7 Quick Takes, Vol. 5

1)      This whole Notre Dame fake girlfriend story is absolutely insane. The details that are coming out and the interviews that he, family members, teammates and coaches have given about her and their relationship are just captivating. It sucks me in and I cannot get enough of this fabricated fairytale. Although all signs point to the fact that this guy was in on it, it’s surreal. In 2013 with the prowess of the Internet & armchair detectives, people still think they can get away with this stuff? This guy really thought nobody would find out he made her up? You can’t outsmart the Internet anymore people. Aside from amused and way confused, I’m also so embarrassed for this guy. He’s forever going to be “that guy who invented a dead girlfriend.”

2)      I think I just made a big “no-no” at work. A co-worker, Gemma, who does our film & social media, sent along via e-mail an idea for our company’s 40th anniversary campaign. Every employee would be filmed reading a line from a book or a poem, and Gemma would stitch them together into a cute little video. We just needed to come up with the book or poem we’d read. The day after Christmas, when Gemma was working from home and I was the only one in the office, I e-mailed her the idea that next Christmas we do a spirited rendition of every employee filmed reading a line from a Christmas story or poem and make it into a corporate holiday video. No reply from Gemma and I forgot about it until she sent today’s e-mail. In reply, I forwarded her my Christmas video suggestion, saying it’d be a great way to close out the campaign, blah blah. Gemma came to my cubicle, profoundly mortified, apologizing saying she was going to give me credit for the idea in our next group meeting. She had just forgotten about my e-mail from December 26th. I kept telling her it was fine, I definitely didn’t think my idea was original and not for a second did I think Gemma was taking credit for it. If she’d said in the e-mail to do a Christmas story video, then maybe I would think that but I still wouldn’t bemad. Did I inadvertently come across as passive aggressive by forwarding the e-mail to her? Ugh, that most definitely was not my intention at all!

3)      I really hate the winter. As we recall, I’m petrified of snow during my work commute. And I just feel so sluggish. Unmotivated. It’s incredibly difficult to get out of bed at 6:04 (I always have to set my alarm for even numbered times) when its pitch black out. Come back, spring!

4)      My roommates are engrossed in busy season, so they don’t come home until 8:00 at night then they just go straight to their room, so most nights I don’t even see them. My mom called last night and remarked “Gosh, you’re so chatty today!” She probably thought I was drunk. I realized it was because I haven’t talked to anyone all week. I don’t have long conversations at work since I don’t see anybody or have anybody to go visit and talk to. I hadn’t seen my roommates. In college, I was constantly surrounded by people, constantly engrossed in conversations with faculty, administrators, my 4 roommates, classmates, friends, acquaintances, people I was in clubs and activities with, etc.

5)      The longest conversation I probably had all week was with the practitioner at the CVS clinic I went to on Monday. Two and a half hour wait, sitting on the floor of a CVS, when I already knew what was wrong with me and just needed a prescription. It was awful. I had a cell phone on 3% battery and was mentally chiding myself for not thinking to bring my Kindle. Yup, it was bronchitis as I suspected. I’m feeling MUCH better.


I’ve started lifting weights. I used to do this in college but stopped when I graduated and didn’t have weights of my own. Thankfully Santa stepped in and took care of this so now I own two 10 lb Bollinger and have begun lifting faithfully each night. I am SO sore. Wow.


Hockey is BACK! I’m a diehard Flyers fan and I’m super excited for the season to kick off on Saturday versus our inter-state rival, Pittsburgh. Now I know I just proclaimed I’m a Flyers fan, but I’m also a Sidney Crosby fan. Gasp! That’s practically sacrilegious for a Flyers fan.  When I went to Pittsburgh for a college visit, I saw Sidney walking down the street and signing autographs as people stopped him and asked him. My dad and I got one, then stopped walking when we saw who walked up to Sidney next. An enthusiastic little boy excitedly chattered on about how he just started playing ice hockey but couldn’t score his first goal. Sidney knelt down in front of this boy and gave him tips. The tips he said I don’t remember, but this little boy looking up at his hero with stars in his eyes I’ll never forget. And I doubt that little boy will either. My dad, so touched by what we’d just seen, turned back to Sidney and said “You’re a good kid.”


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