Adventures in the Kitchen, Healthy Eating and Salad Making

So this is a post I’m excited about. And I think foodies will get a kick out of it.

These are the things we know:

  1. I HATE DRIVING. And traffic. I like to avoid it whenever possible.
  2. I hate crowds, especially at grocery stores, when I still am trying to navigate aisles I’ve never been in before.
  3.  I can’t cook and know very little about ANYTHING kitchen-related. Remember my joy when I made a wrap?
  4. I’m trying to be healthier and lose some weight.

I’d also like to clarify that I wasn’t raised in a mansion with butlers, maids and chefs, since you might be wondering how the heck I grew up completely avoiding the kitchen like the plague. We were your typical working family. Mom and Dad switched on and off in cooking, and I had no interest in helping. Books were far more interesting. A few times they mentioned “Oh we should teach you how to cook…” but they always forgot and I never pressed it. Hence, I am now a bumbling idiot who doesn’t know how to do anything in the kitchen.

Since I hate driving to the grocery store, lunches at work have been an issue. Lettuce goes bad so quickly. I tired of my fruit concoction and the fruit in it also went bad very quickly.

So, here i what I’vebeen eating at work:


Dannon Yogurt. When I ran out of yogurt at home, I’d eat oatmeal


Fig Newtons, oatmeal or walk to the nearby 7-11, Subway or bagel store for lunch at work.

And when I felt sluggish all day, I’d know why. Poor nutrition. But I was too lazy to go to grocery store and fight crowds after work. I like to get up and go to grocery store in the morning when there’s no traffic and no crowds, but it’s SO hard to get out of bed when I’m so tired and it’s so dark and cold outside. I also didn’t really know what I liked to eat and what I did like to eat, was fast food and so unhealthy.

Seriously, finding healthy food I like is an issue.

What I’d Like To Eat?

-McDonalds ($1 double cheeseburger), Chipotle (burrito bol with chips and guac)


-Cookies & ice-cream



-Tostitos & salsa con queso (mmmm!!)

I am getting better. I’m training myself and now I eat lots of carrots and hummus, string cheese, 100-calorie packs, fig newtons, pretzels and peanut butter. So that takes care of snacks. Although I still crave the bad food, I know moderation is an issue for me so I’m trying to just avoid it altogether.

But lunch is proving to be all kinds of difficult.

Now that I get home around 4:30, I have an hour to myself in the house where I can spend time fiddling around with the next day’s lunch without having to answer questions or hear remarks from my roommates. So I’ve been looking up recipes for salads.

There’s a three bean salad recipe I’ve had before that I know I love. So when I dragged myself to the grocery store, it was interesting.  My trips to the grocery store usually just entail the frozen aisle for my frozen dinners, then the snacks aisle. When I wanted to make bean salad, I had no clue where the beans would even be located.

If you didn’t realize how bad my kitchen skills were, now maybe you will: I’ve never used a can-opener. I have really poor fine motor skills so I’ve probably attempted a time or two before someone just grabbed the can from me to do it themselves. So once I bought the beans, I can’t even make the darn salad without asking for help to open the three cans.

Then I turned to just regular old lettuce salad. In the food blogs and on Pinterest, the pictures looked SO GOOD. I was excited.

I found four or five recipes for salads and salad dressing that I thought sounded interesting. I went out in the morning and bought all kinds of stuff I’d never bought before: red wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, honey, maple syrup, white balsamic vinegar.

This was Salad Day #1)

New Image salad1

The dressing called for: lemon juice, maple syrup, and sea salt.

I dumped in there: lettuce, cheese, raisins, apples.

I made it at 5:00 the night before, threw it in Tupperware in the refrigerator, and when I got to it at 12:30 the next day, the lettuce was soggy and there was a lot of dressing. WHY DID THIS HAPPEN? If it helps, the lettuce is Romaine Lettuce pre-bagged at grocery store.  This salad was okay. I ate a few pieces and threw it out. The sogginess was just gross.

Up next are some dressings that call for dijon mustard which I’m hopeful about. Stay tuned to see how those work out…


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