Book Review, “Back to You” by Priscilla Glenn

Back to You

This is a book that I did not see coming.

I bought it for the sole reason that it was cheap.

I read a lot of chick lit and love stories. I’m such a sucker for them. As I’m reading, I think things like “I don’t like the writing”, “This plotline is so stupid”, “This heroine is so damn annoying”, but devour it anyway because I just love love. Rarely does a love story totally grab me and leave me in awe. But Priscilla Glenn, making her debut, accomplished this with “Back to You.”

Second chance love stories are difficult. It’s the author’s charge to connect the readers with the characters in both the past and present, and make sure the reader understands why the characters are supposed to be together even though life saw fit to keep them apart at one time or another. In this book, the flashbacks and the present were so freaking well done. You fell in love with Michael & Lauren when they were in high school. You fell in love with Michael & Lauren when they were adults.

This book is beautifully, craftily written. Priscilla Glenn navigates this story with perfect pacing and timing. It’s heartwarming, gut-wrenching and goofy-grin-inducing. The plot grabs you and doesn’t let go. I read this in one sitting. And read it again the next day.

Yeah, this is a “bad boy/good girl” plotline but Michael & Lauren are different. They’re believable, amazing, flawed, relatable characters. They’re the kind of characters you want to be best friends with. You not only passionately root for them to be together, you passionately root for them as individuals.

One of Priscilla Glenn’s favorite phrases is “eyes darting back and forth” which the imagery of this phrase cracks me up. Do eyes really dart? Sure, eyes can bore into you and paralyze you, but if your eyes are darting, what are they darting back and forth between?

Also, this book has an epilogue. Which is awesome. I’m always a fan of epilogues. I invest so much in a book’s characters, I need to know how they wind up. I need to know they’re okay.

If you want to read a good story and a good love story, pick this one up.

Rating: 5/5 stars.


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