I need help..

I’m not too good at this eating healthier and losing weight thing. The major thing is that I’m so uneducated! I never took a health class where we learned about things like this. I used My Fitness Pal yesterday and was devastated when I found out how many calories everything I thought was healthy had like my Chobani Vanilla no-fat. I thought the calories would be much lower.

When I came in at 5-10 (I forget) points away from my allotted 1200 calories, I thought that meant I was failing. I thought I’m never going to lose weight if I keep hitting 1,200 calories everyday. I was making an effort to eat healthier, and I was still not going to do it because it sounded like I was eating too many calories.

After that disappointing thought, I made myself think about it clearer. My body NEEDS calories. It needs protein and dairy. All that stuff has calories. I can’t be afraid of them. Calories should be monitored, but not avoided. For years, I just assumed the less you ate, the more you lost. That sounds like a dangerous line of thinking, doesn’t it? How am I 23 – 24 in two and a half months – and I still don’t know how exactly this works?

Typing all that out, I realize how dumb it all sounds. I want to lose some weight. I want to start eating healthier and learn healthier eating habits.

Is there a good site, blog, article that helps explain how all this works together? Any advice?


Aloha to My First Aloha Friday!!


One thought on “I need help..

  1. Hey girl, I feel your pain. In college, I thought the easiest way to lose weight would be to eat around 1000 calories and workout multiple times per day. Needless to say- that does NOT work. I plateaued and my body hung on to that fat for dear life.

    Now I’m eating the same as you – 1200 calories. Sometimes I am a tiny bit under, sometimes I go over. I try to track everything that I consume, but a few tastes of PB or a few almonds won’t kill me. I also don’t measure things out exactly- but I am losing weight. In fact, for some people 1200 calories is even too little to lose weight- but it works for me. I tried 1400-1500 and I just maintained.

    You can friend me on MyFitnessPal if you’d like- I track everything there as well! @shortstuffcourt.

    It’s definitely NOT an easy journey, but you can do it 🙂

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