Caitlyn Goes to Body Pump

……..and lives to tell the pointless tale.

I’ve been meaning to go to Body Pump for a while. But every morning I chickened out.

“I’m not ready!!!” (what signs I was waiting for to alert me to my ‘ready’ status, I know not)

“Today doesn’t feel right.” (haha oh i’m good)

“I should really do more treadmill/elliptical for the 12th day in a row.”

I was just nervous and making excuses. I really don’t like being the new, out of shape kid fumbling around in a class full of fit, strong people who all seem to know what to do. But this morning I woke up and I was just over it. Over all my dumb excuses and fears. I’ve always known I want to start going to weekly BodyPump classes so what the heck was I waiting for.

The fitness studio at my gym is super wide, which I love because that way there’s nobody behind me that I can imagine is laughing at me all class long. It also has that wall of mirrors all fitness studios seem to insist on having. I really don’t want to look at myself, thanks.

I purposely got there 20 minutes early to figure out set-up. I was second to arrive, but no instructor. I just grabbed all the stuff the other girl seemed to have. I didn’t know what to do with weights so I  took all the light ones and assumed I’d figure it out. A few more people filtered in and finally, the instructor.

She immediately came over to me and introduced herself as Sherri. Ever so charming and never ever awkward, I replied “I’m new and I’m scared” (five second pause), “Oh. Right. I’m Caitlyn.”

I was at ease right away. Sherri exclaimed over and over how glad she was I was there and I’d be fine, we all start somewhere. It was all the things my sensitive soul had to hear from someone else. She helped me figure out weights to start with and promised she’d help if I needed her. So when she did get up to begin class, I was feeling fine. I was thinking, Sherri’s so nice and will help me. I can do this.

My brain has already blocked out the details of the class because it was painful. I had a pitifully light amount of weights on my bar and my arm muscles were trembling halfway through.  Sherri was the kind of instructor my fragile ego needs. Super sweet, cheerful but not annoyingly so, smiley.  She kept looking at me to make sure I was still breathing or hadn’t run away screaming and would wink or mouth “Great job!”

There were about 15 other people in the class and I was the youngest (I’m assuming, based off appearances). It is very humbling to be the youngest but use – by far – the least amount of weights. I looked around and was like embarrassed, wondering what they possibly thought of this young ‘un barely putting any weight on the bar.

michelle tanner lifting weights

michelle probably is lifting more than i did all class.

The thing I’m most excited about is…I didn’t hate the class. I actually kinda liked it and am planning to go back every Thursday. I I liked that we did a lot of different things and it was so varied.  I worked up a sweat and it felt goooooooooood. My arms are already sore and I attempted to put mascara on but when I started applying it my my muscles started trembling again and I got some in my eye.

I’m so glad I got over my ridiculous fears and finally got started. I feel like this might be the beginning of a beautiful thing.


50 thoughts on “Caitlyn Goes to Body Pump

  1. I felt this way about Zumba and look at me now. I literally get depressed when I can’t go anymore during school. I’m the youngest there and probably the least coordinated at shaking my hips as embarrassing as that sounds. Sometimes it makes the class more fun and eventually you’ll be showing up the old people 😉

    • loooooooove zumba too! none of my friends like it and they think its ridiculous. i think it’s a blast. i’ll have to try and catch one of the zumba classes at my gym. i’d forgotten about it honestly, haha.

  2. I’m so glad you have a good instructor that made you feel welcomed. I hate doing new things that I don’t feel ready for, but in the end it always turns out good. I would love to go to body pump if I had a gym membership, way to go girlie!

    • yep, sherri was exactly what i needed- made me feel comfortable and welcome. and yes! one of the things that finally got me there was that i knew it would be an awesome workout and even if i hated class/instructor/whatever, i wouldn’t regret going.

  3. Honestly, I felt exactly the same way! I felt like such a weenie for only using the lightest weights my first time, but you just have to remember that people have to start somewhere. That’s also awesome how she helped you out so much! My teacher on the other hand..

    • oh no sorry your instructor isn’t so great. i never realized, until i had sherri today, how key the instructor and their personality is. i had to keep reminding myself “everyone starts somewhere” when i saw everyone else loading up their bars even more and i was just standing there thinking omg noooooooo if i add more weight i’ll surely collapse and die. someday i’ll get there.. 🙂

  4. Congratulations on doing your first Body Pump! This is not a pointless tale, rather, one filled with a plot, a climax, a main character, and all the things a good fairy tale needs. Good job lady!!!! Hope your mascara applying self can handle the soreness! 🙂
    Go Sherri for being the best!

  5. Yay, I’m glad you went and didn’t hate it! Your experience was how my experience was and the author was great too… helped me, challenged me, but didn’t embarrass me. And while I didn’t love love love the class, I didn’t hate it and look forward to going back. I’ve heard to make sure you go once a week or you’ll be sore if you miss a week. I had to miss this week and I’m bummed. And nervous about how it’ll be next time lol. :/

    • yes! your post did make me really want to get my butt there and try. exactly with you– i didn’t hate it (which i consider to be an amazing achievement) but look forward to going back as i know i’ll see results eventually!

    • it’s an hour and you work the entire body. it’s crazayyy. i read on the website (while trying to get up the nerve to go) that its like 800 reps in an hour which sounds boring and mundane but it’s not at all! it was a great class and now i know why its so freaking popular. you should try it if you ever get the chance!

  6. Props for finally going! I had joined a gym last year and had constant access to free classes and trainers.. but all I ever did was the treadmill and elliptical because I was scared to do any of the other stuff without a friend and none of my friends were that interested. Now I don’t live around a gym I can afford and I regret it so much! But I’m moving back close to my old area so hopefully I can change that :p

    You must tell us more about this class when you go again!

    • we’re so alike! last year at college we had free classes and trainers (!!!!!!) and i never went because i didn’t want to go alone and none of my friends were interested. when i joined this gym i vowed that if i was going to be paying for it then i had to make it worth it and try a few classes. now i did a 180 and think i like going solo because i’m still figuring it all out and don’t want to compare myself to fitter friends.

  7. I went to a pump style class and was out lifted by people twice my age! No shame. Glad you tried it! You’ll only get better with practice!

  8. Congrats on overcoming your fear and trying something new! I used to lift with my husband and was always really intimidated by the meat heads at the gym. But I quickly realized they really didn’t give a hoot about me, and when they did notice, they were always really complimentary. Now I do a lot of strength training at home, just because it’s more efficient with kids.

    • thanks girl! one of the ladies said to me “i love when we have new people!!” haha. i can’t wait to become a regular and get excited / energized at the arrival of new people!

    • i usually like to do things on my own as well but i’m finding that since i am so new and uninformed, the fitness classes are a good fit because i’m learning, getting fit and the instructor is right there to help! woohoo 🙂

  9. nice work lady! I know exactly how you feel. The scariest part for me about starting body pump ( I didn’t go until I moved to Australia) was actually going that first day and raising my hand to say that I was new. I was so nervous, so I can totally relate. I love the soreness from pump, it just feels good. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

    • thanks meredith! yeah it is super daunting. and OH MY GOsh my arms today. fire. but it feels good in a weird way haha, like an accomplishment of a great workout. my arm muscles are probably like “what the heck just happened to us??!! she usually ignores us!” haha

  10. I used to love Body Pump, then we switched gyms. I am always nervous to go to new classes, I feel like I just don’t know the “class norm” and hate to feel out of place!

    • ohhh yeah i get you. everyone in the class yesterday is all regulars and sherri knew stuff about them like their jobs, kids, etc. i felt like i had a “hello i’m new here!!” sign on my forehead. i was also nervous that like i took somebodys “usual” spot or something!

  11. Yay for braving it out! I’ve only gotten the opportunity to go to BodyPump once, but I absolutely loved it. That feeling of being strong and trying something new is always a great one 🙂

  12. I’m glad you gave it a shot! I’ve never tried BodyPump, but I think you’ll love it, and if you keep doing it, you’ll get better and love it even more. Getting over your fears is such a great step 🙂

  13. Such a HUGE acoomplishment! Good for you to step outside of your comfort zone, it’s so tough to do, especially with fitness classes. I’ve definitely been there many times. Sounds like the instructor was very helpful,too, which can do wonders! 🙂

    • thank you! yup i never realized how important an instructors personality would be until i was standing there terrified and she came over and was so welcoming and calming!

  14. Yay you did BodyPump! It’s my favorite class ever (I am obsessed)! Once you do it a few times and get the form down you will be increasing your weights in no time! I loved reading about your BodyPump class – looking forward to hearing more!

  15. Sounds like a lot of fun! I haven’t done a body pump class…would love to get back into doing classes someday when time allows. In the meantime I’ve started doing some small strength training things like plank-a-day to get stronger and supplement my running!

  16. I know I’m late to comment but I was so excited to read you did your first BodyPump class (and liked it). Don’t worry about your weights – whenever we’ve had newcomers, the instructor always recommends to use a light weight to start. You have to build up to it and everyone in the class knows that. Glad you enjoyed your first class! 🙂

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