Living Social

Since writing this desolate post combined with my determination in this post, I’ve been making more of an effort socially at work lately. No matter how awkward I feel, I’m making myself pipe up more. And it’s paying off.

My boss Sharon and I continue to get along amazingly well. I’m starting to feel a lot more comfortable with Gemma as we’re both reading the same books (Outlander series) and I randomly pop into her office and discuss where we are in the series. Melanie and I get here the earliest out of everyone in the department, so it’s just the two of us for an hour and whenever I go to fill up my water bottle I stop into her office and chat. One Monday, I dropped into fellow department member Amy’s office and asked how her weekend was. We talked for half an hour and I found out she’s a runner. This week we found out we were running the same 5K (my very first one) in May. She and Gretchen, a girl from another department, are doing a womens 5K at the end of June, and mentioned that there’s an 8 week training course that they signed up for. Both enthusiastically told me to sign up and I really think I might. It’s cheap, it’s catered toward beginners, I get a T-shirt out of it. No doubt, it’ll be worth it. Hopefully it’ll help me make friends with Amy & Gretchen, and perhaps make other friends too.

Even Jenna and I have been getting along better. Now that we collaborate on the company Pinterest, we’ve been seeing a lot more of each other and I’ve noticed that if I make a lot of effort to engage and be friendly, she’ll do the same. And outside of my department, I’m taking the initiative more. If I’m filling up my water bottle and run into someone, I’ll say “hi, how are you?” or mention the weather (I know, how cliche) or something to generate a conversation.

So forcing myself outside of my comfort zone was difficult in the beginning because I felt so awkward and unnatural, but it’s getting easier since I’m noticing how it pays off and it’s actually starting to feel more natural. Since moving here I feel like I reverted a little into being more shy since I don’t really know anyone, but piping up more with one-liners and jokes is making me feel more like me. And that? Feels marvelous.



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