A Day in the Life

This probably going to come back to embarrass me that I made this a link-up but I love reading day in the life posts so much (not lying) but then I realized most people probably don’t find them as interesting as I do. I reaaallllllllly love other peoples’ lives and a play-by-play, what can I say. Maybe I should have been an archaeologist. So because I clearly hate everyone who reads this blog, here is mine. It’s probably good material to crawl into bed with at night to help you fall asleep. I’m even more boring that previously thought. Who knew.

3:55 a.m: Sleep cycle app alarm goes off. This is supposedly when I’m in my lightest sleep cycle. Ignore.

4:04: Second alarm goes off. Ignore.

4:08: Third alarm goes off. Ignore.

4:11: Look at my sleep cycle app chart. Sleepily note that I had an okay night sleep. Don’t care.

4:15: Admit defeat.

4:16: Vertical and hating it.

4:17: Mentally pat myself on the back for being soooooooooo on top of things and sleeping in my work-out clothes and packing my work bag the night before.

4:22: Stumble downstairs sounding like an elephant stomping through my silent sleeping house.

4:26: On the road. Bask in the glory of the absence of other drivers. Pout as I hit every red light. Speed when I’m not at every red light because I like to live dangerously.

4:47: Pull into Dunkin Donuts. Hope that the old lady is working because she is so nice and always gives me a free munchkin.

4:48: Discover that the sweet old lady is not working. Order my small mint chocolate chip iced coffee (no cream or sugar) and rejoice when I remember this is cheaper than Starbucks. Put coffee in the cupholder and ignore until after workout.

4:51: Arrive at gym. Stand at the door with other gymgoers, who all happen to be middle-aged and male, waiting for the gym to open.


5:00: They unlock gym door. The men, as is our routine, hold open door for me and stand aside to let me in first. Chivalry is not too dead. I can officially pronounce that 4 days a week I really am “the first one in the gym!” Nice men not pictured.

5:03: Enter the cardio cinema .

j law

the hunger games was on!

5:06-5:48: Treadmill. Hate life. Debate quitting every 20 seconds even while I am doing the walking portion.

5:51- 6:04: Shower. Wonder how much money I am saving myself and my 3 roommates by showering at the gym 4-5 days a week.

6:06: Feel relieved upon discovering that I managed to pack all critical parts of my work outfit. Get dressed. Blow-dry hair until it is ¾ dry because I do not have patience to fully dry it. Put on make-up.

6:32: Exit gym.

6:39: Pull into work parking garage.

6:42: The woman (I think she’s homeless) who sits all day outside my office building addresses me as “princess” for what might be the 8th time in a row. For the eighth day in a row, ponder how exactly I should take that. What is being insinuated?

6:46: Enter office suite (3rd to arrive if you were wondering, you probably weren’t) and sit at Cubicle.

6:47: Feel a little embarrassed that I have not cleaned my desk yet even though I’ve been vowing to for weeks.

6:50: Read blogs (WIAW day is always a good one) and surf the Internet mindlessly.

7:17: Talk to my mom via telephone.

7:27: Eat breakfast and drink coffee despite not really liking it at all. But I need it so I gulp it down anyway.

7:28: Start working. Debate changing out of sneakers (I cantwont drive in heels) into my heels but realize I probably won’t see anyone for another few hours so it doesn’t matter yet.

7:29: Decide I don’t hate you THAT much as to bore you with (believe it or not, even more mundane) details of my work day.

7:30-12:30: Fight off the lazy fairy and am somewhat productive. Realize I haven’t changed out of sneakers yet.

12:30-1:00 Lunch.

1:45: Co-worker sends e-mail about free salads. Free anything is right up my alley.

1:46 I take two.

3:42: Leave work. My commute is never bad but that will never stop me from complaining. I hate driving.

4:08: Arrive home. Mindlessly attempt to unlock house door using office key. Am not successful.

4:12: Wash lunch dishes and prepare the next day’s lunch.

4:16: Hunt for Tupperware with a matching lid.

4:20: Finally. Matching lid.

4:21: Get changed. Back downstairs to microwave dinner.

4:26: Back upstairs with dinner. Read blogs. Surf Internet mindlessly. Eat dinner.

4:49: Do this Tone It Up workout.

5:36: Hate it and love it.

5:37: Repaint nails where they started to chip.

5:40: Watch Friends then King of Queens on TBS. Wish Big Bang Theory was on.

5:45: Debate cleaning and doing laundry. Decide against it.

5:46: Resolve to do it tomorrow. And that is a PROMISE.

5:47: Realize I have promised this for last few days.

6:45: I really should clean. Fine. I hastily run a Chlorox wipe around the bathroom sink.

7:04: Pack gym bag. Surf Internet mindlessly. Affirm how boring my life is now that I am actually thinking about it in increments. Vow to never put you through this again.

7:16: Shuffle piles of clothes and other random weird things from center of floor to the side. Cheerfully contemplate how much better it looks now.

8:06: Realize I should get in bed.

8:33: Get in bed. Marvel that yep, I really do get in bed at this hour now. It feels unnatural. Read or watch TV.

8:57: Turn out light.

8:58-9:50-ish: Toss and turn. Fall asleep eventually.

Is there a most boring life award I can nominate myself for? God I didn’t even try to make myself sound exciting.

Okay fine, pull my arm, I actually made it a link-up (click below) just in case anyone read this SUPER EXCITING day and decided to chronicle their own. I’d love it if you did! Chronicle it all in pictures if you want. If you’ve already written one before, link it! Or link if you want in the future when you have a day you want to chronicle. Maybe your exciting life will be enough to convince me to do something with my own. If you do decide to participate (please), just link back here. thanks for feeding my addiction and sharing your days.


The link-up is weird because wordpress.COM really hates inlinkz. blergh. click below.


29 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. I think this is a fun post. I like the day in the life idea almost as much as a WIAW (meals for a day) or peering into strangers grocery carts (silently judging them all while trying not to judge them). I used to do the 5 a.m workout thing and go to bed at 8, 9 p.m. as a result, but I’ve switched it to my lunch hour which I love. The only problem is when work interfers with my lunch hour. Grr.
    Again, very cute post.

  2. Girrrl you are amazing- you’re up by 4?? way to be! I’m up at 5:30 and i thought that was impressive til i read this. And I laughed about the partially dry hair- i do the same thing! i cant remember the last time i dried my hair all the way through. i always lose interest around the 3/4 dry mark. fully dry hair is way too fancy for this girl 🙂

  3. This post was so cute! I love it. And oh my, you wake up so early!! Whoa! Jealous that you got to watch Hunger Games while working out tho, I might wake up early for that. Ok, no not really.

  4. Hahaha I love this!! Also, this is the first time I’ve ever stopped by your blog (hello!) and I’m totally going to do the linkup. Yep watch me.

  5. I’m with Megan above, lunch hour workouts are where its at. I really enjoy reading your blog, as it let’s me revisit it my own first years working in the real world out of undergrad. Keep up the good work!

  6. You are one insane woman, lady!! Up so dang early. Can I hire you to call me incessantly until i wake up for a morning workout??? That’s awesome that you’ve been first in the gym 4 days this week! Woo hoo to chivalrous men (I don’t know of any, props to your peeps). EARLY BED TIMES = THE ONLY WAY TO GO. 🙂

  7. You’re my inspiration! If I’m ever able to get out of bed at 4am, I’ll consider it life’s greatest accomplishment. Despite many attempts to become a “morning person,” I’m a chronic night owl. I’m getting better, though! 9am mornings are now 7am mornings. Progress.

    Please tell me more about this DD mint chocolate chip iced coffee! It sounds pretty amazing. 😀

    Hope you’re having a great week, girl! ❤

  8. Hahhaa I loved this. This was an amazing day in the life post, awesome sense of humor! and when you wake up in the 4am hour getting into bed at 8:30 is completely necessary. Jealous of how early you get to leave work! Bleck, even when I go in early I’m usually there till 5.

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  10. Umm, this is actually awesome, and I’m totally going to participate on a normal weekday (currently traveling so my days are all messed up). I’m impressed by the number of thoughts you have so early in the morning. I’m not sure my brain would be functioning quite that well at that hour.

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