Adventures in the Kitchen, Super Bowl, Super Lazy Salad Edition

So a while back I posted in a panic about the department potluck where I signed myself up to deliver monkey bread.

The potluck was last Tuesday and I finally remembered to deliver a post about it. After finding 12 recipes that sounded doable, I decided to call upon The Pioneer Woman because I knew she was unlikely to deliver a bad recipe and also because she posted her monkey bread recipe on my birthday. I figured it was a sign.

After waiting until Colleen & Dana got home at 8:00 from work, I began baking. They sat and chatted with me, assisting, leaving me to do everything as we all knew I needed to undertake my first baking project completely solo. It wasn’t too difficult at all! The Pioneer Woman definitely provided an easy recipe. I was a little nervous about baking the monkey bread the night before since all the Internet chefs seemed to think it was a horrible idea, but Colleen & Dana assured me it was fine. Since I didn’t love the idea of crawling out of bed any earlier than I needed to, I went with it.

In the morning, the monkey bread was a little bit hard and since I had left it in our metal bundt cake pan, there was nothing I could do about it. I couldn’t find any paper plates to attempt to cut it out so I just left it. As we all gathered for the potluck, I was a wreck. I almost didn’t cut myself a piece since I was so nervous. I just did not want to know if it sucked. But curiosity – and my love for monkey bread – prevailed and I ate a piece.


Yup, it was a little hard on top, but it was delicious regardless. My co-workers loved it! My department is comprised of ten women so we didn’t finish any of the dishes anyone brought in, but we ate more than half of the monkey bread. We put all the leftovers in the office kitchen and when I went back an hour later to fill up my water bottle, all of the monkey bread was gone. Wahoo!

So while I conquered a baking project, I didn’t become any more inclined to baking. It wasn’t that fun to me. I was thinking of the other things I could be doing,  reading, watching TV, skimming Pinterest. Maybe someday…

Here is an Instagrammed picture of the finished product:


Today’s salad:

No salad dressing attempts today. I think Friday’s salad attempt being prepared the night before and left in the refrigerator for nearly 24 hours is the reason my lettuce was soggy and thus making my salad gross. So I was a little discouraged. I put together my salad last night, sans dressing, and meant to get up this morning and whisk together a dressing attempt featuring Dijon mustard. But alas, the Ravens won the Super Bowl (yay!) and my city erupted. I didn’t fall asleep until 2 AM thanks to helicopters, air horns, fireworks, screaming, etc. So no, I didn’t get up to try making a new salad dressing and instead just dumped Kraft’s Zesty Italian dressing on it.

Today’s salad is: apples, lettuce and cut-up string cheese. I meant to chop up my baby carrots, but forgot those too. Oh Mondays.

In my Friday morning grocery haste, I bought a new brand of sliced apples that I fear are already browning. 😦

Good news is…watching Beyonce shake that jelly last night (CAN I BE HER, PLEASEEEEEEEE) then coupled with People Magazine”s cover story last week about Paula Deen & her family all losing tons of weight totally inspired me. I can do this. And it’s waaaaaaay past overdue for me to make my health — and weight loss — a priority.

Let today be the start of a great week!


Link-ups today:



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