No, Snow, please go!

I used to LOVE snow.

That was back in the day when I could get off school.

Now that I drive the 25-30 minutes to work everyday, I’ve been dreading winter and the snow that will more than likely come along with it. It’s funny..I was “stalking” myself on Facebook and last December I posted “Friday afternoon snow is the worst. Snow, heed the memo: You can only arrive Sunday-Thursday.”

Ah, how things change in a year! Now it’s the complete opposite. I pray snow comes on weekends, if it has to come at all.

Ever since I started driving six years ago, I’ve flat-out refused to drive in the snow, except for senior year of high school when it started snowing heavily after I got to school, we then were dismissed three hours later, and I had to drive home in it. I’m still proud of myself for that drive.

Now here I am, at work, the day after Christmas and it’s snowing. Lightly. Less than an inch but I’ve still been a mess of nerves all morning and done nothing but fret. The guy sitting and working in the office next to my cubicle is probably not impressed with the fact that he’s had to listen to me call  my dad four times, reading Tweets, snippets from articles, quoting, and describing in detail my own views from the office, then asking him what it sounds like I should do.

My dad: “Well, can you leave? Will you get in trouble? Are you allowed?”

Me: “Ah, I don’t know if I’m allowed…but no one’s here! It won’t even matter, I don’t have anymore work to do, it’s probably fine if I just go!”

(Guy In Office Next To Me is probably taking notes to report back to my boss. But it’s true, my two bosses aren’t here and I am the only one in my department! Guy In Office Next To Me is also only one in his department). I am probably a horrible employee, planning to ditch the second snow starts to fall.

My dad patiently checked all the articles I quoted at him and (I have a tendency to exaggerate when I’m nervous, he needs to fact check me), told me it was probably best to stay, since it’s supposed to lighten up and the temperatures will rise.

I’m still dreading my drive home. I use mostly highways and a few city roads that should be fine. It’s my own quiet street I’ll have to worry about. I just realized I’m the only roommate home and I’ll have to shovel our parking pad. I have a very distinct vision of parking my car, only to have it start skidding on an icy parking pad and crashing into my house, knocking it down, and subsequently knocking our neighbors houses (we have a rowhouse) down and killing their children (the parents somehow escape in this fiasco and never forgive me).

I should probably stop writing about this and only write positive thoughts. I’m sure my drive home will be fine, but I’m still terrified. It’s already stopped snowing.

So…about my snow problem. Where I live isn’t Buffalo or New Hampshire or anything. We don’t get a ton of snow (fingers crossed), but we get some. I have to get used to driving in the snow.

But I’m also very strongly considering taking the city bus during snow days. But I’ve never, ever taken a city bus before and I’m not sure how to do it. I would probably just get on and off downtown and walk a few blocks. To get to and from my house directly would involve switching buses, which sounds horribly confusing. I’d most definitely mess it up. I don’t have much sense with those types of things.

Having never taken MTA bus before, any advice? I’m nervous about taking it alone (I’m a girl, if you’d forgotten) and I also don’t know how to take it. How do I know which bus is mine? If the trip planner on MTA site tells me “Bus toward 87 Easy Street”, I wait at my stop for the bus that says “87 Easy Street” across the banner/sign thing on the front of it? Do they announce the stops? And would they announce my stop as “87 Easy Street” or just “Easy Street?” That last question is just me wondering. If they said “Easy Street” or “87 Easy Street”, I’m not that pathetic that I wouldn’t know to get off. I just want to be prepared. How do I pay for my bus? I don’t want to hold up the line of the usual riders.



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