The Things This Monkey Gets Herself Into

We’re having a department potluck brunch. PANIC! It’s in three weeks, but still absolute panic. I should have known we’d do something like this, everyone in my department constantly is chatting about all the new recipes they’re baking…so of course they’re all sitting there post potluck-announcement, chattering away excitedly, and I’m thinking “What the heck am I going to contribute?” I thought I could just buy Dunkin Donuts and play it off with jokes that they’re lucky I decided not to bake. But then I remembered my New Years resolution to learn how to cook. This was a golden opportunity to force me to bake/cook. And also I don’t know that I’m a bad cook. I just don’t know how and have never wanted to learn because I just assumed I’d be bad at it.

I enlisted Colleen and Dana’s sincere promises to help make sure I don’t poison my co-workers (that is definitely NOT the way to make friends here). So, I looked up easy recipes and decided I was just going to do muffins. But someone else signed up for those. Colleen and Dana recommended quiche. Already taken care of by someone else. Then I got trapped in the Pinterest vortex, saw a pretty picture of monkey bread (my weakness) and signed myself up for it right on the spot. Uh… I’ll make this the night before so now I’m wondering how the heck I’ll keep it hot and if it will still be fresh the next morning. Also, I get in at 8, and the potluck’s not until 10, I have to figure out if I refrigerate it or just leave it sitting out covered or uncovered.

I really, really hope this is good.  I’m already freaking out. I can barely boil water and sign myself up to deliver monkey bread, which now everyone in the department is crowing that is their “absolute favorite.” Shit, shit, shit. Although good old Christina declared “It’s not really a brunch item,” and Jenna added, “Way too fattening. I haven’t ate that in years.”


If anyone has any delicious recipes that can be made ahead of time or advice, comment or message with links. I want/need to impress 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Things This Monkey Gets Herself Into

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