Lunch Break Post

I’ll have a longer post later tonight, I just figured I’d hammer this one out during my lunch break since I never have anything else to do during it besides eat and sit on Pinterest.

If you remember me bragging about creating an apple wrap, this is kind of an update. No, I haven’t gotten the lemon juice cap off yet. No, I still can’t wrap a wrap.

So I gave up.

Now I eat this.


Gorgeous, right? You’re dying for the recipe?! Of course you are.

So I decided the apple wrap wasn’t working for me, and the reason why was that I didn’t like the wrap part of my wrap. So one night I got creative. It’s taken a few combinations but this is what I’m sticking with.

My little concoction is comprised of: peanut butter, granola, apple slices, strawberries and grapes.

First, I spread peanut butter on the bottom of the container. Then, I chop up the apple slices and sprinkle them on top. Next comes a layer of granola. After chopping up the strawberries, I dump those in and top it off with grapes.

I’m very particular about that order as after a few attempts at it, I decreed that strawberries and grapes did not go with peanut butter as well as apples did.

I’m thinking about someday adding blueberries and bananas, although I can’t remember if I actually like blueberries or not..This takes maybe 7 minutes to create and is SO good. I’m damn proud of myself. AND, I think this is kinda healthy. What’s annoying is how fast the fruit goes bad. DAMN YOU LEMON JUICE. I think the lemon juice is the key to the problem. I hate, hate, hate driving in my city and going grocery shopping so this is kinda a problem. If you were wondering why the container was half full, my hatred for going grocery shopping and driving in my city also answers that question. I gotta make this stuff last!

Anyway, progress for real! I actually create something for my lunch everyday as opposed to just buying it someone to create it for me!



4 thoughts on “Lunch Break Post

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