Part 2: How Did I Get Here?

I picked………Company B!!!!! The unpaid, fulltime internship, doing what I loved and in a whole new city!

To this day, I’m still surprised/impressed by my nerve. Choosing the insanely risky option is SO uncharacteristic of me.  I can’t believe I did it.

So, I needed somewhere to live. I knew a friend from college, Dana, was moving to the city, so I texted her. She was already living with another girl, Colleen, who she hadn’t met yet but would be starting with her at their firm. Dana called Colleen and they said yes, it was fine with them, let’s live together. I started at the internship in two and a half weeks, a whole month before Dana and Colleen started their jobs. Panic.

I immediately set up on Craigslist and we began messaging potential places back and forth. Long story short, we didn’t find one and I camped out in a hotel for two weeks, which cost me $400 a week. Yikes. We eventually found the most perfect place. I have my own bathroom. We have a 4 car parking pad so I don’t have to parallel park everyday. I can’t parallel park at all so this really is a miracle.

My dad had to co-sign my lease since I don’t have an income. I didn’t tell my roommates it was an unpaid internship, I told them it was a contracted position that paid $400 a week.

Then came my first day. I went into this internship with a steely resolve: “I am going to be THE best intern ever and they are going to have to hire me.” I NEEDED this to work. I had an awesome house in an awesome city, a block away from all the bars, with awesome roommates. What if the internship ends and they don’t hire me? What am I going to do? I’m paying $825 a month in rent. I had to put down another $825 as security deposit. I needed to buy household items, food, a TV.  I needed an income as soon as the internship was over, whether it was from a different company or my current company.

(Moral of that story: My savings, literally, saved me. I would not have been able to do any of this if I hadn’t saved so much money in college)

My first day was terrible. As my boss Erin sat with me and detailed all my responsibilities, I bit my lip to keep from crying. NONE of this sounded enjoyable. It sounded awful. I had made the wrong choice.

Yet, I made the resolve that I was going to love it. I moved to a new city, was watching my bank account dwindle steadily every day, all so this company would hire me in three months. I NEEDED to make this work.

It didn’t get better. I didn’t like any of what I was doing. I was so convinced I’d love what I was doing, it shook my world when I realized I hated it all. I lied to my mom on the phone every night, telling her how much I loved it, because I felt like such an idiot. A super important decision, and I had made the wrong one. 


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