The Worth of Happy Birthday Emails

Standby. I just might be on my way to work friends.

I know. I just dropped a bombshell on you. I should back up.

When I first started at this job, my boss Sharon took me around on a tour of our office, which spans the 8th floor (my floor) and the 7th floor. I met two girls on my whirlwind 7th floor tour that seemed my age, which made me hopeful because I am on the perpetual friend hunt. Problem is, I have no reason to ever go down on the 7th floor and our duties ensure we never cross paths. And truth be told, I forgot about them.

Last week, however, I was on our company Intranet page where we have the staff birthdays listed. I saw it was one of those girls’ birthdays so I sent her a friendly happy birthday e-mail. She replied with a nice note that included “I’m embarrassed you’ve been here for a few months and I haven’t stopped by! Want to go out to lunch with us next week?”


Always cool, calm and collected, my reply was something like this:


Okay it wasn’t quite like that. But close.


Three other girls from the 7th floor joined us, and it was great. They’re nice. They live near me. We have a few similar interests. They’re my age (well, all but one who is married and having a baby, but she’s still awesome. We got to make fun of Kim Kardashian’s horrible pregnancy style which will always bond anyone).


And at the end, they said “We’ll definitely have to do this again.” So exciting! It feels so good to think that I’m finally making some headway in regards to fitting in socially here.

That’s enough words. Bring out the Beyonce.




13 thoughts on “The Worth of Happy Birthday Emails

  1. Aww it’s nice to see that reaching out just a little bit changes everything. It’s nice to make friends with people you can relate to. I’m glad it worked out for you!

  2. AWESOME! Congratulations! Moving to a new town, new job, new anything is rough … it just takes a little time for people to realize there is more outside of their regular old routine. Doing a happy dance for you!

  3. haha classic images 🙂 its always hard to find a way to fit in a work…especially in those cubicle jungles! newest follower from the blog hop – can’t wait to read more girl! enjoy your weekend!!

  4. That’s awesome! I’ve been struggling with the same obstacles to make friends at work. I’m friendly with people and I know I’m liked, but getting to that “Let’s go out for drinks or lunch sometime” level is something that’s hard to just jump to. I’m a very social person too, for some reason at this point I don’t know how to jump to that point.

    • Oh do I feel you! It’s so hard. It’s never taken me so long to feel so comfortable somewhere before. It’s a hard transition, its difficult to establish comfort levels then figure out where the relationship with each co-worker stands!

      • I definitely agree. It’s like being the new kid at school all over again. I keep telling myself that maybe it’s like what they say about freshman year in college… it takes 3 months to really get adjusted and fit in.

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