I, who probably can’t run 50 yards, have signed up for a 5K. This 5K is in 12 weeks.

I’ve bought the Couch-to-5K app.

I have Amazon gift cards where I’m going to buy I-pod armband and headphones that will stay in.

I’ll probably need to buy running shoes since I have high arches and narrow heels.

I’m going to run.

I’m going to run A 5K.

Holy hell.

In all honesty, some may say “its only a 5K” But I haven’t run ever. I’m disgustingly out of shape. So this is a big deal for me.

What have I done?

Okay, enough pessimism.

This could be an amazing thing. This could be what helps jumpstart my 15-20 pound weight loss and healthy living. Granted, a lot of other things will have to happen, but learning to run is a big one.

I’m excited and petrified. I’m excited because this is a big step. I just spent $45 to register, now I kinda have to learn how to run and then show up at the starting line in twelve weeks and run a 5K. I’m petrified because it’s going to be hard. And what if I fail?

I really need to start getting out of bed and learning how to run.


One thought on “I DID IT!

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