MIMM: Baby, You A Song

Marvelous is…….the new cafe that opened on the bottom level of my office building. A long time ago when we heard that a new eatery would be moving in, I began dreaming that it would be Chipotle or Panera Bread. So when I found out it was, in fact, not Chipotle or Panera Bread I was a bit disappointed because…yeah. So although the cafe’s been open for a few weeks, I hadn’t yet gone until last Friday when I was starving and had forgotten to pack breakfast and lunch. So, I waved the white flag in my dumb “you are not Chipotle or Panera Bread!!!!!!!” stand-off and took the elevator ride of surrender. The staff is so friendly, and their  selections are varied and amazing. It is a little on the pricey side, but given how lazy I am, I will happily deal because it is so freaking convenient. It’s just a quick elevator ride away! I’m so happy about this delicious convenience.

Marvelous is……oh I am signed up for another 5K. My boss Sharon and co-worker Gemma asked me to run a 5K with them at end of June. If you had told me last year “Caitlyn, you are going to run 3 5Ks in 3 months in summer of 2013” I would have needed to be sedated stat.

Marvelous is….a new week. Last week sucked. I was in a bad mood for what seemed like all of it and felt very off, uncomfortable (?) and sluggish. It was one of those weeks where I just chugged along  thinking “just finish the week…just finish the week…it’s almost over..” BUT this week is going to be great and I am rearing to go.

Marvelous is….my first Preakness experience. I was wary going into it because my Preakness veteran friends warned it was a very long day and now I’m starting to realize that when it comes to most big outings (especially any involving day drinking), I have like a window of a few good hours in me before I turn sour and just want to go home. I also hate when I am not in close proximity to my house and have to wait around for a ride and/or the group I’m with to come to a consensus to leave, it makes me feel kind of “stuck” but anyway. It was pretty fun and I enjoyed my huge green mug that had bottomless refills of beer.


Marvelous is….seeing Florida Georgia Line at the aforementioned Preakness.  “Cruise” is one of my favorite songs to come out in the last five years. I could do with or without the Nelly remix and any of the lyrics that are not the chorus. Has a song ever been more perfect to listen to on a sunny day with your windows down? There’s probably a few good contenders but belting out the chorus of “Cruise” is so  enjoyable to me. So anyway, it was SO GREAT to be able to see them sing it live and sing it along enthusiastically with them. They ripped through their setlist (which naturally included choruses of “Golddigger”, “Thrift Shop” and “In Da Club”) and then when it was apparent it was the last song and they had not yet sang “Cruise”, the lead singer asked…”So….what do ya guys wanna hear?” The place erupted with screams of “CRRRREEEEEWWZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” and duh, of course they sang it and everyone went ballistic.  It was also nice to see who the heck Florida Georgia Line is comprised of. I had never seen pictures, videos, TV or Youtube performances. When the band came out I went crazy being a welcoming, excited yeller and my friend had to tell me they were ‘the band’ and weren’t actually in ‘Florida Georgia Line.’

Marvelous is…..Macklemore. He was there with Ryan Lewis. He opened with “Thrift Shop” which was surprising to me. I hadn’t been paying attention and heard “Thrift Shop” so I just assumed someone was playing it to get the crowd hyped. Then I turned and oh…there they were on stage. Two songs later, they sang “Can’t Hold Us” so after that, I stopped paying attention because those two are the only Macklemore songs I know. I do love those songs though.

Marvelous is ….live music. I don’t go to many concerts so when I do, I come away awestruck. Live music is so amazing. At any point during a concert, I stand there smiling, just thinking about how great it is. I also feel ridiculously happy for the artists up on the stage because I cannot imagine how freaking incredible it would be to stand where they’re standing and see thousands of people happily bopping along to their song and screaming the lyrics and freaking out. I also wonder HOW ARE THEY NOT CRYING?! I’m not really a crier, but…and this is obviously a huge but..if I were a singer, I’d probably tear up at every concert I gave because I felt so unbelievably overwhelmed, happy and grateful. I saw Carrie Underwood (PSA: she is SO TALENTED. she sounds exactly like she does on her albums and hits every high note effortlessly) in November and cried in the middle of it because I was so happy for her. i’m a weirdo.

Marvelous is…I had a dream I became an avid CrossFit-er. Maybe it’s all the Carrots N Cake I’ve been reading. So, I am adding “try CrossFit a few times” to my list of fitness-y things to do in the next year and a half. Also on my bucket list is running a half marathon. See my 2nd point in this post. A year doesn’t seem like enough time so I’m making it a year and a half. I’m pretty flexible with the deadline but I want to do those two things.

Marvelous is….my fellow early morning gymgoers. They are about 6 middle-aged men and I love them. We stand around from 4:50 a.m. onward until they open the doors to the gym. When the gym is finally opened, all 6 of them automatically move aside like Moses parting the sea so I can enter the gym first and one of them always holds open the door for me. It is SO nice.  One doesn’t have to tell another to do it; they just automatically do it, and have been ever since I joined the gym. Every morning that they do it,I’m struck by how nice it is. Ah, good manners, you never go out of style.


Thanks to Katie for hosting!



1. I feel like I need like a meal planner / exercise diary thing, with blank notebook pages to write the above “fitness-y things to do in the next year and a half” list. ? Do you use one and find it useful?

2. Best concert you’ve ever been to?

3. I need a good racerback sports bra. What is your fave?


41 thoughts on “MIMM: Baby, You A Song

  1. You went to preakness too?! All of my friends were there and I was so mad I left a few days before! I’m obsessed with macklmore. I want to marry that man. Really just because of those two songs, like you said. They’re the best.I hope this week is better than last!

    • ah you’ll have to stick around next year and go! it’s an experience. i don’t know if i’ll go again, depends who the music acts are, but it was fun to go and see what all the hoopla is about.

  2. I hear you on the long week — I have a feeling that that’s what’s in store for me this week. (Booooo.) It’s awesome that you have the cafe downstairs, though (and BTW, I loved the “waving my white flag in the ‘You are not Chipotle or Panera!’ battle” — that’s totally how I roll too), and hopefully this week will be fantastic!

  3. Girl,I thought the same thing about last week. Here’s to open we both have quick and wonderful days full of nothing but laughter & joy ❤ <3! At one of my old jobs there was an incredible cafe on the lower floor… be ready to spend some $$$ Ha Ha! Convenience sometimes sucks FYI

    • yup, that’s my one big hesitation with it. that and the fact that i’d probably die if i attempted it right now so i should probably be a little bit more in shape. i read some “boxes” offer a few free or reduced introductory workouts so that’s what i’d want to do, and then go from there if i like it. most people who do it seem obsessed with it, i’m so intrigued by it.

    • panera love should always be shameless. so freaking good. i went once a week for like four weeks over the summer, and everytime i was there i’d get a call for a job interview. so i just started bringing my laptop and parking myself in the corner staring at my phone. eventually my luck ran out, ha.

  4. I haven’t been to a concert in so long. I love outside concerts in the summer though where it’s just so chill. Glad it’s a new week and that you’re feeling less sluggish! It’s rainy here in UT and last week was gorgeous. So, I’m wishing it was more like last week=(

    • 🙂 yes they are amazing! i didn’t know any of the songs besides “cruise” which i know by heart and a little bit of “get your shine on”, so i have a few more songs to buy! they were so fun to see live.

  5. I’m just like you with day drinking. I have a short window before I get tired and cranky! And I’m so glad you’re signed up for another 5k! Once you get hooked, you’re hooked. 😉

  6. Love live music! Sounds like a really fun concert 🙂 One of my favorite concerts the last two years has been Hootie & the Blowfish – they play once a year in Charleston, and it’s awesome.

    • omg….i love hootie!! i have such an obsession with darius rucker. i love his solo stuff too. and i just feel like he would be so much fun to go out and grab a beer with, like he’d be really laid-back and super nice.

    • i bet i would, i’ll have to take a listen! i really love cant hold us and thrift shop. he was “eh” live so i didn’t pay too much attention after hearing my faves. i had super high expectations and thought he’d be brilliant live, but he was really underwhelming.

  7. Ok, I love your outlook on the cafe downstairs. Maybe this won’t happen to you too, but it happened to me. We have one in the bottom of my office building and while it was a little pricey, it was still decent, WIN! But then, it got old, quickly, and it lost its excitement. Now, it is referred to as “The Trough”, which of course, is a super loving and endearing term. Anyway, yay for a new cafe, ha, even if it isn’t a wonderful place like Panera or Chipotle (two places whose food I could live off of for the rest of my life << famous last words??).
    Yay for a concert filled weekend! Sounds great! I love Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, so jealous you got to see them!!! That's awesome that you want to try Cross Fit. So ambitious! Get em girl! And congrats on signing up for another 5K. I'm sure it'll be better than inhaling powder like the Color Run.
    Food wise, I don't keep track. But, I eat basically the same crap Monday through Friday to maintain so it would get dull to write it all down/keep track. I do, however, write down in a planner my running distances/workouts. I find that it gives me such satisfaction to look through the past year and see all the exercise I've done. It's a freaking awesome feeling.

    • ahaha the trough! that’s funny. my own famous last words will probably be “i’m trying to be ambitious!” haha. yeah, i think writing them down would be so good just for that purpose.

  8. Florida Georgia Line?! So jealous! They seem like they would be great performers. I recently went to Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan, and it was one of the best concerts I’ve been too in a while.. Luke Bryan = Amazing performer. (and cute too)

    I use MyFitness Pal to record my foods, and I find it to be very helpful. Would definitely recommend it.

  9. I’m so jealous that you got to Florida Georgia Line! that’s awesome 🙂 And for sports bras I absolutely adore Under Armour. They give great support and have some really fun patterns. Also the backs of some of the bras are so cool looking so I don’t mind wearing tank tops and showing off the bra haha 🙂

  10. I totally get you about live music! Nothing like it, I don’t know how the artists get through it. Lucky you, I’d love to see Macklemore.

    Hands down best act I’ve seen was Alt-J, followed closely by Iggy Pop and Deadmau5. Pure amazingness.

    And I can’t believe your at the gym at 4.50!!! Amazing. I’m lucky if I can get there by 8am..

  11. I always write down all my workouts in a notebook as I like to know what I’ve done and record the weights and times etc. Definitely recommend it!

    I love love love that song Thrift Shop 🙂

    Best concert I went to was when I was 14 and saw Pearl Jam, they were amazing! I also loved seeing Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Justin Timberlake.

  12. Awesome that you signed up for another 5k, you go girl! I LOVED having a cafe at the bottom of my old office building. It’s so nice to have the option to go if you need to, in case you want a snack, forget your lunch, or in my case, fufill an iced coffee addiction! My favorite sports bras are Lorna Jane and Under Armour. Such good quality!

  13. I am a meal planner. For me it is so much easier to know exactly what I am supposed to eat and just throw it in my bag. The best racer back sports bras I have found for me are at target. I hope this week is better than last :o)

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