April Fools In Review

I totally forgot yesterday was April Fools! With the craziness of Easter and being at home, it slipped my mind.

I’m usually on full alert. Last year, my roommate Caroline & I pranked our other roommate Steph. Steph was captain of the swim team at school, so I drafted a fake e-mail from the swim coach to Steph. The e-mail was announcing they’d be going on a service trip to Egypt for a month over the summer (Steph’s birth month), staying in dorms at University of Cairo and teaching the orphans from Haiti how to swim in the Nile river. The e-mail explained that since Steph was captain, he was letting her know first, and that he would tell the rest of the team tomorrow. Caroline worked in I.T. and used her hookups and tech skills to have the e-mail arrive in Steph’s inbox and make it look like it appeared from the swim coach. We insured it would arrive when Steph was in our apartment so we could gauge (and laugh at) her incredulous reaction.

Caroline and I are sitting in the common room, giggling, when we hear Steph shriek. We grin knowingly at each other before heading to her room.

“Oh my God. I – I – I’m going to [expletive] Egypt?! What the [expletive]?!! SERIOUSLY?!!? I don’t even know what to say!” She yells. We patiently ask her to explain, which she does in an expletive-filled tirade, then continues on.

“Are you even [expletive] allowed to swim in the [expletive] Nile River? I thought it was illegal [Editor’s Note: ?????????????????] I have to call my mom. What the [expletive]? I CAN’T JUST GO TO EGYPT FOR A MONTH, GUYS. I have an internship! Coach is [expletive] off his [expletive] rocker. What the hell is wrong with him?!!? The team is going to FLIP and I’m going to have deal with alllllllllllllll of this shit.”

Steph was such a good victim.

Eventually, Caroline can’t hold her laughter anymore and Steph regards us suspiciously. That, and the fact that we’ve been stealthily trying to stop her from calling her mom, her coach and her internship, set off her radar.

A look of understanding dawns on her face.

“Oh, shit. This is an [expletive] April Fools prank, isn’t it? YOU BITCHES.”


Yesterday, karma found me when one of the authors I work with called me.

“Caitlyn. I’ve been thinking long and hard about the cover of my book.”


“I read about this new thing called the Flavor-o-rama. Flavored books. A publisher in Brazil just started doing them. It’s a light aroma sprinkled in the pages. And I think I would like a bacon theme. Yes, a light bacon aroma in the pages of the book. We’ll obviously have to feature bacon on the cover to be cohesive. As you know, I love whimsical and colors [editor’s note: this is true] and this is what I want for the cover. It’ll be ground-breaking for the US!”

At this point, the pen I was playing with, is darting dangerously close to my eyesockets. What the hell is she talking about? Bacon?

I am able to use my words and stutter out this: Um, well, I’ll have to talk to production, I think, but [Author’s Name]…….I have to tell you…….I, uh…..

If there were ever a moment I wish I was followed around by a camera crew, I wish it was this one. My mind was racing and I can only imagine how utterly blank my face looked as I tried to wrap my head around her proposal.

But, but, but, her book is about dyslexia. What does that have to do with bacon? And the vegetarian issue…oh God. Flavored books?!!?!?! Why, Brazil, why? This is so weird. What do I say? Oh God, why did I pick up the phone? Bacon?????!!?! Flavored books????????? No way we will do this. It’s ridiculous. 

The author then continues, “And I know you’re all into e-books, so if we do an e-book, you can mail out scratch and sniff so they don’t miss out on this experience!”

Just then I get an e-mail in my inbox and I notice the date on the e-mail. 1 April.


Before I can make the executive decision to either let her know she’d been figured out, play along, or consider that she could possibly be serious, the author starts giggling.

“Scratch-and-sniff! Ahahahahaha. Oh my Lord. APRIL FOOLS, CAITLYN! I got you!”

She certainly did. I’m still randomly bursting into giggle fits as I remember it.

Anyone else fall victim this year or have any storied, classic pranks you’re proud of? 


7 thoughts on “April Fools In Review

  1. No one that I know got me, but while watching Chelsea Lately she announced she was pregnant and I (while telling my husband I knew it was a joke) secretly believed her and got really excited. Buuut April Fools. :/

  2. haha such good pranks! I can’t keep a straight face and I’m a horrible liar, so I’m no good at pulling any pranks. I was on high alert all day, and luckily nothing happened!

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