughts on “Liebster Award

  1. I don’t know why, but it’s so relieving to hear about people who aren’t working in a career that is directly tied to their major. I want nothing to do with chemistry and everyone assumes I’m going to do that with the rest of my life. Also, I dig your junk food choices. Cheez its FTW.

  2. Haha, that moment of Kristin Bell on Ellen is the best thing ever. I’ll watch it from time to time just to laugh until I cry. 🙂 These were awesome to read. Cheez-it’s are the BEST junk snack food, hands down. Plus, there are varieties. Does it get any better? No. 🙂 I’ll join you in Bora Bora. Want to dip out today? Mk, cool, see you there.

  3. I’m cringing for you in the ‘can I have your number’ story! The one class I took that was a joke my Asian Art History class. I actually really enjoy Asian Art because my family has a lot of involvement in the field, but the way this class was set up was crazy. I couldn’t believe it!

  4. Omg I literally turned red for you when reading that story about the cake. To be fair, I would have done exactly the same thing. He should have been more specific. But oh god how embarrassing.
    I’m with you on the iphone. My husband and me will sit on the sofa watch TV together while on our iphones and not speak to each other. Occassionally we’ll grunt at one another 😉

    • there’s something so humbling about scraping your phone number off a cake. pretty sure i debated quitting. haha. and yes about the i-phones! my roommates and i in college were the exact same way at “family dinners”

  5. I love reading stories just as that about Internet strangers/bloggers. Oh that poor cake story! Ugh, that plant story… made me think of a very pointless class I took in college as a biology major. I had to take Weed Science!! ID weeds. Who IDs weeds?!?! You spray/pull/kill weeds!

    • ahhhh love “meeting” people with doodles! have you posted a picture on your blog with your doodle? i’ll have to find it. seriously, i think all doodles are so freaking cute. dogs are the best.

  6. OMG. The cake story. I’m dying. I can absolutely imagine the exact same thing happening to me, so I can completely empathize! Oh, the cringe-worthy moments from adolescence! 🙂 For what it’s worth, you’re in *very* good company in that boat. I feel like I still have moments like that all the time!

  7. I seriously started cringing as soon as I realized what was going to happen with your cake story. I’m sure it was the most mortifying thing ever when it happened, but omg what a great story now. Also, if you’re Phoebe, I want to be your best friend. She is awesome.

  8. Bahaha hilarious. You’re too cute. Loved reading this! I’m pretty sure there’s a Friends episode for every aspect of life. It made my life that you made a Friends reference. Good ‘ole Phoebs!

  9. hahaha ahh love this!! AMAZING answers! i too would rather win a tony! (Even though i cant dance nor sing- that would be my award of choice 🙂 ) and YES- ariel did stupidly abandon her throne and omg phoebe is an amazing answer!! LOVED this whole thing! have a great night chica!

  10. AHHAHA oh my gosh that cake story is amazing. I ALWAYS assume that guys are NOT talking about me just to avoid confusion like this. I would rather them say they wanted MY number and not someone else’s instead of assuming hahha.

  11. I am absolutely dying at your embarrassing moment. Not laughing at you, just reflecting on how crap like that always happens to me too and its embarrassing but SO funny

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