What I Ate Wednesday: My Triumphant Return

It has been approximately two months since I last participated in WIAW.

But I’m back.


Before we get back into it, I must confess (that my loneliness is killing me now) : I have gone almost 24 years of life without ever going to a Trader Joes.


oh miley i miss your long locks, girlfran

Yup. Sad but true. There’s one right around the corner from my office, so on Monday I decided enough was enough and I was going to go to there (if you get the reference, points for you!) I walked in and thought I had somehow had made a wrong turn and wound up in Heaven.


Long story short, everything looked amazing and somewhat healthy. I bought 14 things (sorry roommates) and my total was 27 DOLLARS. TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS. I gasped when the cashier told me. This place is MAGICAL, people. She thought I was about to be one of those customers who pitched a fit, but no. In my euphoria, I exclaimed a little too loudly “I’m coming here everyday, it’s so much fun!” She cautiously laughed, an old man in next line over chuckled, and the toddler with her mom behind me started looking around because clearly her mom hadn’t taken her to the playground that must be in this store, but I was not kidding at that moment. Although now I’m relenting, maybe not every day, maybe more like once a week once my lettuce goes bad.

ANYWAY. Here is the poorly photographed line-up from Tuesday. Thanks to the lovely Jenn for hosting this super-fun link-up.


Breakfast (7:40 AM):

Yogurt bowl: Chobani no-fat vanilla, strawberries (Trader Joes), pineapples (Trader Joes) and Fiber One chocolate squares (spotted, coveted and taken from Jessie’s WIAW last week, thanks girl!)

yogurt bowl

Morning snack (9:50 AM):

Pineapples (Trader Joes)


Lunch (Noon):

Salad: Lettuce (Trader Joes, new favorite lettuce), Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing (Trader Joes, hands down favorite salad dressing e-v-e-r), sliced walnuts and almonds, feta.

salad april 29 2

Afternoon snack (1:30):

Chobani flip!

chobani flip

Dinner (5:00 PM):

It can never be emphasized enough: I.love.Chipotle. I would eat it everyday. But I can’t and don’t. I realized the last time I had Chipotle was March 20 and that was an acceptable amount of time passed, so I got some for dinner to treat myself after a particularly stressful day at work. I felt like living on the edge so I decided that for the first time in the 5 years I’ve been lovin’ and eatin’ Chipotle, I’d try something new. I’d forgo my chicken and try the veggies option and see how I liked it.

Verdict handed down: Amazing. Delicious. Unbelievably good. I like when I try new things and find a new favorite.

chipotle 2

ONE LAST THING before you’re free to move onto other, better WIAW’ers:

come here

For what it is worth, after reading a day in the life posts like Grace’s, I have developed an obsession with them. I really love reading them. We do SO much in one day and nobody lives the exact same day twice or the same day as anyone else. It is crazy interesting to me and people lead fascinating lives. So I decided that, despite the fact that it might be SUPER boring, I’m going to post my own tomorrow.

Since I love these posts and I love blogs and reading blogs and I live a boring life I’m debating making it a day in the life post link-up. And by debating, I mean that even though I’m probably alone in my love for these kind of posts, and fully accept that not many people would do one of their own, I’ll probably do a link-up anyway. Just in case. Wink.

pretty please

Think about it? If you’d written one before, you can link to it.


32 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: My Triumphant Return

  1. I’m always shocked by how cheap TJ’s is. I can’t believe you made it that long without venturing into the glorious place! I probably go once a week!!

  2. TJs = heaven. *sigh* When we (mistakenly) moved to upstate NY from Sunny San Diego CA … I did not count on the lack of TJs to be one of the things I would despise about this place. We have a pretty super store called Wegman’s here … and it is mighty fine. However, in a million, trillion years … it is not TJs. So, you can imagine my immense JOY when TJs finally landed up here, a mere 30 miles away. I now go each and every Thursday and find myself less suicidal than I was before. There simply is not happiness without TJs. At least, not after you have lived where there were tons of them within walking distance! So happy you stumbled into one! And I am very interested in reading your “Day in the Life” post. I doubt it will be boring at all. 🙂

    • wow i cannot imagine the transition from san diego to upstate NY! that’s got to be a rough one. i also went to the wegmans first time this summer and was completely overwhelmed. people are intense there. definitely not TJs! hooray you finally got one!

  3. I’ve been 23 years without visiting a Trader Joe’s. And I live nowhere near one at all so it’s still going to be a while. 😦 Wah! But I did order their coconut oil on Amazon and it’s the best one I’ve ever tried!

    • the guac is insane. so good. i should have mentioned in my post but best part of the veggie bowl is a scoop of guacamole was F-R-E-E! i was so excited. happy may to you, katie!

    • charlotte!! thanks so much. that’s awesome. and i felt like that about chobani flips. i saw them on everyone’s blog and when i was buying my regular vanilla no-fat chobani tub, the guy was putting them out. it was meant to be. 🙂 i like them!

      thanks again!

  4. Loved today’s post! Dude, I’m from a place where Trader Joe’s is pretty common but when I moved to Georgia, they didn’t exist. Thankfully, over the years, they’ve popped up and I couldn’t be happier. People all think it’s pretentious to shop there but like you said – CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! AHHH! I could die it’s such an awesome place!!!!!

  5. Okay all the gifs here made me smile. Lol! I’ve only been to trader joes once and I wasn’t really overwhelmed, maybe I didn’t know what to get? Must try again.

    Meahwhile, love the key lime chobani flip. A friend brought me one today. Day – made.

  6. First off – miss Miley’s long hair too. Hate her new ‘do. Second, Trader Joe’s is the best place on earth (aside from Whole Foods but I become broke after one grocery trip there). Third, Chipotle is godsend and I would have it every night if I could too.

  7. I think a day in the life post would mostly be 100 pictures of me sitting at my desk, but I’d be crazy enough to post em once just for fun. I’ve only been to TJ’s once but to be fair, we don’t have any here in CO. Chipotle on the other hand…a once a week trip for me! And I almost never get the same thing!

  8. Amen to Trader Joe’s being magical! That place is amazing, and I absolutely love it. Great food, astonishingly low prices…it doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂 And ehrmagherd, Chipotle: I was shocked to find that the veggie burrito bowl is freaking delicious too. I load mine up with black beans and guac, and then I’m one happy cowgirl.

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  10. Despite my differing beliefs that Miley is rocking the short hair, I find your writing entertainly and highly amusing. Who doesn’t like Chipolte? Really, that place is heaven sent and much like you, I make sure an acceptable amount of time passes between visits because otherwise I could be a Chipolte stalker.

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