Part 4: How Did I Get Here?

Less than two months after applying to my very last job before accepting the internship, here I was about to go through every God-awful part of the process again. Writing, editing, re-writing, editing cover letters. Preparing the night before an interview. Sitting in the lobby panicking waiting to be called in by the interviewer. Actually going through the interview trying to be articulate and personable.

I hated every part of the process.

And this go-round, I was even more desperate then last time. Before accepting the internship, I was living at home with my parents, free of all expenses, waiting for the next chapter of my life to get started.

Now the next chapter of my life had actually begun. I had taken this huge risk, moving to a new city without an income. My bank account was draining fast. Unlike the first time, there was urgency. I needed an income as soon as freaking possible. I had a life in my new city, was making friends who all assumed I had income. I didn’t want to have to admit failure and pack up my things and move back home. That wasn’t an option I wanted to even think about.

The thought of applying to 100 jobs all over again made me want to run and hide. This time, my search was restricted to only one city and would be harder.

So with six weeks left of my internship, I began looking and in my first few days of the search, was already discouraged. Entry-level marketing jobs in my new city were not plentiful.

One week later, I was excited by one. Doing marketing at a book publishing company.


Writing my cover letter, I did some in-depth research. They published books for teachers. I thought of the president of my university, who had a storied background in special education and had even published a few books. Hmm, I wonder if he published his book through them. A quick Amazon hit and bingo. They were the publisher of his books. Thanking God he and I had always gotten along really well, I sent him an e-mail and name-dropped him in my cover letter.

The other job I found that week was doing marketing for an urologist. Perpetually fourteen years old, I was smirking envisioning marketing plans for that one.

Three weeks went by and during that period, I had found two other jobs. I was panicking. The scenario of my internship ending without securing a job suddenly was very real. What was I going to tell my roommates? Then, I thought that I just wouldn’t tell them anything. They could just assume I went into work every day and would never know. But usually they’d always beaten me home at the end of the work day. How would I explain that one? I was way too proud yet too embarrassed to tell them the truth. I hated that I had to start pre-planning what lies I was going to tell.


Part 5 is the finale!


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