First Solo Work Presentation!

A few days ago in the office, Christine moved. She got promoted a few weeks ago and has left our little hole and moved down the hall into an office! So now I’m all by myself. And for all my complaints about Christine & Jenna whispering, I kinda miss it. Grass is greener, right? Since now that Christine’s gone, I don’t really see anyone. The picture helps you visualize how isolated my little cubicle is. People have to come looking for me to see me as I’m kind of hidden. People wanted to see and talk to Christine. Nobody wants to come see and talk to me (yet! They’ll soon realize they need to come seek out my awesomeness)


My desk is on the other side of the 3/4 wall. *waves*

A week ago a meeting was scheduled  with three different departments. Sharon was scheduled for a conference so she prepared a list of talking points for me to present on. I was so nervous at thought of presenting solo, since I’ve only been here three months, but hoped the talking points gave me enough to go on. THE DAY before the meeting, the head of my department Arlene totally switched up the agenda, essentially voiding Sharon’s talking points she made up for me and added that we would recap all campaigns we’d run from May to mid-November.

Arlene asked me if I’d be okay presenting since “you’ve only been here for maybe half of Sharon’s campaigns.” Half?! Um, try a week. I started in early November..


I called Sharon, who was pissed that they’d make me present on things I wasn’t here for, but gave help from a different timezone as best she could .I frantically made notes, gleaning info from every document I could think to look up. I was so terrified.  I called my mom and asked her to say a prayer.

Cue to ten minutes before the meeting started. I was reviewing my notes for the last time before heading downstairs when Arlene stopped by and asked me to make copies for the meeting.

Again, panic.

Copying isn’t stressful, but trying to make 25 copies in 5 minutes of of 10 different documents that each have 3-6 pages is. In my haste, I forgot to hit the “staple” option so I was frantically trying to separate the piles of paper and staple them.

I wound up being a few minutes late to the meeting and I only had half the amount of papers after the copier ran out of ink and I gave up. Being punctual and prepared are two things I pride myself on so I hated that I was late and that it looked like I was unorganized. I just appeared to be unorganized because I was taking care of Arlene’s shit that she left until the last minute.

Regardless, I killed my part. It was one of those rare presentations where in the middle of it, you realize “Damn…I sound like I know what I’m talking about! This is going really well!” Everyone present from my department congratulated me and said they were impressed by how much I knew (ha!)




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