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This place was a crypt this week. Sorry! Work was loco last few days. And my trusty Dell from my college’s lovely laptop program died on Sunday. So Tuesday, a coworker gave me her mom’s Macbook Air that she didn’t need. For someone who complains a lot, life certainly smiles at me occasionally. Okay I’ll complain. The transition from Dell to Mac is annoying. Where is my page down button? Where is trusty right click? Then I finally figured out – accidentally – how to minimize and maximize screens. I keep accidentally restarting the computer and I don’t know what button I am pressing that makes it do that. Also my house’s wireless hates the Mac and vice versa and it likes to stop working.


Regardless of technological difficulties, I have been chugging along on my treadmill every morning. In the cardio cinema at the gym this morning they were playing TV Land’s series “Retired at 35”. I’d never heard of it but loved it. It had predictable humor but I was still chuckling. I enjoyed it so much I even Wikipedia’d it and was saddened that it was cancelled in December.

All the cardio/OMGIMRUNNINGA5K treadmill training in the morning is good, but I wanted to do more toning. Where else to go, then, butย Tone It Up’s Bikini Seriesย that just started. While I doubt I will do a Bikini Series daily log here, I’ll check in on it every so often. Probably to complain and cry/laugh/feel embarassed at how freaking CLUELESS I am about anything exercise related.


bright-eyed and bushy-tailed before beginning.


grand central station

Step two of today’s challenge workout. It was called the “Ultimate Arm & Back Toner.” These were the steps:

1. begin in a plank position holding dumbbells with your shoulders in line with your wrists.

I paused the video and stared. I had never done a plank before, but I knew in theory what it was.

2. Lower your body into a tricep push-up, tucking your elbows into your sides. (You may be on your knees!)

Again. I’m staring, thinking how in hell do I do a push-up with the dumbbells in my hands? It felt like I was about to fall over and that I was putting too much weight on my wrists/the dumbbell. The gorgeous TIU trainer (Katrina, I think. The other gorgeous trainer, Karena, was doing the coaching for this video) made everything look easy and her hair was perfect.

3) Push BACK UP into a plank position, perform a dumbbell row to a rear fly, maintaining a strong core.

Oh okay. This wasn’t at all hard either and I didn’t need to watch Katrina do just this one step at least 16 times before I did it. Wink.

So while my spirits were low and I was very annoyed with myself after 30 minutes of attempting to do that move, I was totally delighted to find that I enjoyed the other steps of today’s workout challenge. They were all hard, and I loved that while I was doing them, I was seriously feeling the burn. I am excited to get tomorrow’s workout and am realizing how glad I signed up to do this.

Next week on the blog will be more fun. Promise. ย The “day in the life” post I’m planning on doing next week will be fun. I love to overshare, if you couldn’t tell. i might make it a link-up because I love day in the life posts. we’ll see.

Have a good weekend!


13 thoughts on “Toning & Technology

  1. I love your blog ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s so nice to read something I can really relate to. I love the Tone It Up girls, they kick my butt! (even when I’m not completely sure what’s going on haha)

  2. The Tone it Up series looks like a fabulous one! And hey, it’s all about learning these things. Ask me a year ago what the heck a squat was and I would have told you it’s what I do when I go to the bathroom!

  3. Aw I love my Mac, but it does take some getting used to. And I have a PC at work and that’s hard, I push the wrong buttons for copy and paste all the time.

    Lol at your workout, sounds crazy!

  4. It’s awesome that you got a free laptop, even though I can totally relate to the PC-to-Mac translation issues! (Every time I use a Mac, I get all kinds of confused.) And good for you for running a 5K – they’re actually really fun, even though they seem intimidating as all get-out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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