Baby, We Were Born to Run?

Maybe in my eagerness I’m beginning to hallucinate, but my pants are loose. I don’t even know if one week (minus Saturday) of watching what I eat actually is enough to make this miracle happen, but I’m letting myself believe it because it’s a good motivation! Side note, I realized if I do lose the 15-20 pounds I want to lose, I’ll probably have to buy some new clothes. Buying new clothes because I’ve lost weight is a problem I’ve been yearning to have for years, but man I hate buying clothes and spending money.

I also got to work early to take advantage of our color printer and the fact that nobody was around so I could  print out fitness inspiration pictures for my bathroom and bedroom. I did a good half hour of research to insure the ladies adorning my walls are achievable. I’m 5’2, so posting pictures of the 5’11 super-thin Gisele will not be helpful.

This is what I chose:


Ashley Tisdale


Carrie Underwood (My girl crush)


Hilary Duff


Kim Kardashian…. I hate to have ANYTHING Kardashian voluntarily in my room since I really, really hate them but Kim’s curvy & my height.


Miley Cyrus

Also hanging on my bathroom mirror, bedroom mirror, and closet doors are:

Lauren Conrad

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Aniston (maybe shedding pounds would be easier if my name was Jennifer? They seem to know how to do it)

Seeing visual representations of the body I can get will definitely help. There’s also other things I’m trying such as….

It’s stunningly simple but I realized that if I don’t buy bad things, then I can’t eat them. If you’re scoffing at this, I don’t blame you. But I would just eat cookies, chips and sweets because I had them. I’ve realized one of my problems is that I eat when I’m bored, which, in my new city, is often. I don’t eat because I’m hungry, I eat for something to do, or because snacking while sitting on my bed, watching hours of TV, is the most natural thing.

I’m also thinking about….gasp…running! Know this: I’m so pathetically out of shape. If I had to run around my office building, I’d be gasping, panting and soaked in sweat. I honestly cannot think of the last time I ran. Probably in high-school gym classes. But my city might be getting a Color Run race sometime this year, and I’m SO excited at this prospect.

I freaking love the Color Run and want to do it. Mainly because people who run the race all get really cool profile pictures afterward.

colorrun colorrun2

Also, running seems like something I should get into. In college, I’d go for long walks on our farm town campus, and walk like 3 miles with my i-pod on in complete solitude. I loved it. I went for my walks 3-4 times a week. One time I tried to run on one of those walks but gave up. But really, running does seem like the next step. Running is one of those things that I know I’ll be in for a really rough beginning. I’ll need to walk 5 minutes and run for like 30 seconds, and I’ll probably still be hunched over with a bright red face and drenched in sweat. But I know running is a way to keep me active, which I’ve really sucked at since graduating college, and keep me healthy.

Finding a place to run was the problem I didn’t know how to tackle. I don’t want to join a Baltimore running club simply because I prefer to do things on my own and I’d be way too embarrassed about the pathetic shape I’m in. I could of course buy a gym membership and start on the treadmill, but gyms here are like $60-70 a month and I don’t think that’s an expense I can afford yet, not when my bank account is still in recovery from moving here for an unpaid internship. There’s a gym right around the corner from me that I’d love to go to. Since I hate driving, it’s in the perfect location since I can walk to it. But it opens at 6 am, and I know the only way I’ll ever work out is if I go at 5 am, since I leave for work at 7. I hate working out at gyms in the afternoon because they’re crowded and also one of my college roommates was a fitness junkie who’d occasionally bring her gym friends to our apartment, and I’d overhear them laughing and mocking the pathetic gym newbies they’d spotted that day. So I’m a little scarred.

But then I remembered….there’s two colleges 5-10 minutes away from work. Surely, they have gyms. But would they be open in the morning? Lord knows majority of college students are not about to wake up at 5 a.m. So I did some quick research, found the e-mails for the facilities managers at these two colleges and BOOM. They don’t have gym memberships available for people not affiliated with the college. BUT….their outdoor tracks are open and free to the public. But the showers are not.

Fine. So my plan is for the next week and a half, to start waking up earlier and earlier. Parents sleep-train babies, so I have to sleep-train myself to get out of bed an hour earlier  since I’m horrendous at getting out of bed. Seriously, I never realize how comfortable I am until my alarm goes off. Hopefully eventually, I’ll be out of the house at 5:45, in my work-out clothes, and drive to the college to (learn how to) run.

So since I can’t use the showers, this might get gross. I’ll change into work clothes at work I guess, and use lots of deodorant, face wash, body spray, body lotion and then shower when I get home.

I know, I know, I know: disgusting. I hate myself for it. BUT IT’S THE ONLY WAY I SEE THIS HAPPENING. I swear. The track teams at both colleges practice from 3-7 in the afternoons. Plus, I have always been a morning work-out person. I just can’t do things in the afternoon. The thought of working out after 8.5 hours of work is dreadful and seems impossible.

So that’s my current plan. I hope to begin running by mid to end of February.

Learning how to run is going to be a monstrous task. I bought the Couch to 5K app to help and I’ve started reading articles. Any advice will be SO appreciated! I’m trying to quash the doubts that keep forming in my head. “You? Learn how to run? Bahahahaha! You, who tried to do a Pinterest work-out and were gasping for breath after 20 jumping jacks, think you can learn how to run?” My body will do anything my mind tells it to (see below image). So my mind is my biggest enemy in this. I’m 23 years old, for God’s sake. I definitely can do this. I just can’t let my brain defeat my legs.

I’m not trying to be a marathon runner although that would be way cool. I want to be able to handle a few miles, some 5Ks here  or there, and just be healthy and enjoy it.

We’ll see how this goes, hahaha. God the thought that I am going to learn how to run makes me laugh. It’s also why I’m not telling anyone- family, roommates, etc, except for you, blog readers, I trust you all!

Any advice for learning how to run? 


Aloha to My First Aloha Friday!!


3 thoughts on “Baby, We Were Born to Run?

  1. Congrats on deciding to run! I love running….but I live in a neighborhood so it’s a lot easier.
    My advice: go to a running store where they can watch your running gait and buy the shoes they recommend. Good shoes=a world of difference!

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